Qualifying show at Connell Hill

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Connell Hill was buzzing recently as the Mid Antrim Branch of the Pony Club hosted a number of Dengie qualifiers.

With the noticeable chill in the air the friendly family atmosphere was certainly heart-warming as these young athletes jumped their challenges competitively with true grit and pride providing spectators with real good jumping.

Early in the show Christopher Smith on ‘Lucky’, Katy McLean on ‘Hope’ and Jessica Mulgrew on ‘Smartie’ were among a the riders going clear.

Katy McLean on ‘Hope’ and Jessica Mulgrew on ‘Smartie’ then went on to jump double clear in the 60cm class with Samantha Billing on ‘Thor’.

Rachel McLean on ‘Daisy’ then jumped the first double clear in the 70cm class with Erin Talbot on ‘Tinchy’ display huge talent in the 80cm class jumping double clear.

This great night of jumping drew to an end as Josh Mark on ‘Leo’ closed the show with a skilful double clear in the 1.0 m class.


50 cm: Sophie Clugston – Fudge, Christopher Smith – Lucky, Ella Hill – Pumpkin, Gemma Surgenor – Spot, Jessica Mulgrew – Smartie, Katy McLean – Hope.

60cm: Ella Hill – Pumpkin, Gemma Surgenor – Spot, Katy McLean – Hope, Jessica Mulgrew – Smartie, Sam Jackson – Jack, Samantha Billing – Thor.

70cm: Sophie Clugston – Echo, Jodie Creighton – Widget, Rachel McLean – Daisy, Chloe Connon – Spirit, Jodie Creighton – Kate, Samantha Billing – Thor, Jessica Mulgrew – Smartie.

80cm: Hannah Thompson – Diamond Prince, Jodie Creighton – Casper, Chloe Connon – Princess, Kirsten Thom – Nathan, Erin Talbot – Tinchy, Alice Agnew – Dougal, Rachel McLean – Daisy.

90 cm: Ashley Kelly – Jimmy, Alice Agnew – Dougal.

1m: Ellen Harkness – Keano, Josh Mark – Leo.