Ryan does the double at opening leg of Schools’ Jumping at MEC

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The highly popular Inter Schools’ Showjumping League got underway in fine style at The Meadows on Saturday, very kindly sponsored by TRI, Baileys Horse Feeds and Lisburn Bowl.

Almost 900 rounds of jumping were completed across the various classes but all progressed very efficiently and concluded just after 5.30pm.

As always, action in both arenas got underway promptly at 9am and congratulations must go to all chefs d’equipe who ensured that their teams and individuals were ready for their allocated slots.

Over 20 teams from across the Province competed in the Novice event where the standard was exceptionally high.

Aquinas was drawn last to go and they left nothing to chance, posting a zero score and a very fast accumulative time which earned them top spot and maximum points. Seven other teams managed the zero score but closest behind the winners was Carrickfergus Grammar.

The Open Team Event was won by Ballynahinch High School who finished almost eleven seconds ahead of stalwards, Down High Eagles.

Meantime, St Patrick’s College, Maghera pupil, Ryan McGuigan, performed a double by winning the Open Individual class and the Premier Individual class on the very accomplished Just Because D and M.

As always, Arena 2 began with the 50cms Primary Individuals. This class has catapulted in popularity with almost 20 young competitors representing their schools.

This is always a very popular spectator class where the combinations are encouraged to ride at optimum speed.

The standard was exceptional with eight going double clear.

Closest to the optimum time was Emily Maneely with Scarlet Lulu followed by Ellie Bingham and Little Prince Caspian.

The 60 cms Primary Individual class saw 18 combinations deliver lovely double clears but victory was reserved for newcomer, Shannon Cairns on her lovely little pony, Strawberry Starburst. The 70 cms individual class also had a high proportion of double clears with the win being enjoyed by Taylor McKnight from Bronte Primary with his fabulous little pony Killeshin Bambino. He also took second place on Astrix.

Meantime, eight fabulous little teams took on the challenge of the Primary Event where their professionalism and riding ability belied their tender ages. Seven teams completed on a zero score, with the majority of the riders posting double clears. Fastest of the bunch was the very accomplished team of Chicks with Sticks, followed by the Jolly Jumpers.

The Novice Individual class was a marathon session with almost 70 combinations, each vying for the top position and maximum points. It was certainly fast and furious and the undisputed champion was Tyler Houston and Dunshane Sir Percival from Larne Grammar School followed by Emma Lutton and Dooneens Be My Baby.

Huge congratulations go to all competitors and a massive thank you to the Judges, Tack Inspectors, Starters, Arena Party, Office Staff and everyone who made this initial leg of the League a very memorable one.

The second leg will be held on Saturday 6 October.

Primary Individual – 50cms

1 Emily Maneely, Scarlet Lulu

2 Ellie Bingham, Little Prince Caspian

3 Annie Morrow, Harry

4 Charlotte Nelson, Emmie

5 Molly O’Connor, Glider

6 Jack Cowan, Jolly Jasper

Tack and Turn Out Winner

1 Holly Logan, The Longhouse Gale

Primary Individual- 60 cms

1 Shannon Cairns, Strawberry Starburst

2 Beth Wishart, Ballindarragh Belle

3 Katie Robinson, Hedl

4 Julianna Nelson, Casper

5 Henry McMahon, Vabba Dabba Do

6 Emily Maneely, Scarlet Lulu

Tack and Turn Out Winner

1 Charlotte Nelson - Bonnie

Primary teams

1 Chicks with sticks (Charlotte Betts, Charlie, Charlotte McCracken, Billy Frazer, Katie Robinson, Cloud, Taylor McKnight, Bambi)

2 Jolly Jumpers (Emma Burns, Perfect Peter, Elizabeth McCracken, Blaney’s Boy, Taylor McKnight, Astrix, Ruby Kinkaid, Houdini)

3 KSZ Flyers (Kym Moore, Applejack, Zoe Caskey, Gunner, Sophia Bingham, Rocky, Kym Moore, Paddy)

4 Armstrong Arrows (Lucinda Heffron, India Heffron, Dandy, Alex Best, Grandpa’s Diamond, India Heffron, Susie)

5 The Loansome Thoms (Sophia Bingham, Floss, Holly Ross, Dapple, Jack Morrow, Freckles, Sophia Bingham, Little Prince Caspian)

6 Iveagh Littler Mix (Lily Murphy, Buzby, Tilley Tumilty, LJ Sparky, Kitty Cullen, Toby, Kitty Cullen, Buzby)

Tack and Turn Out Winners

1 The Loansome Thoms (Sophia Bingham, Floss, Holly Ross, Dapple, Jack Morrow, Freckles, Sophia Bingham, Little Prince Caspian)

Primary Individual – 70 cms

1 Taylor McKnight, Killeshin Bambio

2 Taylor McKnight, Astrix

3 Ruby Kinkaid, Lismahon Houdini

4 Kym Moore, Paddy

5 Lucy-Ann Abbott, Thistledown

6 Kym Moore, Applejack

Novice individual

1 Tyler Houston, Dunshane Sir Percival

2 Emma Lutton, Dooneens Be My Baby

3 Hannah Woolsey, Lea

4 Catlinn Mann, Miss Vena

5 Thomas Patton, Millie

6 Annie Gibson, Mr Pebbles

Novice teams

1 Aquinas (Ellen McEvoy, Indie, Jean McComish, Buddy, Ellen McEvoy, Buddy, Jean McComish, Indie)

2 Carrickfergus Grammar (Katelyn Irvine, O’Hara’s Dream, Ben Foster, Maisie, Katelyn Irvine, Duach Shadow, Ben Foster, O’Hara’s Dream)

3 Larne Grammar School Blue (Katie-Lee Houston, Sky Lara, Joel Peoples, Ranger, Tyler Houston, Dunshane Sir Percival, Emma Blair, Hi Jinx)

4 Enniskillen Royal Grammar School (Natalie Somerville, ISHD Convoy, Hannah Jobes, Rocket, Sophia Williams, Clonlee Red River, Patrick Williams, Coill Dearmead William)

5 Dromore High School (Catherine McClelland, Starlight, Poppy Moore, G Maha, Niamh Allen-Collins, Builders Delight, Katie Topley, Tipp Gen)

6 Hunter House Blue (Lucy Toombs, Suzie, Eva Sloan, Lottie, Gillian Grogan, Sky, Gillian Grogan, Monty)

Tack and Turn Out Winners

1 Friends School, Lisburn (Jodi Morrison, Carrickview Gin and Tonic, Gracie Lamont, Cuddoo Star, Anna Cardwell, Fancy Pants, Zara Greenfield)

Open teams

1 Ballynahinch High School (Megan Nelson, Murphy, Josh Knox, Take That, Megan Carson, Tynan Tobias, Megan Nelson, Balnashallog Goldfinch)

2 Down High Eagles (Lara Kelly, Drumcaughey Diamond, Zara Sharvin, Paintball,m Annie Gibson, Ti Chip, Abby Cummiskey, Holly)

3 Ballyclare Secondary School (Jessica McConnell, Finding Nemo, Emma Ewing, Murph, Benjamin Gilmore, Katie, Tori Jewiss, Charlie)

4 Down High Flyers (Jessica Nelsaon, Duke, Bailey Dunn, Chic, Charis Vinaccia, Derry Mac, Alex Cleland, Rafa Smash)

5 Hunterhouse Gold (Alice Magill, Stanley, Ella Herron, Reilly, Mollie Park, Indie)

6 Our Lady’s Grammar (Grace Kehoe, Fifty Shades of Grey, Meabh McIlduff, Dalstown done and Dusted, Niamh Morgan, Millbar Phoenix, Anna Larkin, Wee Man)

Open individual- 1m

1 Ryan McGuigan, Just Because D and M

2 Rory Osbourne, Bella Bambino

3 Cerys Howell, Mr Howell

4 Sophie Hanna, Oreo Patches

5 Megan Nelson, Balnashallog Goldfinch

6 Emily Hawe, Crannod King of Hearts

Tack and Turn Out winner

1 Ryan McGuigan, Just Because D and M

Premier individual- 1.10m

1 Ryan McGuigan, Just Because D and M

2 Emma Jana Orr, Jazzie Suzie

3 Meadh McIlduff, Dalstown Dun and Dusted

4 Melissa McKee, Diamond Beach Babe

5 Trudie McCoosh, MSH First Choice

6 Trudie McCoosh, Silver Green

Tack and Turn Out winner

Kerry Magill, Orrfield Royal Diamond