Schools out in force at the Meadows

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Adverse weather predictions had no effect on the third leg of the TRI sponsored Inter Schools Showjumping League at The Meadows Equestrian Centre.

Punctuality is always the order of the day and at one minute to nine o’clock both arenas were in operation for what was an extremely busy day with over 300 entries.

Arena 1 began with the Novice team competition where Dromore High School, second to go, set a very high standard in blistering times. Although ten teams finished on a zero score, none were able to overtake the Co Down quartet who secured their first win of the current league with a five second margin over Ballymena Academy who were victorious in the previous two legs.

Newbridge Integrated returned to winning form in the Open Event where they gained maximum points over Down High Flyers and Down High Eagles who were second and third respectively.

It was lovely to see the Meadows ‘mascot’ Arthur on hand to facilitate the prize giving.

The individual competitions are proving extremely popular and the standard of jumping is impressively high.

Hannah Thompson and Sophie from Cullybackey College had back to back wins in the Open class, followed by Melissa McKee and Sweeper.

Harriet Pele stormed to victory in the Premier class with her superb horse, Lisbane Fly, with a one second margin over Anna Lyons and Rafa.

Meanwhile Arena 2 had a change of normal running order to accommodate the Primary Transfer Tests so the competitions began with a huge Novice Individual class with almost 60 entries. A well deserved win went to Ballynahinch High School pupil, Megan Nelson with the amply named Flash, followed tightly by Ella Kinkaid and Lismahon Houdini.

The Primary teams are always a pleasure to watch and this week was no exception. Nine teams battled it out for supremacy and the valuable league points. Six teams finished on a zero so the mathematical skills of the judges were brought into play and Moira Mavericks topped the leaderboard ahead of last month’s winners, The Mighty Midgets.

League Scores are very tight in the Primary Individual classes and this week’s winner of the 50cms class was Dromara Primary School pupil, Ruby Kinkaid, who went double clear and was closest to the optimum time. Runner up was Sam Jackson from Ballyclare Primary.

The final class in Arena 2 was the 70cms Primary individual where spectators were rewarded with high standards and impressive efforts in the timed phase.

Victory went to Simone Leathem and Willow, a combination with no shortage of rosettes. Last month’s winner, Tyler Houston and Percy occupied the runner up spot.

Tack and turn out inspector this month was Catherine Abbott who was certainly kept extremely busy scrutinising the efforts of all competitors at polishing and cleaning. Her standards are exacting so well done to all prize winners.

Meadows Equestrian Centre is indebted to the sponsors, TRI Equestrian and Bailey’s Horse Feeds and to all officials.

Full results

Novice Team: 1, Dromore High School (Sarah Topley, Jen, Zoe Gilliland, Harry, Victoria Boville, Bobby, Ryan Boville, Bailey); 2, Ballymena Academy Navy ( Sarah McNabney, Ballygannon Colour Flight, William Hamilton, Jonty, Ellen Harkness, Galloon Keano, Jamie Lee Mark, April Shadow); 3, Ballymena Academy Red (Alex Henry McCool, Teaks, Myah McClean, Minnie Mance Justice, Zoe Dickey, Danny, Alex Henry McCool, Charlie B); 4, Wallace High School (Sarah Moore, Harvey, Connie Crothers, Albus Dumbledore, Kerry Magill, Lisnahall Miss Toffee, Sarah Moore); 5, Stratherne Smarties (Charlotte Keers, Moyans Dun Deal, Zoe Martin, Bud, Felicity Johnston, Blue Cobweb, Hannah Morrow, Moyand Dun Deal); 6, Assumption Grammar (Lucy Savage, Maggie, Ella Kinkaid, Lismahon Houdini, Emily Stewart, Calyco Jack, Ella Kinkaid, Black Jack) Tack & Turn Out Winners Down High Gold (Abby Cummiskey, Black Jack, Alex Ogle, Ronaldo, Katie Robinson, Delvin Spring Breeze, Lara Kelly, Milford Spectacular)

Novice Individual: 1, Megan Nelson, Flash, High School, Ballynahinch; 2, Ella Kinkaid, Lismahon Houdini, Assumption Grammar; 3, Connie Crothers, Albus Dumbledore, Wallace High School; 4, Sarah Clarke, Ice King, RSA; 5, Hannah Thompson, Tia, Cullybackey College; 6, Jonathan Cowdenbeath, Blaze, BRA

Tack and Turn Out winner: Craig Carson, Buddy, Craigavon Senior High

Open Team: 1, Newbridge Integrated (Hollie Smith, Gucci 111, Eva Kerton, Colour Confusion, Hannah Chambers, Lisnavarragh Lou Lou, Mya McDowell, Lily); 2, Down High Flyers (Rachel Kerr, Hughie, Rachel Lambe, Jay, Alex Cleland, Whisper Grey Dove, Charis Vinaccia, Derry Mac); 3, Down High Eagles (Sophie Price, Good Golly Miss Molly, Jessica Nelson, Duke, Sophie Truesdale, Bee, Erin Gabbie, Catalina); 4, BRA (Ana Desmond, Lizzie, Jessica Davidson, Golden Mac, Justine Harding, Ruby, Ana Desmond, Roller); 5, Ballyclare Secondary ( Jessica McConnell, Finding Nemo, Robyn McConnell, Snip, Alexandra McConnell, Levi); 6, Ballymena Academy (Tori Surgenor, Lenamore Tazmanian Taz, Rachel Fullerton, Ballymoat Magic, Courtney Hamilton, Billy Beauty, Tori Surgenor, Rocket Lady)

Tack and Turn Out winners: BRA (Ana Desmond, Lizzie, Jessica Davidson, Golden Mac, Justine Harding, Ruby, Ana Desmond, Roller).

Open Individual: 1, Hannah Thompson, Sophie, Cullybackey College; 2, Melissa McKee, Sweeper, Kilkeel HS; 3, Tabytha Bonar, Bella Bambino, Banbridge Academy; 4, Jessica Nelson, Duke, Down High; 5, Kerry Magill, Lisnahall Miss Toffee, Wallace High; 6, Toni McClenaghan, Colonel Mustard, Ballymoney High

Premier Individual: 1, Harriet Pele, Lisbane Fly, Down High; 2, Anna Lyons, Rafa, Methodist College; 3, Tori Surgenor, Rocket Lady, Ballymena Academy; 4, Patrick McEvoy, Bluebird, Drumragh Integrated College; 5, Charis Vinaccia, Derry Mac, Down High; 6, Mya McDowell, Imps Girl, Newbridge Integrated.

Tack and Turn Out Winner: Beth Cunningham, Dreamer, Lurgan College

Primary Teams: 1, Moira Mavericks (Daniel Moore, Chester, Benjamin Moore, Glasson Royal Gold, Daniel Moore, Harvey, Benjamin Moore, Chester); 2, The Mighty Midgets (Simone Leathem, Sundance, Shannon Boville, Toffee, Zara Sharvin, Woodvale Classic Lady, Emma Burns, Archill Lass); 3, The Rascals (Lucy Morton, Erin, Katie McCombe, Bambi, Peter Morton, AJ, Lucy Morton, Petal); 4, Fullerton Devils (Niamh Fitzpatrick, Greenlands Flash, Jenna Houston, Heather Spartacus, Alex Fitzpatrick, Skye Blue, Niamh Fitzpatrick, Dalways Counting Daisies); 5, Academy Aces (Tara Emmett, Charlie, Helen Osbourne, Mister Mischief, James Murphy, Golden Flight, Dylan Torrens, Little Miss Trouble); 6, Little Mix Up (Katelyn Irvine, Bellewstown Pedro, Emma Bamford, Diamonds in the Sky, Kirstie Wilson, Harry, Emma Bamford, Tamara) Primary Tack and Turn Out Winners The Knockagh Flyers (Anna Jackson, Cornetto, Toby Davison, Jake, Bradie Hogg, Sams Secret, Tyler Houston, Percy).

Primary Individual 50 cms: 1, Ruby Kinkaid, Pepsi, Dromara PS; 2, Sam Jackson, Jack, Ballyclare PS; 3, India Heffron, Princess Judy, Armstrong PS; 4, Katelyn Irvine, Bellewstown Pedro, Oakfield PS; 5, Jenna Houston, Heather Spartacus, Fullerton House; 6, India Heffron, Captain Nemo, Armstrong PS

Primary Individual 70cms: 1, Simone Leathem, Willow, Rowandale; 2, Tyler Houston, Percy, Larne & Inver PS; 3, Katie McCombe, White Ribbon, Tandragee; 4, Rory Osbourne, Socky, St Joseph’s and St James Poyntzpass; 5, Shannon Boville, Toffee, Fairhill PS; 6, Bradie Hogg, Sam, Toreagh PS.