Prizes galore for winners at Ecclesville

Freya Sayle on Monty, winner of 1m class.
Freya Sayle on Monty, winner of 1m class.

The final of the first of Ecclesville’s Showjumping Leagues for 2017 was held on 3 March and it was again very competitive, as the qualified combinations battled it out for the prizes.

The 2017 Super League also started with the top six in each class winning valuable points, as at the end of 2017 each class from 60cm through to 1.10cm, a perpetual trophy will be awarded to rider and horse combination with the most points.

The spectators were treated to great displays of showjumping as the competitors twisted and flew round Raymond Caldwell’s courses. RD Equestrian had sponsored the turnout prizes for the final, so this was an added bonus for the riders and grooms.

The 40cm class had three young riders sharing the prizes and Rhianna Thompson and Winnie won the first of the turnout prizes of the evening.

The winner of the 60cm was Jessica Honeyman riding Star, with Caitlin Kelly and Blondie a very close second place. The 70cm red ribbon winner was Rhianna Thompson, this time riding the very speedy Penny.

The remainder of the jump-offs were dominated by the very talented Freya Sayle riding Balford to victory in the 80cm and 90cm classes. She then took the top spot in the 1m class with Monty and in doing so, picked up very valuable Super League points with all her placings.

The organisers would like to take this opportunity thank all the many competitors who supported this league. Also sincere thanks to Raymond Caldwell, course builder, assisted by Malvern Moore, to Gillian Hynes for call–up and turnout judge, to Jennifer Leonard who assisted in the judges’ box and to RD Equestrian for sponsoring the turnout prizes.


40cm Class (Double Clears): Kate Millar and Shadow; Olivia Nixon and Coco; Nakita Thompson and Charlie; Niamh Lunney and Prince; Rhianne Ferguson and Bailey; Casey Rodgers and Silver; Rhianna Thompson and Winnie.

60cm Class (Double Clears): Kate Millar and Shadow; Nicole McElhatton and Maisie; Nakita Thompson and Charlie; Sarah Boyle and Starry Night; Clara Maguire and Bailey; Jessica Honeyman and Star; Caitlin Kelly and Blondie.

70cms (Double Clears): Kate Millar and Shadow; Tiana-Grace Abbott and Henry; Lucy-Anne Abbott and Rosie; Sarah Boyle and Starry Night; Jessica Honeyman and Star; Rhiana Thompson and Penny; Lucy McCann and The Flea 2; Niamh Donnelly and Bluebell; Emily Marshall and Annie Mac; Georgia Crawford and Tom Thumb; Caitlin Kelly and Blondie; Zara-Jane Kelly and Barney.

80cms (Double Clears): Zara-Jane Kelly and Barney; Shevonne Nagel and Murphy; Tiana-Grace Abbott and Henry; Georgia Crawford and Tom Thumb; Freya Sayle and Balford; Conal Kelly and Bay Lad; Lucy McCann and The Flea 2.

90cms (Double Clears): Freya Sayle and Balford; Darina O’Connor and Sasha; Freya Sayle and Monty; Katie Clarke and Blue.

1m (Double Clears): Freya Sayle and Monty; Katie Clarke and Blue.

1.10m (Double Clear): Freya Sayle and Monty (Turnout Prize).


40cm: 1st= Nakita Thompson and Charlie; Rhianna Thompson and Winnie (Turnout Prize); 2nd Sarah-Jane Sloan and Prince

60cm: 1st Jessica Honeyman and Star; 2nd Caitlin Kelly and Blondie; 3rd Sarah Boyle and Starry Night; 4th Nakita Thompson and Charlie; 5th Nicole McElhatton and Maisie; 6th Rhianna Thompson and Winnie; Jordana Mitchell and Softie (Turnout Prize)

70cm: 1st Rhianna Thompson and Penny; 2nd Tiana-Grace Abbott and Henry; 3rd Lucy-Anne Abbott and Rosie; 4th Caitlin Kelly and Blondie; 5th Jessica Honeyman and Star; 6th Lucy McCann and The Flea 2; Turnout prize – Callum Hoey and Silver

80cm: 1st Freya Sayle and Balford; 2nd Zara-Jane Kelly and Barney; 3rd Tiana-Grace Abbott and Henry; 4th Georgia Crawford and Tom Thumb; 5th Lucy McCann and The Flea 2; 6th Zara-Jane Kelly and Robin; Emily Marshall and Annie Mac (Turnout Prize)

90cm: 1st Freya Sayle and Balford 2nd Freya Sayle and Monty; 3rd Zara-Jane Kelly and Robin (Turnout prize)

1m: 1st Freya Sayle and Monty (Turnout prize)

The next league is scheduled to start on 24 March. For further details please contact Sandra on 07990 541 966 or Ecclesville on 028 8284 0591.