Rowlatt-McCormick brothers enjoy double victory at Lightsource BP Tyrella 3

Eventing Ireland’s third trip of the season to Tyrella was certainly in marked contrast to the previous visit when the sun shone throughout.

Thursday, 25th April 2019, 8:28 am
Updated Thursday, 25th April 2019, 8:33 am

Baltic conditions prevailed for the Lightsource BP event, although ground conditions were near to perfect and the majority of the dressage judges reported that the wind and cold did not prevent some fabulous tests being ridden.

Adam Stevenson had made many alterations to the course to ensure that regular competitors were getting different courses again this week as, indeed, they will for Lightsource BP Tyrella 4 on 27 April.

The EI 115 Open class of ten was dominated by WEG Silver Medalist, Cathal Daniels who claimed first, second and fourth with fellow Tryon Team Member Sarah Ennis preventing him from taking the top three spots. Cathal took the win with Jo Breheny’s nine year old Limmerick mare, LWEB Lias Jewel. He was the early leader with Michelle Nelson’s OLS King Aragon but a costly four penalties showjumping pushed them down to second place.

The Ennis sisters battled it out for supremacy in the EI115 class with Nicola eventually taking the win on Dee Mac, a ten year old mare by Cruising Harry who added just 0.4 penalties to the flatwork mark. Sarah and Shanbo Sky Fall took the runner up spot, having gained a place on her result from the previous Tyrella.

Ella Boyle continued her good form with a duo of wins at EI110 level. She captured the Open class with her mother’s eight year old gelding, Grafenstolz Distinction and took the honours in the ‘B’ section of the EI110 class on board WKD Cooley. Sarah Ennis and Tullabeg Tango were leading after dressage in the Open class but a disappointing showjumping score lowered them to the runner up position. Molly Evans was delighted with her second placing on her Grafenstolz mare in the “B’ section of the !!0 class, having got a great run in preparation for Ballindennisk International.

Meantime in the ‘A’ section Adam Haugh was victorious with his six year old gelding, Van Thee Man who jumped one place after dressage following the addition of cross country time penalties for the early leader, Melanie Wrynn and Wolf Artic who had to settle for second place.

There were double celebrations in the McCormick household after both Ben and Tom claimed victories in their respective classes, a feat they last accomplished at the National Championships back in September. Ben and MJI Cabernet finished just a fraction ahead of last week’s winner, Noah Brown and Euro Jackpot who added nothing to his flatwork mark.

Meantime,Tom and Mon Ami Tonnerre led from the outset in the EI 110P class with Alex Connors and the very accomplished Millridge Buachaill Bui occupying second spot.

Just two of the four starters in the EI 110 Amateur class had completion scores with the win going to Gary Monahan from Drogheda riding Blackabbey Boy followed by Symone Brown and Global Merlot.

Alexa Grudgings enjoyed back to back wins in the EI 100 Amateur class on Clare Abbott’s Gatsby gelding, Kudos finishing on her impressive dressage score of 26. Jayne Moore and Laylas Way finished runner up for the second successive week.

Once again this week the EI 100 class was divided and Matthew Johnston was a very worthy winner of the ‘A’ section with his mother’s Diamond Debut, a five year old gelding by Renkum Valentino whom he has been carefully producing. They added nothing to their dressage score to finish 0.7 ahead of Aidan Keogh and Kilcoltrim Swift.

The ‘B’ section was won by Amanda Goldsbury riding her six year old chestnut mare, Right on Q, who actually finished on the same completion score as Adam Haugh and Carsonstown Cruise but they were closer to the optimum time.

The 100 J class was won by seventeen year old Sophie Roden from Dublin riding The Plaster. They managed to rise five places in a class where showjumping was definitely a very influential factor. Aoibheann Duggan came in a fraction of a second behind on Stonehaven’s Olive.

The EI 100P class saw Ted O’Leary and Feagh Delamain rise to the top with a two point margin over Tiggy Hancock and Corries Whiskey.

The EI90 class had a very good entry and a delighted Katherine Charlton took centre stage on the podium on her maiden outing with her six year old Orestus gelding, Class Vista. Amanda Goldsbury enjoyed another placing with Yorkie in second place.

Emma Lappin, no stranger to success, replicated her win at Glenpatrick almost a year ago with a top placing on Bat Out of Hell. Second place went to Carolyn Avery and Emperors Reflection, who have been in the top three on all three occasions this season.

It was very tight at the top of the leaderboard in the 90 P class where just 0.2 divided the first two placings. Leading the way was Rachel Carr and Araglen Bucks Fizz, followed by Poppy Moore and Crecora Angel who made their debut with eventing Ireland this year and has never been lower than second in her three events.

A spokesperson commented: “A huge thank you, as always, goes to our large number of volunteers who never cease to amaze us with their commitment and stamina, especially on long, wintery days.

“In recognition of the enormous contribution to eventing in our region, Tattersalls has very kindly donated entrance tickets for two to include a meal in the House on any day of the International Horse Trials as well as a beanie to be drawn on each of our four Lightsource Tyrella days.

“This week’s winner of the entrance tickets was Eamonn & Karen O’Flynn (Cross Country Call Up) and the beanie went to Jenny Beggs (Dressage Arenas)

“We are deeply indebted to our sponsors - Lightsource BP, Orthoderm, Baileys Horse Feeds, Horse First, Dooneen Farms, Pooler Estate Agents and Tattersalls International Horse Trials whose generosity and support is very much appreciated.”

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Full Results

EI 115 Open: 1, Cathal Daniels, LEB Lias Jewel; 2, Cathal Daniels, OLS King Aragon; 3, Sarah Ennis, Woodcourt Garrison; 4, Cathal Daniels, Galant DHI; 5, Anna Kelly, Something Special V1; 6, Robyn McCluskey, Rum Jumbie

EI 115: 1, Nicola Ennis, Dee Mac; 2, Sarah Ennis, Shanbo Sky Fall; 3, Alyssa O’Neill, Colacentric; 4, Daniel Brown, Fleur de Lis; 5, Steven Smith, HHF Elegance; 6, Steven Smith, Hi Happy Harry

EI 110 Open: 1, Ella Boyle, Grafenstolz Distinction; 2, Sarah Ennis, Tullabeg Tango; 3, Steven Smith, Ballyward; 4, Jonathan Steele, Bluestone Ice; 5, Emma Newsam, Kilcooley Michael; 6, Louise Nicholson, Drumaknockan Easter Charm

EI 110 ‘A’: 1, Adam Haugh, Van Thee Man; 2, Melanie Wrynn, Wolf Artic; 3, Adam Haugh, Ballybolger Lionman; 4, Dave Collins, Coolboy Kamden; 5, Camilla Speirs, Omard Hawaii Lady; 6, Justine Harding, Charissma

EI 110 ‘B’: 1, Ella Boyle, WKD Cooley; 2, Molly Evans, Wellan Graffiti; 3, Michael Ryan, Claragh Mountain; 4, Sarah Ennis, Grantstown Jackson; 5, Michael Ryan, Gurtera Jimmy Clover; 6, Joseph Murphy, Halston Sebastian

EI 110 J: 1, Ben Rowlatt- McCormick, MJI Cabernet; 2, Noah Brown, Euro Jackpot; 3, Sam Carey, Blessington Kamikaze; 4, Chloe Fagan, Versace Biscuit; 5, Hannah Morrow, My Good Thyne Girl; 6, Grace O’Connor, Lisheenabrone Smoothstepper

EI110 P: 1, Tom Rowlatt-McCormick, Mon Ami Tonnerre; 2, Alex Connors, Millridge Buachhaill Bui; 3, Alex Connors, Knockborden Revelation; 4, Sophie McNicholas Star of Hollymount

EI 110 Amateur: 1, Gary Monahan, Blackabbey Boy; 2, Symone Brown, Global Merlot

EI 100 Amateur: 1, Alexa Grudgings, Kudos; 2, Jayne Moore, Laylas Way; 3, Julia Fielden, Absoloodle; 4, Lindsay McIvor, Drumreagh Actress; 5, Christina Turley, Ann’s Bob; 6, Sheena Kerr-McNally, Pegasus

EI 100 ‘A’: 1, Matthew Johnston, Diamond Debut; 2, Aidan Keogh, Kilcoltrim Swift; 3, Trevor Smith, Mike of Mourne; 4, Jim Newsam, Izzietop; 5, Charlotte Dixon, Western Johnny; 6, Daniel Alderson, Belline Warrenstown Cruz

EI 100 ‘B’: 1, Amanda Goldsbury, Right on Q; 2, Adam Haugh, Carsonstown Cruz; 3, Joanne Jarden, Quarryhill Calypso; 4, Amanda Goldsbury, Castle Bridge Boy; 5, Sarah Ennis, Hacklim Moxie; 6, Daniel Alderson, RCA Royal Summer.

EI 100 J: 1, Sophie Roden, The Plaster; 2, Aoibheann Duggan, Stonehaven’s Olive; 3, Katherine O’Hare, Miracle; 4, Emily Barrett, BGS Mikado; 5, Ruby Hughes, Johnny Handsome; 6, Clodie Coen, Ballinglen Susie’s Master.

EI 100 P: 1, Ted O’Leary, Feagh Delamain; 2, Tiggy Hancock, Corries Whiskey; 3, Caoimhe Crozier, Kildromin Banjo; 4, Sarah E Moore, Kilgarvin Morning Misty; 5, Ellen Douglas, Rock Tempo; 6, Andrew Reel, Glanmore Honey

EI 90: 1, Katherine Charlton, Class Vista; 2, Amanda Goldsbury, Yorkie; 3, Gemma Goodrich, Lisnamuck Ab Fab; 4, Leagh Daniels, Oliver’s Girl; 5, Fiona McMillan, Donn Boy; 6, Hannah Wilding, Colonel Gun

EI 90P: 1, Rachel Carr, Araglen Bucks Fizz; 2, Poppy Moore, Crecora Angel; 3, Rebecca Fletcher, Outta Reach; 4, Sarah OP’Shea, Gucci Rush 11; 5, Katie Haire, My Galway Girl; 6, Abby Cummiskey, CSC Apache Dove

EI 90 Amateur: 1, Emma Lappin, Bat Out of Hell; 2, Carolyn Avery, Emperor’s Reflection; 3, Laura Kee, Ballymullan Jodie; 4, Ellen Graham, Lisfuncheon Chinook; 5, Margery Warnock, Butterfly Charm; 6, Rhonda Hall, Bill Little.