Prizes and rosettes presented to league winners

Old Orchard Stables recently held its annual presentation of prizes to their annual league winners.

Results are as follows:

Winners of the 80cms showjumping class

Winners of the 80cms showjumping class

Show-jumping League

30cms Class: 1st, Eimear Farrell; 2nd, Katie Beattie; 3rd, Sarah Hughes; 4th, Chloe Malloy

50cms Class: 1st, Maeve Haughey; 2nd, Rachel Simons; 3rd, Emer Magee; 4th, Gemma Stockdale-Webb

70cms Class: 1st, Alex Roleston-Webb; 2nd, Rachel Simons; 3rd, Aiofe Cimiskey; 4th, Stephanie Pollard

80cms Class: 1st, Shonagh Magee; 2nd, Tegan McCormack; 3rd, Alex Roleston-Webb; 4th, Stephanie Pollard

90cms Class: 1st, Tegan McCormack; 2nd, Shonagh Mgee

1m Class: 1st, Emma Lavery; 2nd, Michael Kelly; 3rd, Shauna Farrell

1.10m Class: 1st, Michael Kelly; 2nd, Emma Lavery

Dressage League

Beginner Dressage: 1st, Shonagh Magee; 2nd, Ruby Zellman; 3rd, Jennifer McCall; 4th, Josephine O’Connor

Advanced Dressage: 1st, Sarah Hughes; 2nd, Nuala Quinn; 3rd, Jackie Magee; 4th, Yvonne Zellman

Most Determined Riders

Junior: Chloe Malloy

Senior: Alex Roleston-Webb

Adult: Jennifer McCall

Most Improved Riders

Junior: Hannah Nugent

Senior: Thomas McCausland

Adult: Nuala Quinn

Riders of the Year

Junior: Emer Magee

Senior: Tegan McCormack

Adult: Jackie Magee