Route Hunt meet at Myroe

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On Saturday 20th December Route hunt members gathered at The Coast Inn, Myroe for a pre-Christmas drink before setting off on their weekly hunt.

Hunt Master Philip White welcomed everyone to Myroe and thanked the owners of The Coast for the use of the carpark.

There was a short hack along the Seacoast Road before heading onto the laneway at Kane’s farm which led to the field with the first jump of the day. Several ditches followed before the willow path where jumps had been made out of cut willow.

The hunt then followed the river with a few more jumps, a five bar gate and another ditch before making their way onto the land used by Foylehov for hovercrafting.

Riders then crossed the road towards the point to point field for a pallet jump and the last ditch of the day.

Huntsman Jonny Butler crossed with ease. Whipper in Julie Smith was next to take on the ditch. Unfortunately Humphrey didn’t quite make it and Julie had to dismount in the water filled ditch. This did not deter Eamon O’Connor or Campbell Smith who flew over the ditch to great cheer. Whipper in Gerard McCloskey was next but like Humphrey, Rio didn’t quite make it so both Whippers in were wet.

By this stage Huntmaster Philip White had found another point to cross which wasn’t as wide and several others including Gerard and Julie took this option.

For some the thought of getting wet so close to home was not a plan and they took the road back to The Coast Inn where all met and enjoyed soup and wheaten bread around the open fire and discussed the events of the day.

A drink was shared with the local farmers and landowners who had allowed the hunt the use of their land for the day. All had enjoyed another good day out and the weather had held up.

The Route Hunt Committee and hunt members wish all their farmers and landowners a prosperous 2015.