Prizes galore at Mossvale

It was cups and trophy night at Mossvale Equestrian Centre on Friday, March 24.

It proved to be a fantastic night’s jumping from all the kids.

Thanks go to Stephanie Lavery for presenting her grandfather’s James Priestly Trophy and to Harry Silcock and Yvonne Rooney for presenting the Gordon Family Shield.


X-Poles - Magpie Cup: 1st, Scott McKnight - Candy Pops; 2nd, Zara McConnell - Stan; 3rd, Charlotte Nelson - Bobby; 4th, Amelia Wheeler -Kenilwood Adonis; 5th, Louise Murphy - Jenny; 6th, Robyn McMurray - Royanna.

Also double clear: Sophie Burns - Merlin; Colleen McKenny - Merlin; Ross Magill - Snowy; Nathan O’Neill - Tony the Pony; Phoenix Quinn - Kandi; Jess Vaughan - Honey; Faye Hamilton Quinn - Beauty.

40cms Bounty Cup: 1st, Zara McConnell - Stan; 2nd, Charlotte Nelson - Bobby; 3rd, Scott McKnight - Candy Pops.

Also clear: Ross Magill - Pepper; Jess Vaughan - Honey.

50cms: Bailey Parker - Lady

60cms J. Priestly Trophy: 1st, Taylor McKnight - Bambi; 2nd, Hannah Orr - Humbug; 3rd, Hollie Fitzpatrick - Phoenix; 4th, Keva Milligan - Polo.

Also clear: Lara McComb - Skip; Olivia Lutton - Nano.

70cms Harry Silcock Cup: 1st, Zara Smyth - Tootsie; 2nd, Taylor McKnight - Bambi; 3rd, Hollie Fitzpatrick - Phoenix; 4th, Lewis Orr - Lynch.

80cms Gordon Family Shield: 1st, Zara Smyth - Toostie; 2nd, Lewis Orr - Lynch.