Pony Tour final at the Meadows

Winners of the 138 Spring Tour league: 1st, Amber Leaf, Leah Stack; '2nd, Mayfly Green Peter, Max Foley; 3rd, Ballinamurra Lighting Fire, Aidan Kavanagh
Winners of the 138 Spring Tour league: 1st, Amber Leaf, Leah Stack; '2nd, Mayfly Green Peter, Max Foley; 3rd, Ballinamurra Lighting Fire, Aidan Kavanagh

A bright, sunny spring morning greeted athletes, parents, trainers and officials for the final of the CWD Ireland/UK 2016 Pony Tour hosted by the Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan.

In arena 1, Ulster Region athlete Jennifer Torrens took top spot on the podium in the Children on Horses class winning with Jeannie Taggart’s ‘Son Concorde’ with nearly five seconds clearance between Torrens their closest rival Molly Hughes Bravo with Brendan McSorley’s ‘Quarrycrest Clover’. Third place went to Theo Van Cawenberge with ‘Quantum Quest’.

Max Foley Riding Sandy, winners of the 138 1.10 spring Tour league

Max Foley Riding Sandy, winners of the 138 1.10 spring Tour league

The HSI 148 1.30m viewing class, delivered a testing course designed by Rafeal Sureaz and Aaron McCusker. Of the 21 starters only one rider was able to complete the course without penalty, Leinster’s Sean Monaghan with Anne Mills’ ‘Adja’. The performance of all athletes was impressive and certainly gave selectors HSI High Performance Pony Coach, Gary Marshall and HSI representative Keith Griffin food for thought as they select athletes to represent Ireland at Fontainebleau later this year.

Arena one also hosted the final of the 148 1.20m. Again a testing track greeted the 61 competitors, with seven successfully completing without fault. Winning the class was Ciaran Nallon onboard ‘Sligo Little James’ owned by T Carrabine.

In arena two, the 128 and 138 CWD Ireland/ UK Spring Tours created much excitement. The 128 1m tour was won by Max Foley who kept his lead recording the unbeatable time of 27.80 secs. Foley’s closest rival was ‘The Silver Legend’ ridden by Ryan Sweetnam, who stopped the clock on 30.34. A closer contest unfolded in the 138 1.10m, with Foley once again leading the field for a long time before being finally pipped to the podium top by ‘Amber Leaf’ ridden by Leah Stack and owned by Gemma Stacks.


Class 1 - Children On Horses: 1st J Taggart’s Son Concorde (Jennifer Torrens); 2nd B McSorley’s Quarrycrest Clover (Molly Hughes Bravo); 3rd F Kelly’s Quantum Quest (Theo Van Cauwenberge); 4th L Reid’s Nonavic Temara (Charlotte Harding); 5th J Morton’s Tynan Dominic Blue (Kathryn Morton) and 6th J McDowell’s Imps Girl (Mya McDowell).

Class 2 - 148 1.30m HSI Viewing Class: 1st A Mills’ Adja (Sean Monaghan); 2nd S Sweetnam’s Dynamite Spartacus (Abbie Sweetnam); 3rd M Ryan’s Sixemilewater Blaze (Jack Ryan); 4th B Carroll’s Knockergherry Prince (Cian Harrison); 5th A Derwin’s Talyas Diamond Link (Kate Derwin) and 6th A Derwin’s Vales Blue Melody (Kate Derwin)

Class 3 - 148 Warm Up: 1st O Hutchinson’s Erbee’s Corvette (Daniel Fitzgerald); 2nd A Torren’s Derravagh Gambler (Jennifer Torrens); 3rd M Vozone’s Keatingstown Hunky Dory (Seamus Hughes Kennedy); 4th M McEvoy’s Vales Bluebird (Niamh McEvoy); 5th H McGuinness’s Lord of the Rings (Aisling McGuiness); 6th A Duffy’s Tirconaill Bluebell (Orla Duffy)

Also Clear: R Daly’s Attyrory Golden Girl (Ciaran Nallon); A Derwin’s Springhill Rebellious (Kate Derwin); A Duffy’s Sunny Jr (Orla Duffy); G Billing’s Quantum Solace (Theo Van Cauwenberge); B Conlon’s Foyleview Jasmin (Katie Conlon); M Ryan’s Shirsheen Seabreeze (Jack Ryan); A Derwin’s Foyfins Lady Muck (Kate Derwin); R Harding’s Newcastle Goblin Girl (Charlotte Harding); W Greene’s Acorns Bobby (Hannah Agnew); C O’Sullivan’s Mochulla Blue (Lucy O’Sullivan); G Flanaghan’s FBS House (Sean Monaghan); K Murray’s Kilroosky Boy (Sean Monaghan); M Hughes’s Carrickaduff Pet (Molly Hughes Bravo); G Clancy’s For Kids Only (Robbie Clancy); O McVeigh’s Cassiebawn Scardens Jack (Leah McVeigh); P Bligh’s My Castlehill Lass (Robbie Clancy); T Johnston’s My Gypsy Rose (Charlotte Harding); B Sweetnam’s Persus Spartacus (Abbie Sweetnam); J Houston’s Sweet Whipsers (Charlotte Houston); S Duffy’s Caliber De (Lucy Shanahan) and P Sweeney’s Sweet Renees Girl (Taylor Sweeney).

Class 4 - CWD Spring Tour 148 1.20m: 1st T Carrabine’s Sligo Little James (Ciaran Nallon); 2nd J Morton’s Tynan Bo-Bo Bear (Abby Morton); 3rd J Houston’s Blessington Grange Mist (Charlotte Houston); 4th F Donnelly’s Dr Spot (Eve Donnelly); 5th A Derwin’s Springhill Rebellious (Kate Derwin); 6th G Clancy’s Im a Tom Boy (Robbie Clancy).

Also Clear: M Hughes’ Carrickaduff Pet (Molly Hughes Bravo); F Donnelly’s He’s No Joker (Eve Donnelly); A Duffy’s Tirconaill Bluebell (Orla Duffy); M Shanahan’s Cinderella Girl (Lucy Shanahan); M Monaghan’s Shirsheen Cruiser (Sean Monaghan) and C Soden’s Castlehill King (Kayleigh Soden).

Class 5 - 128 90cms Warm Up: 1st V Steele’s Bright Bling (Emily Steele); 2nd V Clarke’s PARC Crème Brulee (Camryn Clarke); 3rd V Steele’s Little Miss Millie (Emily Steele); 4th M Power’s Sasha (Alice Power); 5th J Reape’s King of Rock & Roll (Seane Reape); 6th J Clarke’s Lenamore Mini Metro (Meave Clarke)

Also Clear: J Morton’s Tynan Tuttle Pip (Lucy Morton); V Clarke’s Jackoo (Camryn Clarke); O Treanor’s Oakland Magic (Sophie Treanor); M Hughes’s Prince of Ashwood (Aoife Drea); M Power’s Oak Deborah (Alice Power); T Brennan’s GCS Cutie (Timmy Brennan); A O’Connor Pepper Diamond (Emma O’Connor); J Russell’s Kilcreene Apollo (Katie McEntee); L McEntee’s Star Spangled Banner (Katie McEntee); C Hughes’s Lisboy Mini Magic (Isobel Hughes Kennedy); J Reape’s Tullibards Highly Unlikely (Annie Gibson); C Gibson’s Lisboy Black Magic (Annie Gibson); J Reape’s Vladimir (Paddy Reape) and C O’Sullivan’s Dunbarover (Zuwena Barrett).

Class 6 - CWD Pony Spring Tour 128 1m: 1st Foley’s Ponies’ Remington Steal (Max Foley); 2nd S Sweetnam’s The Silver Legend (Ryan Sweetnam); 3rd C Hughes’ Headmore Little Lightning (Isobel Hughes Kennedy); 4th M Bravo’s Cocky Rocky (Marta Hughes Bravo); 5th M Hughes’ Prince of Ashwood (Aoife Drea); 6th K Wachman’s Heartbreaker (Tom Wachman).

Also Clear: G Kerr’s The Nut Cracker (Jemima Heffron); M Hughes’ Little Miss Big Time (Marta Hughes Bravo) and Heffron Equine Ltd’s Dandy (Charles Heffron).

Class 7 - 138 1m Warm Up: 1st J Morton’s Tynan Espresso (Kathryn Morton); 2nd C Brown’s Chatron Lad (Laura Brown); 3rd J Clarke’s Mulvin Rollover (Ruari Clarke); 4th L McEntee’s Hubba Bubba (John McEntee); 5th S Aylward’s Coppenagh Celtic Rebel (Seamus Hughes Kennedy) and 6th S Fives’ Castlequarter Bullet Proof (Ciara Fives)

Also Clear: A Derwin’s Sligo Lux to Queeney (Max Wachman); D O’Sullivan’s Diamante Lashes (Roisin O’Sullivan); M McEvoy’s Glenford Clausa (Niamh McEvoy); T Flanaghan’s Foyfins Close Call (Kellie Rose Flanaghan); S Hockley’s Ruby Brown (Jamie Hockley); A Thompson’s Evros Delight (Ellen Thompson) and J Byrne’s Cuffesgrange Boomerang (Ciaran Byrne).

Class 8 - CWD Spring Tour 138 1.10m: 1st G Stack’s Amber Leaf (Leah Stack); 2nd Foley Pony’s Mayfly Green Peter (Max Foley); 3rd A Kavanagh’s Ballinamurra Lighting Fire (Aiden Kavanagh); 4th Foley Ponies’ Sandy (Max Foley); 5th V Charlton’s Woodfield Superstar (Caragh Charlton) and 6th Marsh Kyfe Equestrian Centre’s Lynncott Montana (Yiayan Evans).

Also clear: J Clarke’s Gaulstown Lady Bishop (Ruari Clarke); M McEvoy’s Edentrillick Jazz (Niamh McEvoy); J Reape’s Youghal Paddy (Amy Reape); S Fives’ Castlequarter Bullet Proof (Ciara Fives); M McEvoy’s Glenford Clausa (Niamh McEvoy) and J Killoran’s Flyover Girl (Aaron Killoran).