Sophie sweeps to the top!

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Clydesdale enthusiasts turned out on Saturday, December 8, for the Co. Londonderry Horse Breeding Society’s 51st Clydesdale Foal Show in Ballymena Livestock Market.

The task of judging this year’s show was well known Tom Fountain, from the Woodhouse Stud in Derbyshire.

The Overall Champion went to local farrier David Patterson, this was the homebred two year old filly Agivey Sophie, who took the senior championship earlier on in the day. She is by Roes Hall Calypso with her dam being Drumeen Grace.

Reserve Overall went to the foal champion, recently purchased senior colt foal Craigview Ralph exhibited by Victor and Raymond Scott, Glebeview. He is by Dillars Top Gun with his dam being Boat Lady Annabelle.

Reserve Senior Champion went to yearling colt Glebeview Jock, again from Victor and Raymond Scott, sired by Eskecraggan Torres. He was last year’s foal champion and champion at Limavady Show.

Reserve Foal Champion went to John Drummond with homebred junior filly foal Bratlach Queen of Hearts with her sire being Bratlach Mollinhillhead Gladiator.

The excellent class of six young handlers was won by Craig Hanna (Macfin), with second place going to Bonnie Taggart (Ballaney) who qualifies for the final at the Highland Show 2019, with third place going to Jessica Ryan (Hillview).

The CLHBS Foal Show starts off the Young Handlers Championship 2018/19 which will continue through the summer show season.

The Foal Show class results were as follows:

Class 1: Two Year Old Filly - 1st, Agivey Sophie (David Patterson); 2nd, Greenmount Lily (Tommy Gregg); 3rd, Ballinrees Lady Elizabeth (Victor Millen)

Class 2: 1 Year Old Colt/Gelding - 1st, Glebeview Jock (V & R Scott)

Class 3: Yearling Filly - 1st, Hollybank Miss Molly (Sam McKee); 2nd, Macfin Vera Lynn (I & D Simpson)

Class 4: Senior Colt Foal - 1st, Craigview Ralph (V & R Scott); 2nd, Macfin Scotsman (Messrs. Hanna); 3rd, Carnaff Bobby (D & M McKay)

Class 5: Senior Filly Foal - 1st, Carnaff Cindy (D & M McKay); 2nd, Rosegift Cassie (Pat O’Boyle); 3rd, Hillview Havanna (D & R Ryan)

Class 6: Junior Colt Foal - 1st, Macfin Kingsman (Messrs. Hanna); 2nd, Carnaff Jack (D & M McKay); 3rd, Cloghan Lord Louis (Gordon Smyth); 4th, Drumnaconnagher Bob (Gerry McGreevy); 5th, Hillview Diego (D & R Ryan)

Class 7: Junior Filly Foal - 1st, Bratlach Queen of Hearts (John Drummond); 2nd, Macfin Queen of the Roses (Messrs. Hanna); 3rd, Doura Lizzie (Geoffrey Tanner); 4th, Drumhill Lady Zoe (James Cantley)

Class 8: Young Handlers - 1st, Craig Hanna (Macfin); 2nd, Bonnie Taggart (Ballaney); 3rd, Jessica Ryan (Hillview)

Overall Champion - Agivey Sophie (David Patterson)

Reserve Overall Champion - Craigview Ralph (V & R Scott)

Opp. Sex to Overall Champion - Craigview Ralph (V & R Scott)

Senior Champion - Agivey Sophie (David Patterson)

Reserve Senior Champion - Glebeview Jock (V & R Scott)

Foal Champion - Craigview Ralph (V & R Scott)

Reserve Foal Champion - Bratlach Queen of Hearts (John Drummond)

Best Foal Bred in Ireland - Bratlach Queen of Hearts (John Drummond)

Best Foal Bred by Exhibitor - Bratlach Queen of Hearts (John Drummond)

Best Foal by a Glebeview Stallion - Macfin Scotsman (Messrs. Hanna)

Best Presented Animal - Bratlach Queen of Hearts (John Drummond)

Young Handler - Craig Hanna (Macfin)

The Society is indebted to all sponsors – Cahill Carr MRCVS, David Christie & Son, A. Diamond & Son, Steele Farm Supplies and the Clydesdale Horse Society.

Yvonne Hanna (Secretary) also thanked the society members who annually contribute towards special prizes down through the classes.

The Co. Londonderry Horse Breeding Society would like to thank J.A. McClelland & Sons for the use of their first class facilities, and to the Market Staff for all their help, before and after the show.

The society’s Christmas Raffle Draw was drawn during Saturday’s judging. The winners were: 1st prize (£100) Andrew Whetton; 2nd prize (£75) Tracy Johnstone; 3rd prize (£50) Stuart Kemp; 4th prize (£25) Fiona Hardie; 5th prize (£25) Susan Dodd

The Society wish to thank everyone who supported the raffle, proceeds will be going to Air Ambulance – Northern Ireland.

The Foal Show Social Night was another great success, enjoyed by many CLHBS members, family, friends and visitors from across the water. Thanks go to Craig Black and staff of the Bush Tavern for their hospitality over the weekend.

The CLHBS would like to wish all their members and supporters a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019!