Seasonal action proves popular at Connell Hill

THERE was a good turnout at the Christmas Show held at Connell Hill Equestrian Centre, Randalstown.

The event kicked off with the 70 cms class, which saw some very good combinations out for the first time. Dean Bell and Loughview Lola jumped a lovely double clear, as did Ella Grant and Splash.

Kathryn Knox made her mark in the 80 cms on Braeview Codega, jumping a lovely double clear. Dawn Reeve, having taken a break from hunting to compete at Connell Hill’s Christmas Show, also took home a red rosette, on Jack.

The 90 cms class saw three double clears, from Mark Calvert on Buster; Beth Boone on Jackie’s Princess and Jodie Creighton on Millie.

Next up for Connell Hill is the Christmas Derby on 29th December, starting at 10am, with classes from 60cms up to 1 metre.


70cms; clear rounds; Dean Bell, Loughview Lola; Anna Mulholland, Bobby; Courtney Wray, Star Bucks; Beth Boone, Jackie’s Princess; Ella Grant, Splash; Hannah Thompson, Crispin; Julie McLarnon, Patch.

80cms; clear rounds; Beth Boone, Jackie’s Princess; Dawn Reeve, Jack; Kathryn Knox, Brawview Codega; Ella Grant, Splash.

90cms; clear rounds; Mark Calvert, Buster; Beth Boone, Jackie’s Princess; Jodie Creighton, Millie.

1.0m; 1, Georgia Kelly, Mystery Boy; 2, Gemma Goodrich, Ollie.

1.20m; 1, Leigh Ann Rea, Samur.

1.30m; 1, Leigh Ann Rea, Samur.