Riders land weekend doubles in TRI Equestrian Pony Series

A trio of competitors are presented with their rosettes
A trio of competitors are presented with their rosettes

As the Ulster Region TRI Equestrian Spring Pony Series reached the half way stages recently, a very successful weekend was had by many Ulster Region competitions with the same riders winning both the top height classes of their respective pony categories.

Commencing the ‘doubles’ Cavan Equestrian Centre’s Camryn Clarke took the 128 Under 10 classes by storm. On board PARC Crème Brûlée, Clarke was the runaway winner being the only rider to have recorded a time under the 30 second mark in the William Brown designed course. The Cavan schoolboy then travelled to Randalstown Co. Antrim where he also took the honours with Pepsi Mac.

It was a successful weekend for Omagh rider, Niamh McEvoy. Celebrating her recent sponsorship with TRI Equestrian NI and the Meadows Equestrian Centre, the talented 12 year old not only took two top classes over the weekend, but four! Winning both 128 1m with her mother’s Sparkling Majestic Caeser and the RDA Coleraine 138 1.10m with Edentrillick Jazz, whilst winning the Connellhill leg onboard Glenford Clausa.

To add to her back-to-back 148 1.20m wins, Eve Donnelly went one better by making sure she achieved the double with the same pony Dr Spot. The Tyrone rider maintained her consistency in the competition to be the only rider to make it through the Nigel Jess and Colm Quinn designed course faultlessly with her second pony also.

Not to be beaten by the girls, Donegal rider Donal O’Connor continued his domination of the Children on Horses by winning both 1.10 and 1.20 at both venues. Ensuring he takes maximum points forward in the series O’Connor won both classes with ‘Claggan Dark Warrior’ in the Causeway Coast Arena, Coleraine and ‘Ben’s Beauty’ in the Connellhill leg.

RDA Coleraine – Saturday 16th April 2016

Class 1 128 85cms Under 10: 1st Camryn Clarke - PARC Crème Brûlée, 2nd Charles Heffron - Miss Susie, 3rd Camryn Clarke - Pepsi Mac

Class 2 128 90cms: 1st Camryn Clarke - Pepsi Mac, 2nd Che Flanagan - Scarlett’s Fireball, 3rd Emily Steele- Little Miss Millie, 4th Che Flanagan- Mini Digger, 5th Teaghan E Burns- Big Time Buster and 6th Eva Sloan- Mosstown Little Dun.

Class 3 128 1m: 1st Niamh McEvoy- Sparkling Majestic Caesar, 2nd Yiayan Evans- Laithehill Paisley, 3rd Che Flanagan- Mini Digger, 4th Charles Heffron- Dandy, 5th Yiayan Evans- It’s Only Money and 6th Alex Finney- Some Journey.

Class 4 138 1m: 1st Emma Taylor- Knockagarron Fear Bui Falcon, 2nd Alana Roulston- Lenamore Lena, 3rd Erin Crawford- Sundance Prince, 4th Laura Brown- Carton Lad, 5th Erin Crawford- Sparkling Va Va Boom and 6th Yiayan Evans- Talyani.

Class 5 138 1.10m: 1st Niamh McEvoy- Edentrillick Jazz, 2nd Erin Crawford- Claggan Supreme, 3rd Niamh McEvoy- Glenford Clausa and 4th Erin Crawford- Sparkling Va Va Boom.

Class 6 148 1.10m: 1st Erin Crawford- Sparkling Castlewarren Gold, 2nd Ross Trearty- Beauty, 3rd Leah McVeigh- Classiebawn Scardens Jack, 4th Samuel Wilson- Springhill Clover, 5th Hollie Coster- Too Posh and 6th Orla Henry- Dunwell.

Class 7 148 1.20m: 1st Eve Donnelly- Dr Spot, 2nd Ross Trearty - Beauty, 3rd Leah McVeigh- Classiebawn Scardens Jack, 4th Carl Webb - Future Lady, 5th Hugo McAlpine - Loughnatousa Ron and 6th Samuel Wilson- Soul Rebel.

Class 8 Children On Horses 1.10m: 1st Donal O’Connor - Claggan Dark Warrior, 2nd Donal O’Connor- Bens Beauty and 3rd Charlotte Harding- Crossmaglen Bandit.

Class 9 Children on Horses 1.20m: 1st Donal O’Connor- Claggan Dark Warrior and 2nd Donal O’Connor- Claggan Dark Warrior.

Class 10 128 50cms - Double Clears: Jessica Baxter - Sparkling Class Act, Amy McLaughlin- Hilin Captain Corelli, Katie Mae McElwee- Dinky Diamond and Jessica Baxter- Strawberry Starburst.

Class 11 128 60cms - Double Clears: Ellie-May Johnston - Cadlanvalley Charlie Boy, Jessica Baxter - Sparkling Class Act, Zara Jane Kelly - Prince, Amy McLaughlin - Hilin Captain Corelli and Zara Jane Kelly - A Little Fair Play.

Class 12 128 70cms - Double Clears: Zara Jane Kelly - A Little FairPlay, Beth Thompson - One More, Calum McVeigh - Indies Crusade, Niamh McEvoy - Boomerang Barney and Beth Thompson - Ruthstown Speed.

Class 13 128 80cms - Double Clears: Beth Thompson - Ruthstown Speed, Kym Moore - Heather Molly, Zara Jane Kelly - A little fair play, Niamh McEvoy - Boomerang Barney and Kym Moore - Smokegun.

Class 14: 138 80cms - Double Clears: Erin Crawford - Sparkling Boomadonna, Ross McElwee - Ballyclough Lucky and Erin Crawford - Sparkling Boomstasia.

Class 15: 138 1m - Double Clears: Sarah Moore - Phineas Flynn, Ellie - Rose Cassidy - Munboro Hockley, Alex Finney - Keogans Boy, Ellen Thompson - Lissross Diamond Skye, Katie McLaughlin - Tynan Sandy Lane, Ben Maybin - Sparkling High Impact, Phoebe Harbinson - Hekan Ping, Ellie-Rose Cassidy - Springhill Copper Beach, Emma Taylor - Knockagarron Fear Bui Falcon, Kellie-Rose Flanagan - Foyfins Close Call, Erin Crawford Sparkling Boomatasia and Erin Crawford - Dernahatton Coevers Hills.

Class 16: 148 90cms - Double Clears: Erin Crawford - Sparkling Miss Pixelix, Orla Henry - The Dromahaire Dodger, Hollie Coster - Bowler Brigade, Katie Orr - Meadows Mist, Clara Doherty - Moyne Flyer, Charlotte Greer - Ryan’s Mystery, Katie Orr - Lexi, Carl Webb - Charlie and Orla McDermott - Jack 2nd.

Class 17: 148 1m - Double Clears: Nicholas Bothwell - Cearon Mor Lad, Ross Trearty - Claggan Boomerang Supreme, Samuel Wilson - Springhill Clover, Eve Donnelly - Rincoola Babog, Erin Crawford - Sparkling Castlewarren Gold, Ellen Thompson - Trendy Blue, Patrick McEvoy - Vales Bluebird, Niall McEvoy - Dooneens be my baby and Alana Roulston - Silver Earl.

Connell Hill- Sunday 17th April 2016 - sponsored by Clonkeen Equestrian

128cm - 50cm: =1st Adam Adair – Only My Eoin, Josh Knox - Apple Jack (HPA), Anna Cardwell –Fancy Pants, Jessica Baxter – Sparkling Class Act, Amy McLaughlin – Hilin Captain Corelli.

128cm - 60cm: =1st Zara-Jane Kelly – A little Fairplay, David Gibson – Tootsie, Anna Cardwell – Fancy Pants, Amy McLaughlin – Hilin Captain Corelli, Katy-Mae McElwee – Dinky Diamond, Jessica Baxter – Sparkling Class Act.

128cm - 70cm: =1st Alfie Adair – Maxwelltown Moonmythe, Beth Thompson – One More, Calum McVeigh – Indies Crusade, Beth Thompson – Ruthstown Speed, Maria Carr – Curolea Rosi, Zarah-Jane Kelly – Prince (pet-id), Zarah–Jane Kelly – A little Fairplay, Niamh McEvoy – Boomerang Barney.

128cm -80cm: =1st Beth Thompson – Ruthstown Speed, Niamh McEvoy – Boomerang Barney, Zarah -Jane Kelly – A little Fairplay, Jenny Dunlop– Holly (HPA), Beth Thompson – One more.

128cm - u’10s: 1st Camryn Clarke – Pepsi Mac, 2nd Alfie Adair – Courtway Alisha,3rd Eva Sloan – Mosstown Little Dun, 4th Alfie Adair – Bertie Bassett VI, 5th Kym Moore – Heather Molly, 6th Teaghan Eamonn Burns – Big Time Buster.

128cm - 90cm: 1st Che Flanagan – Scarletts FireBall, 2nd Anne Gibson – Lisboy Black Magic, 3rd Anne Gibson – Tullibards Highly Unlikely, 4th Teaghan Eamonn Burns –Big Time Buster, 5th Camryn Clarke – PARC Crème Brulee, 6th Jamie Clarke – Snow Patrol II.

128cm -1.0m: 1st, Niamh McEvoy (COH) –Sparking Majestic Caeser, 2nd Alex Finney –BallyKnock Master Roan, 3rd Camryn Clarke – Jackoo, 4th Yiayan Evans(COH) –Its Only Money, 5th Katie McEntee – Kilcreene Apollo, 6th Yiayan Evan (COH) –Laithehill Paisley, 7th Katie McEntee – Star Spangled Banner.

138cm - 80cm: 1st Erin Crawford– Sparkling Boomadonna, 2nd Caoimhe Treanor – Stracomer Super Mario, 3rd Donal Oconnor – Tokyo Drifter (UR), 4th Karla O`Donnell – Crehennan Pippa,5th Maria Carr (COH) – Keltic Mist, 6th Caoimhe Hegarty – Mr Shamrocker, 7th Ross McElwee(COH) – Ballyclough Lucky.

138cm - 90cm: =1st Donal O`connor – Tokyo Drifter(UR), Caoimhe Hegarty – Mr Shamrock, Ellen Thompson – Lisross Diamond Skye, Emma Taylor – Knockagaron Fear Bui Falcon, Mark McPhillips – Magical Millicent, Erin Crawford – Dernahatten Coevers Hills, Katie McLaughlin – Tynan Sandy Lane, Ellie-Rose Cassidy – Springhill Copper Beech, Aoibha Treanor – Tucker (URSJAI), Erin Crawford – Sparkling Boomadonna, Kellie-Rose Flanagan – Wirwick Ginger, Erin Crawford – Sparkling Boomastasia, Alex Finney – Keogans Boy.

138cm -1.0m: 1st Jodie Creighton – Mystery Boy, 2nd Jessica Moore – My Little Ruby, 3rd Karla O’Donnell – You Too, 4th Ellen Thompson – Evros Delight, 5th Ellen Thompson – Lissross Diamond Skye, 6th Donal O’Connor – Mr Dougherty, 7th John McEntee – Snapper, 8th Alana Roulston – Lenamore Lena

138cm - 1.10m: 1st Niamh McEvoy – Glenford Clausa(CPBS), 2nd Yiayan Evans – Lynncot Montana, 3rd Jodie Creighton – Derrygimbla Atlantic Storm, 4th Trudie Hermione McCoosh – Lily Clover, 5th Erin Crawford – Claggan Supreme, 6th John McEntee – Hubba Bubba, 7th Niamh McEvoy – Eden Trillick Jazz

148cm - 90cm: =1st Sarah McNally – Legavallons Miss Pepper, Orla McDermott – Jack, Jordyn Magill – Cashmir Jumper, Carl Webb – Charlie (hpa), Darren Irwin – Lackaghmore Lucky, Hollie Coster – Bowler Brigade, Charlotte Greer – Ryans Mystery, Orla Henry – The Dromahaire Dodger, Jodie Creighton – Drummin Flyer, Erin Crawford – Sparkling Miss Pixielix, Nicholas Bothwell – Cearoin Mor Lad, Jodie Creighton – Tick The Box, Erin Crawford – Lislap Harry, Trudie Hermione McCoosh – Lisboy More Clover, Katie McLaughlin – Double Trouble, Jennifer Torrens – Moriarty 2nd.

148cm – 1m: =1st Samuel Wilson – Springhill Clover, Jessica Moore – Glenarousk Flash Bandit, Annie - Courtney Cadam – Attrory Clover Lilly, Sophie Truesdale – Beech Hall Star, Niall McEvoy – Dooneens Be My Baby, Patrick McEvoy – Vales Bluebird, Ellen Thompson – Trendy Blue, Eve Donnelly – Rincoola Babybog, Erin Crawford – Sparkling Castlewarren Gold, Nicholas Bothwell – Sparkling Apache Gold, Orla Henry – Dun Well

148cm 1.10m: 1st Jennifer Torrens – Derravaragh Gambler, 2nd Emma McEntee – Annaghmore Beach Babe, 3rd Charlotte Harding – Newcastle Goblin Girl, 4th Emma McEntee – Saxton Freedam, 5th Leah McVeigh – Classiebawn Scardens Jack, 6th Ellie Humphries – Mini Skinny, 7th Ellen Thompson – Trendy Blue

148cm 1.20m: =1st Eve Donnelly – Dr. Spot, Eve Donnelly – Hes No Joker

COH 1.10m: 1st Donal O’Connor – Bens Beauty, 2nd Jennifer Torrens – Urban Cowboy, 3rd Jennifer Torrens – Lackaview Star Appeal.