Record set at TRI Schools’ Showjumping event

Rory Osbourne riding Bella Bambino, winners of the open Individual
Rory Osbourne riding Bella Bambino, winners of the open Individual

The highly popular Inter Schools’ Showjumping League got underway in fine style at The Meadows, sponsored by TRI, Baileys Horse Feeds and Lisburn Bowl.

Over 1,000 rounds of jumping were completed across the various classes but all progressed very efficiently and concluded just after 5.30pm.

As always, action in both arenas got underway promptly at 9am and congratulations must go to all chefs d’equipe who ensured that their teams and individuals were ready for their allocated slots.

Thirty teams from across the Province, including some who were making their debut, competed in the Novice event where the standard was exceptionally high.

Royal School Armagh Falcons was drawn second to go and, despite just three riders and all moving up to this level, they set a daunting target for the ensuing teams with a zero score and a very fast accumulative time which eventually earned them fourth place. Eight other teams managed the zero score but taking the win was the quartet from Dromore High School, the majority of whom had also just moved up from the Primary section. Close behind was the ever successful Down High Gold Team followed by newcomers, Aquinas.

The Open Team Event was won by stalwarts, Ballymena Academy Navy, with all members posting double clears and finishing over four seconds ahead of Assumption Grammar who, in turn, were one hundredth of a second ahead of Down High Flyers.

Meantime, St Patrick’s Armagh’s Rory Osbourne took the honours in the Open Individual class on the very accomplished Bella Bambino, just fractionally ahead of Cerys Howell and Essenar Luizza from Glenlola Collegiate.

The Premier Individual class saw Lucy Morton claim top prize in a blistering performance on Bert to finish almost two seconds clear of her nearest rival, Trudie McCoosh and Shadow Light for Victoria College.

Catherine Abbott, who was the Tack & Turn Out Inspector for Arena 1 and Amy & Hannah Whittle for Arena 2 certainly scrutinized all competitors with great detail and those who claimed prizes sponsored by Lisburn Bowl, were most deserving of their goodies.

As always, Arena 2 began with the 50cms Primary Individuals. This class has catapulted in popularity with over thirty young competitors representing their schools. This is always a very popular spectator class where the combinations are encouraged to ride at optimum speed. The standard was exceptional with sixteen going double clear. Closest to the optimum time was Daniel O’Sullivan –Toner and Elmos Delight from St Malachy’s Primary in Castlewellan, followed by Elizabeth McCracken and Billy Frazer from Moyallen Primary and Ellie McDowell and Peplow Dancing Queen representing Carrickmannon Primary. The higher level of Primary Individual was won by Taylor McKnight from Bronte Primary with his lovely little pony Killeshin Bambino. He had a three second margin over second placed Charlotte McCracken and Blayneys Boy from Moyallen Primary.

Meantime, five fabulous little teams took on the challenge of the Primary Event where their professionalism and riding ability belied their tender ages.

Four teams completed on a zero score, with the majority of the riders posting double clears. Fastest of the bunch was the very accomplished team of the Jolly Jumpers, followed by the Chicks with Sticks.

The Novice Individual class was a marathon session with almost 80 combinations, each vying for the top position and maximum points. It was certainly fast and furious and the undisputed champion was Victoria Boville and Bobby from Dromore High School followed by Lurgan Junior High School pupil, Daniel Moore and Lancelot du Bois. Huge congratulations go to all competitors and a massive thank you to the Judges, Tack Inspectors, Starters, Arena Party, Office Staff and everyone who made this initial leg of the League a very memorable one.

The second leg will be held on Saturday, October 7.

Full Results

Primary - 50cms: 1, Daniel O’Sullivan-Toner, Elmos Delight, St Malachy’s Primary Castlewellan; 2, Elizabeth McCracken, Billy Frazer, Moyallen Primary; 3, Ellie McDowell, Peplow Dancing Queen, Carrickmannon Primary; 4, Andrew Sharvin, Archill Lass, Downpatrick Primary; 5, Alex Best, Judy, Clare Primary; 6, Sophie Nesbitt

Tack & Turn Out Winner: Ellie McDowell, Peplow Dancing Queen, Carrickmannon Primary

Primary Teams

1, The Jolly Jumpers (Benjamin Moore, Makers, Anna McErlean, lilly, Emma Burns, Polly, Ruby Kinkaid, Houdini)

2, Chicks With Sticks (Taylor McKnight, Bambi, Katie Robinson, Chicco, Charlotte McCracken, Joey, Charlotte Betts, Charlie)

3, The Marvellous Mix Up (Ella Lindsay, Toffee, Emma Bamford, Chardonnay, Molly McCartney, Darby O’Gill, Megan Carville, Rob Ardue)

4, Rapid Rebels (Cealodh Crozier, Catch Me If You Can, Amber Bradley, Flynn Rider, Andrew Sharvin, Archill Lass, Fergus Emmett, Cash)

5, Fabulous Four (Mya McCullough, Windale Blue Sapphire, Grace Morton, Stormy’s Boy, Thomas Patton, Ropkeby Pepper, Sam Jackson, Ike).

Tack & Turn Out Winners: Fabulous Four (Mya McCullough, Windale Blue Sapphire, Grace Morton, Stormy’s Boy, Thomas Patton, Rokeby Pepper, Sam Jackson, Ike).

Primary Individual – 70cms: 1, Taylor McKnight, Killeshin Bambino, Bronte Primary; 2, Charlotte McCracken, Blaney’s Boy, Moyallen Primary; 3, Sam Jackson, Ike, Ballyclare Primary; 4, Anna McErlean, Lilly, Rowandale IPS; 5, Molly Davidson, Monochrome Boy, Ballydown Primary; 6, Peter Morton, Princess, Bocombra.

Tack & Turn Out Winner: Mya McCullough, Windale Blue Sapphire.

Novice Teams

1, Dromore High 1 (Victoria Boville, Bobby, Shannon Boville, Buster, Catherine McClelland, Starlight, Katie Topley, Laser)

2, Down High Gold (Zara Sharvin, Holiday Graceful Lady, Abby Brown, Buckaroo, Ellie McDonnell, Sonny Bill Williams, Abby Cummiskey, Blackjack)

3, Aquinas (Ellen McEvoy, Indie, Jean, McComish, Buddy, Jean McComish, Indie, Ellen McEvoy, Buddy)

4, Royal School Armagh Falcons (Lorne Walsh, Nelson Jack, Katie Haire, Galway Girl, Sophie Bennett, Colour Code Chinook)

5, Cookstown High School (Taylor Robb, Common Lady, Freya Kennedy, Willdeen, Abbie Wylie, Colour Confusion, Freya Kennedy, Angel)

6, Down High Green (Katie Watson, Connie, Alice Emmett, Cindy, Katie Robinson, Irish Melody, Ellie Simpson, Tigger).

Tack & Turn Out Winners: Ballyclare High School (Laura McKay, Honeyhill Caramel, Lauren Fleming, Burren Valley Flyer, Nadia Scanlon, Shooting Star, Felicity McConnell, Woodroe Rosewood).

Novice Individual – 85cms: 1, Victoria Boville, Bobby, Dromore High School; 2, Daniel Moore, Lancelot Du Bois, Lurgan Junior High; 3, Caitlin Mann, Jazz, Ballymoney High School; 4, Lucy Morton, Tilly; 5, Lucy Morton, Bliada; 6, Emma Burns, Flapjack Flyer, Holy Family PS.

Tack & Turn Out Winner: Ellie McCann, Blakes Super Sonic Lady.

Open Teams – 1m

1, Ballymena Academy Navy (Alex Byrne, Millbrae Abbie, Tori Surgenor, Rocket Lady, William Hamilton, Rakish Talisman, Alex Byrne, Forest Lodge Rambler; 2, Assumption Grammar (Lucy Savage, Knockash Willis, Emily Stewart, Rock N Roll, Zara Burns, Ardnacashel Little Dreamer, Lucy Savage, Woodstock P); 3, Down High Flyers (Alex Cleland, Rafa Smash, Charlotte Leslie, Seymours Pride, Charis Vinaccia, Derry Mac, Jessica Nelson, Duke); 4, Belfast Royal Academy(Olivia Quinn, Redwood Thor, Rocco Quinn, Princess, Jessica Davidson, Golden Mac, Rocco Quinn, Rock Black N Blue); 5, Royal School Armagh Hawks (Chloe McBride, Tynan Expresso, Victoria Lee, Duffy, Harry Haire, Hollow Smoke, Sarah Clarke, Ice King); 6, Our Lady’s Grammar (Laoise O’Farrell, Monlough Meteor, Grace Kehoe, High Hopes, Meadhbh McIlduff, Dalstown Dun N Dusted, Laoise O’Farrell, Miss Cole).

Tack And Turn Out Winners: Our Lady’s Grammar (Laoise O’Farrell, Monlough Meteor, Grace Kehoe, High Hopes, Meadhbh McIlduff, Dalstown Dun N Dusted, Laoise O’Farrell, Miss Cole).

Open Individual: 1, Rory Osbourne, Bella Bambino, St Patrick’s Armagh; 2, Cerys Howell, Essenar Luizza, Glenlola Collegiate; 3, Josh Mark, Callinvella, Cambrisge House; 4, Melissa McKee, Jasper, Kilkeel High School; 5, Victoria Lee, Duffy, Royal School Armagh; 6, Zara Burns, Ardnacashel Little Dreamer, Assumption Grammar.

Tack & Turn Out Winner: Samantha Billings, Buster Diamond Belle, Ballyclare Secondary.

Premier Individual – 1.10m: 1, Lucy Morton, Bert; 2, Trudie McCoosh, Shadow Light, Victoria College; 3, Tori Surgenor, Rocket Lady, Ballymena Academy; 4, Jessica Nelson, Duke, Down High; 5, Ben Rowlatt-McCormick, MJI Cabernet, Friends School Lisburn; 6, Meadhbh McIlduff, Dawlstown Dun N Dusted, Our Lady’s Grammar.