Riders get into the festive spirit at Ecclesville

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Ecclesville’s Christmas Cracker Show was another great event with competitors coming from far and wide to jump Raymond Caldwell’s courses.

This show is going from strength to strength and many of the riders (and ponies) got into the festive spirit and turned out in an array of festive costumes and tinsel. The Fancy Dress parade, sponsored by RD Equestrian, was an amazing array of tinsel, Santa’s, a knight in armour and a Shetland pony in a pink tutu.

The enthusiastic spectators were entertained with great jump-offs and also a fun novelty class. Eight very competitive pairs took on the popular Run and Ride Pairs competition. The class was eventually won by Jordana Mitchell running and Hannah Jones riding the very speedy and aptly named, Rocket.

The 60cm Open class was the first of three speed classes and was won by the very nimble Mervyn ridden by Alana Doherty. The 80cm first place rosette went again to Mervyn, this time ridden by Clodagh Barry. Kamryn McQuade riding her very speedy, Rosie, picked up the top place in the 1m speed class.

The show organisers would like to thank all the competitors for supporting this very popular Christmas Cracker Show. Also, thanks go to Raymond Caldwell for the great courses and thanks to Jennifer Leonard, assisting in the judge’s box.


40cm Novice – Double Clears: Aoife Maguire and Snowy; Elena Garcia-Clinton and Lucky Penny; Ellie Baxter and Ruby; Henry Coote and Star; Zara Smyth and Jack; Kayla Garcia-Clinton and Lucky Penny; Settara Singh and Goldie; Ellie-Mae McCrory and Dante

Fancy dress parade Sponsored by RD Equestrian: Henry Coote and Star; Zara Smyth and Jack; Elena Garcia-Clinton and Lucky Penny; Lucy Currie and Cheerna; Ellie Magee and Rosie; Settara Singh and Goldie; Aoife Maguire and Snowy; Kaitlin McCrory and Pop; Willow Cashel and Smarty; Stewart Beattie and Princess; Ellie-Mae McCrory and Dante; Catherine Beattie and Ben; Cara Garrity and Henry; Scarlett Knox and Chester; Ellie Baxter and Ruby

60 Novice – Double Clears: Cara Garrity and Henry; Emily Bothwell and Lucky Penny; Kaitlin McCrory and Pop; Scarlett Knox and Chester; Wendy Knox and Storm; Emma Mills and Twitchit; Ellie-Mae McCrory and Dante; Zara Smyth and Jack; Alana Doherty and Betty; Elizabeth Millar and Bluey; Elizabeth Millar and Ben

60cm Open: 1st Alana Doherty and Mervyn; 2nd Clodagh Barry and Betty; 3rd Emma Mills and Twitchit

Run and Ride: 1st Jordana Mitchell and Hannah Jones and Rocket; 2nd Lucia McNamee and Chloe O’Neill and Blackjack; 3rd Kyle Mills and Emma Mills and Twitchit

80cm Novice – Double Clears: Amy McLaughlin and Rua; Lucy McCann and Tilly; Molly Quinn and Rosie; Maeve McNally and Hansome; Amanda Magee and Rosie; Andrew Thompson and Candy; Emma Mills and Twitchit; Elizabeth Millar and Bluey

80cm Open: 1st Clodagh Barry and Mervyn; 2nd Hannah Jones and Rocket; 3rd Jordana Mitchell and Rosie

1m Novice (Double Clears): Hannah Jones and Rocket; Ryann McPhillips and Candy; Clara Daly and Lucky

1m Open: 1st Kamryn McQuade and Rosie; 2nd Nadia Donnelly and Fonya; 3rd Naomi Connell and Alaska

The organisers would like to thank all the competitors for their continued support for the Showjumping Leagues and shows in 2018. For further information contact Sandra on 07990541966.