Smyth wins Meadows TRI Equestrian Grand Prix

Winner Jonathan Smyth riding R Smyth's Charlton Clio
Winner Jonathan Smyth riding R Smyth's Charlton Clio

The fourth leg of the TRI Equestrian Summer Tour Grand Prix 2016 took place at Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan.

2016 saw this show run once again over three days commencing on Friday, June 3, and finishing with the feature class of the weekend, the TRI Equestrian NI 1.35m Grand Prix carrying a purse of £1000.

This was the biggest weekend in the Meadows Equestrian Centre calendar to date attracting growing numbers annually.

Twenty seven riders took on Ray Buchanan’s track on a sun drenched day. Nine competitors had clear rounds to put them through to the jump off.

It was Jonathan Smyth who took the top spot with Charlton Clio owned by his father Richard. Charlton Clio is a 10 year old bay mare by HHS Br Charlton out of a Clover Hill mare. Second was Hannah Patterson on Douglas W with Stephen Smith on Gloutane Pearl taking third place.

This was the first of a collaboration between the Equine retailer and the Ulster Region.

This show’s reputation and attendances have grown year on year with a record number jumping over the three days.

Other feature classes over the weekend included the Ulster Region Summer Tour classes from 1m to 1.20m, the penultimate leg the TRI Equestrian Spring Pony Series and the second qualifier for Amateurs with the Dingos qualifier.

TRI Pony Results- Saturday 4th June

128 50cms TRI Equestrian - Double Clears: L McElwee’s Dinky Diamond (Katy-Mae McElwee), L Knox’s Apple Jack (Josh Knox), L Doonan’s Lady Zara (Lucy Donnan), J Baxter’s Starwberry Starburst (Jessica Baxter), M Power’s High Star Flyer (Ted Gibson) and H McLaughlin’s Hilin Captain Corelli (Amy McLaughlin).

128 60cms TRI Equestrian - Double Clears: O McVeigh’s Indies Crusade (Calum McVeigh), J Baxter’s Sparkling Class Act (Jessica Baxter), W Adair’s Only My Eoin (Adam Adair), M Power’s High Star Flyer (Ted Gibson), G Kerr’s Rathdrum Bobby (Alexandra Kerr), L Donnan’s Lady Zara (Lucy Donnan) and W Adair’s Casper (Adam Adair)

128 70cms TRI Equestrian - Double Clears: B Murphhy’s Rough Diamond (Darriagh Murphy), M Kirrane Atlantic Coast (Harry Rush), M Moore’s One More (Beth Thompson), P Moore’s Scarletts Bubblicious (Kym Moore), K McFadden’s Baronagh Boy (Cara McFadden), K Rush’s Stormy Lady (Harry Rush), A Thompson’s Ruthstown Speed (Beth Thompson) and E Gamble’s Lisboy Smarties (Katie Gibson).

128 80cms TRI Equestrian - Double Clears: E Gamble’s Lisboy Smarties (Katie Gibson), J Russell’s Newtown Black Guy (Robert Russell), P Moore’s Smokegun (Kym Moore), P Boyd’s Junior J (Niamh McEvoy), A Thompson’s Ruthstown Speed (Beth Thompson), P Moore’s Scarlett’s Bubblicious (Kym Moore) and K Rush’s Wee Honey (Harry Rush).

128 85cms Under 10 TRI Equestrian: 1st S Moore’s Bertie Bassett VI (Alfie Adair), 2nd S Doherty’s Emerald Lucky (Oliver Doherty), 3rd P Moore’s Heather Molly (Kym Moore), 4th B Conlon’s Yes John (Matthew Conlon), 5th P Moore’s Smokegun (Kym Moore), 6th C Sloan’s Mosstown Little Dun (Eva Sloan), 7th L Hannaway’s Princess Vicky (Oliver Doherty), 8th P Boyle’s Snow Patrol II (Jamie Clarke), 9th V Steele’s Glasson Royal Gold (Benjamin Moore) and 10th J Russell’s Newtown Black Guy (Robert Russell).

128 90cms TRI Equestrian: 1st S Doherty’s Emerald Lucky (Oliver Doherty), 2nd L Hannaway’s Princess Vicky (Oliver Doherty), 3rd P Boyle’s Snow Patrol II (Jamie Clarke), 4th T Flanagan’s Mini Digger (Che Flanagan), 5th G Kerr’s Pepsi Mac (Camryn Clarke), 6th V Steele’s Bright Bling (Emily Steele), 7th O Harris’ Badbury Blackthorn (Conor Harris), 8th E Trenier’s Ms Blueberry (Lewis Trenier), 9th V Clarke’s PARC Creme Brulee (Camryn Clarke) and 10th C Sloan’s Kofi Kingston (Eva Sloan).

128 1m TRI Equestrian: 1st M McEvoy’s Sparkling Majestic Caeser (Niamh McEvoy), 2nd J Finney’s Some Journey (Alex Finney), 3rd V Steele’s Little Miss Millie (Emily Steele), 4th V Clarke’s PARC Creme Brulee (Camryn Clarke), 5th D McPhillips’ Scarletts Fireball (Che Flanagan) and 6th T Flanagan’s Mini Digger (Che Flanagan).

138 80cms TRI Equestrian - Double Clears: O Harris’s Knockash Tonic (Jennifer Torrens), L McElwee’s Ballyclough Lucky (Ross McElwee) and A Roulston’s Sparkling Boomastasia (Erin Crawford).

138 90cms TRI Equestrian: O Harris’s Knockash Tonic (Jennifer Torrens), A Roulston’s Sparkling Boomastasia (Erin Crawford), A Thompson’s Lisross Diamond Skye (Ellen Thompson), D Bell’s Sparkling High Impact (Ben Maybin), T Flanagan’s Foyfins Close Call (Kellie-Rose Flanagan), R Clements’ Derryvane Sea Mist (Alana Roulston), B Conlon’s Tara (Arthur Conlon), J Finney’s Dolly Du Carel (Alex Finney), S Orr’s Jazzy Suzie (Emma-Jane Orr), E Trenier’s Castlehill Boby (Lewis Trenier), M O’Connor’s Tokyo Drifter (Donal O’Connor), M Doherty’s HML Flight of Fancy (Clara Doherty) and T Flanagan’s Wirwick Ginger (Kellie-Rose Flanagan).

138 1m TRI Equestrian: 1st J Pollock’s Sunny (Amy Leigh McCauley), 2nd M O’Connor’s Mr Dougherty (Donal O’Connor), 3rd D Crawford’s Sparkling Va Va Boom (Erin Crawford), 4th E Trenier’s My Diamond (Lewis Trenier), 5th M McEvoy’s Edentrillick Jazz (Niamh McEvoy), 6th A Roulston’s Sparkling Delta Dawn (Erin Crawford), 7th L Moore’s Phineas Flynn (Sarah Moore), 8th M Pender’s Airdisplay (John McEntee), 9th T Flanagan’s Foyfins Close Call (Kellie-Rose Flanagan) and 10th J Russell’s X Scream (James Russell).

138 1.10m TRI Equestrian: 1st E Trenier’s My Diamond (Lewis Trenier), 2nd M Pender’s Airdisplay (John McEntee), 3rd L McEntee’s Hubba Bubba (John McEntee), 4th A Thompson’s Evros Delight (Ellen Thompson), 5th A McCoosh’s Lily Clover (Trudie McCoosh), 6th M McEvoy’s Glenford Clausa ( Niamh McEvoy), 7th S Hockley’s Ruby Brown (Jamie Hockley), 8th G Kerr’s Allie Stewy (Natasha Kerr), 9th C O’Donnell’s You Too (Karla O’Donnell) and 10th D Crawford’s Claggan Supreme (Erin Crawford).

148 90cms - Double Clears: M Monaghan’s Shirsheen Cruiser (Alex Finney), T Webb’s Charlie (Carl Webb), C Wilson’s Hill Top Boy (Lauren Wilson), P McLauglin’s Double Trouble (Katie McLaughlin), D Trenier’s The Dromahaire Dodger (Orla Henry), P McWilliams’ Rathkenny Lace Wing (Patrick McWilliams), D Irwin’s Lackaghmore Lucky (Darren Irwin), D Coster’s Bowler Brigade (Hollie Coster), J English’s Ryans Mystery (Charlotte Greer), R Boswell’s Cearoin Mor Lad (Nicholas Bothwell), A Roulston’s Sparkling Miss Pixielix (Erin Crawford) and A Roulston’s Lislap Harry (Amy- Leigh McAuley).

148 1m - Double Clears: C Wilson’s Hill Top Boy (Lauren Wilson), D Trenier’s The Dromahaire Dodger (Orla Henry), S Moore’s Madges Lane Larry (Jessica Moore), P Connell’s Spring Hil Clover (Samuel Wilson), D Irwin’s Lackaghmore Lucky (Darren Irwin), M Monaghan’s Shirsheen Cruiser (Alex Finney), D Coster’s Too Posh (Hollie Coster), P Trearty’s Claggan Bommerangs Supreme (Ross Trearty), R Wilson’s Souls Rebel (Samuel Wilson), A Torrens’ Bellindene Fagin (Jennifer Torrens), L Courtney’s LCC Some Man For One Man (Annie Courtney-Cadam), R Bothwell’s Sparkling Apache Gold (Nicholas Bothwell) and R McLaughlin’s Holiday Hop On (Samuel Wilson).

148 1.10m: 1st I Chapman’s Duffy (Amy Roberts), 2nd P Trearty Beauty (Ross Trearty), 3rd J Morton’s Tynan Bo-Bo Bear (Lucy Morton), 4th P Connell’s Springhill Clover (Samuel Wilson), 5th D Gant’s Derrymore Chips (Ella Grant), 6th S Moore’s Madges Lane Larry (Jessica Moore), 7th H McAlpine’s Loughnatousa Ron (Hugo McAlpine), 8th R Wilson’s Soul Rebel (Samuel Wilson), 9th L McEntee’s Dapple Grey Dew-Drop (Emma McEntee) and 10th R Harding’s Newcastle Goblin Girl (Charlotte Harding).

148 1.20m: 1st F Donnelly’s He’s No Joker (Eve Donnelly), 1st F Donnelly’s Dr Spot (Eve Donnelly) and 3rd J Morton’s Tynan Bo Bo Bear (Abby Morton).

TRI Summer Tour Results- Sunday 5th June

1m TRI Equestrian Summer Tour: 1st J Kealey’s Flashjack (Jane Kealy) 0/0 31.32; 2nd R & D Lowry’s Sally (Justine O’Hara) 0/0 32.79; K Kilburn’s River Commotion (Kelly Kilburn); 4th D McKenna’s Cullintra Riverside (Nadine McKenna; 5th L Hannaway’s Patch Mills Sportsman (Aimee McKenna), 6th E Duggan’s Wannadou (Eileen Duggan); 7th D Nelson’s Demero (David Nelson); 8th R Topping’s Kylemore Vicki (Robbie Topping), 9th R Harding’s Deepspring Tookanoo (Rachelle Harding) and 10th J Nelson’s She Ra (Stephen McManus).

1.10m TRI Equestrian Summer Tour: 1st E White’s O’Harabrook (Lee Johnston) 0/0 26.47, 2nd P McLaughlin’s Shanvey Diamond (Justine O’Hara) 0/0 29.57, 3rd E Jackson’s Creevagh for Sure (Emma Jackson) 0/0 30.04, 4th J Taggart’s Sonconcorde (Jennifer Torrens) 0/0 31.46, 5th U Bamford’s Ludovick (Barry McCormack) 0/0 32.13, 6th G Jackson’s Captain Cashell (Barry McCormack) 0/0 33.35, 7th K O’Hagan’s Unique Boutique (Kathryn O’Hagan) 0/0 34.91, 8th G Jackson’s Mo’s Touch (Gary Jackson) 0/0 36.34, 9th R Harding’s Crossmaglen Bandit (Charlotte Harding) 0/0 36.85 and 10th J Nelson’s Bannfield (David Nelson) 0/0 38.65.

1.20m TRI Equestrian Summer Tour: 1st A Roulston & W Gamble’s Bannside Boy (Olivia Roulston) 0/0 31.82, 2nd S Burn’s Georgies Star (Sarah Burns) 0/0 31.93, 3rd K McKenzie’s Peyroux (Shannon McKenzie) 0/0 32.67, 4th E Jackson’s Amy B (Emma Jackson) 0/0 33.42, 5th D Conlon’s Leitrim Big Time (Claire Conlon) 0/0 33.98; 6th H Patterson’s CS Simply Jinger (Hannah Patterson) 0/0 34.14; 6th N Jackson’s Kilcorig Belle (Emma Jackson) 0/0 34.14, 8th E Jackson’s Creevagh For Sure (Emma Jackson) 0/0 34.43, 9th S Burns’ Foxy Finn (Sarah Burns) 0/0 34.93 and 10th J Robinson’s Auburn Luna (Shannon Robinson) 0/0 35.00.

1.35m TRI Summer Tour Grand Prix: 1st R Smyth’s Charlton Clio (Johnathan Smyth) 0/0 37.26, 2nd H Patterson’s Douglas W (Hannah Patterson) 0/0 39.27, 3rd E Smith’s Gloutane Pearl (Stephen Smith) 0/0 39.91, 4th Z Harvey’s Mullabrack Royal Pride (Conor McEneaney) 0/0 40.56, 5th K McKenzie’s Dyolita (Shannon McKenzie) 0/0 41.18, 6th C Cathers’ Ping Ball (Johnathan Smyth) 0/0 42.32, 7th T Clingan’s Ardtana Flash Forward (Charlene Clingan) 0/4 41.30 and 8th J Higgin’s Sansibar (John Higgins) 0/4 59.53.