Riders go clear at the Meadows

Luke Campbell riding Aussolas Grace, winners of the 1.20m

The Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan, hosted SJI horse jumping and Unregistered Horse & Pony Showjumping on Saturday, September 30.


Suzanne Posnett riding Queen of clubs, winner of the 1.30m

SJI Horse Jumping

90CM Clear Rounds: Solveig Simms, Silken Aura; Peter Smyth, Sparkling Miss Dignified; Suzanne Posnett, Diarado Royale.

1M Clear Rounds: Rachel Mckimmon, Hot Bobo; Suzanne Posnett, Diarado Royale; Rachel Harrison, An Cailin Ora; Catherine Thornton, LV Chino; Laura Sloan, Cornascriebe Quida Diamond; Brona Busby, Ferro Lane; Jayne Clarke, Ehby; Peter Smyth, Rufus Cavalier; Catherine Thornton, Mullaghdrin Olympia; Louise Houston, Drumillar Heyday; Camella McDowell, Titanium Blue; Dean Cotton, Coolda Castaway; Yasmin Graham, Cool As Ice.

1.10M: 1st, Rachel Chapman, Mullentine Sure Diamond; 2nd, Brian Smyth, Douglas SB; 3rd, Sara Dunlop, Cinnickroodnoot; 4th, Rachel McKimmon, Altaskin Buddy; 5th, Declan McParland, Diamond Cruise Control; 6th, Laura Sloan, Cornascriebe Quida Diamond.

Rachel Chapman riding Mullentine Sure Diamond, winners of the 1.10m

Clear Rounds: Emma Jackson, Kilcorig High; Rachael Soher, Comarello; Catherine Thornton, Mullaghdrin Olympia; Declan McParland, Seapatrick Cardento; Olivia Roulston, Novellent; Olivia Roulston, Avalent; Olivia Roulston, Miss Valent.

1.20M: 1st, Luke Campbell, Aussolas Grace; 2nd, Lisa Priestley, Corlioni, 3rd, Emma Jackson, Amy B, 4th, Suzanne Posnett, Foesuela; 5th, Emma Jackson, Creevagh For Sure; 6th, Rachel Champman, Fairview Gem.

Clear Rounds: Emma Jackson, Tommie Girl; Rachel Brown, Dstud Peter; Peter Smyth, Santa Reno; Olivia Roulston, Garronturton Beach.

1.30M: 1st, Suzanne Posnett, Queen of Clubs; 2nd, Lisa Priestley, Corlioni; 3rd, Suzanne Posnett, Orchard Echo; 4th, Peter Smyth, Santa Reno; 5th, Peter Smyth, Coolehill Bonzo C; 6th, Emma Jackson, Tommie Girl.

Unregistered Horse & Pony Showjumping

50CM Clear Rounds: Julie Ann Nelson, Star.

60CM Clear Rounds: Michael Irwin, Chester; Paolet O’Sullivan Toner, Elso Delight.

70CM Clear Rounds: Rebecca McIlroy, French Connections; Stephen Clarke, Leo; Lucy Crawford, Roxy.

80CM Clear Rounds: Karen McLeigh, Rudy; Lucy Crawford, Roxy; Katie Gibson, Smarties; Lucy Telford, Billy; Ellen McAvoy, Indi; Kathryn Ogden, Shadow.

90CM Clear Rounds: Nikki Cullen, Tango Lad; Lucy Telford, Billy; James McEvoy, Davy Lad; David Nelson, Lucky; Lucy Stevenson, Elvis.

1M Clear Rounds: Jessica McIntyre, Rocky; Lucinda Mills, Indiana; Justine Harding, Sasha; Patrick McWilliams, Penny; Yasmin Graham, Poppy.

1.10M Clear Rounds: Jessica McIntyre, Viki; Gareth Clingan, Freddie; Patrick McWilliams, Penny; Lucinda Mills, Indiana.

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