Route Hunt Hunter trials at Maddybenny

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Maddybenny Riding Centre Portrush was the venue for Hunter Trials run by The Route Hunt on Sunday 26th April 2015.

The temperature on the day was low but the forecasted rain held off which was a relief for all.

In the 75cm class there were 26 competitors, 28 in the 85 cm class, nine in the 95cm class and 36 in the pairs class. The course designed and built by Fred White with help from Philip White and Jonny Butler and other hunt members and friends was first class with a few tight turns and some tricky fences to test horses and riders.

Not all completed the course successfully with faults being picked up by some riders for not clearing the fence at the first attempt, some falling off which lead to elimination, some with steering problems which added faults to their scores and some missing fences or jumping the wrong fence. While this disheartened a few riders all returned home without needing ambulance assistance.

Spirits were high amongst the competitors as all were wanting to win the cash prizes for first to third places in each class and the rosettes for first to sixth places.

A spokesperson commented: “Thanks goes to Philip and Fred White and their team of volunteers for building a great course and to Eavan White for her help on the day and with the organisation of the day. Thanks also goes to those who volunteered on the day as fence judges, scorers, time keepers, starters and secretaries and to the competitors who attended the event especially those who had travelled a distance to Maddybenny.

“A big thanks goes to the sponsors for the day: Lee Johnston Farrier, Coleraine, for the £150 prize money for the 95cm class; The Lodge Hotel, Coleraine for the £100 prize money for the 85cm class; R A Kelly Electrical Contractor, Coleraine for the £100 prize money for the 75cm class and Martin Mellet (Jazz Horses), Coleraine and Gerard McCloskey (Route Hunt Whipper in), Limavady, for the £100 prize money for the pairs class.

“Without the generosity of these people it would be impossible to run this event so remember to support those who support us.”

The Route Hunt will be holding hunt rides over the summer months as well as the annual Hunt BBQ on 11th July.

For further details contact the Hunt Secretary Julie Smyth on 07793 209 899.


75cm Class - Optimum time 3 minutes 20 seconds: 1st, Debbie Butler on Frenchie (3 min 29 secs); 2nd, Rachel Kelly on Micky (3 mins 30 secs); 3rd, Norma Wilkinson on Tara (3 mins 37 secs); 4th, Emma Wright on Blue (3 mins 45 secs); 5th, Maria Carr on Keltic Mist (3 mins 58 secs); 6th, Rosemary Moffett on Mo (3 mins 27 secs)

85cm Class - Optimum time 3 minutes 35 seconds: 1st, Lisa Boyle on Bannside Boy (3 mins 35 secs); 2nd, Jourdana Busby on Misty (3 mins 30 secs); 3rd, Campbell Smith on Diamond (3 mins 40 secs); 4th, Kirsten Thom on Clonlee Red River (3 mins 26 secs); 5th, Geraldine Parker on Milo (3 mins 49 secs); 6th, Debbie Butler on Frenchie (3 mins 19 secs)

95cm Class Fastest time: 1st, Lisa Boyle on Bannside Boy (2 mins 40 secs); 2nd, Lee Johnston on O’Harabrook (2 mins 46 secs); 3rd, Philip White on Larrado (2 mins 56 secs); 4th, Ryan Lamb on Patch

75cm Pairs - Fastest time: 1st, Alex Greer on Sparky & Lee Johnston on Tara (2 mins 49 secs); 2nd, Colin Thom on The Gymnast & Sophie McPeak on Dominoes Way (2 mins 59 secs); 3rd, Jan Barr on Broody & Robyn McCann on Larkin (3 mins 4 secs); 4th, Shannon Livingston on Bob & Clodagh Barry on Mervyn (3 mins 9 secs); 5th, Victoria Kennedy on Rosco & Ellen McCormick on Tanto (4 mins); 6th, Rachel Kelly on Micky and Emma Wright on Blue (3 mins 27 secs + 20 faults).