Sparkling performance from Joseph and All Carrick Diamond

Iona Kane and Bobilicious
Iona Kane and Bobilicious

THE North West Working Hunter Association recently held its first working hunter show of 2013 at the RDA, Coleraine.

The show commenced at 9.30am with bright and breezy pony combinations ready for the off.

With the course inspected, the parents as always seemed more apprehensive than the children who, for the most part, were just excited about jumping their ponies.

All combinations were turned out to perfection, though its doubtful everyone was just as smart after the morning’s hard work.

All classes were rewarded with prizes in kind up to and including fourth place according to the class numbers.

The first prize was a bag of Pegus feed courtesy of Thompsons feeds. Organisers are grateful for the continued support of both Thompsons Feeds and Colin Richmond (Richmond Store, Ballyrashane Road, Coleraine) for facilitating this.

The NWWHA committee are appreciative of the extra helpers who gave so freely of their time, especially Julie Boyd, Lyndon MacCaw, Ian Evans, Rosie Alcorn, Lucy Lamont, Margaret Jane, Jackie and Sylvia McLean. Thanks also to judges Kathryn Marshall (ponies) and Michael Lewis (horses).

Again because of time restraints and class sizes only clear rounds were able to return for second phase judging, disappointing but necessary in order to get through the numbers.

A real good day all round, the show ran smoothly and the slightly earlier start time made such a difference.

The next NWWHA show will be on Sunday 3rd February at the RDA, Coleraine.

Any questions or queries contact John Stewart on 07773 529 390.

Pony Results

Class 1 under 12’s 50cm: 1st, Jennifer Torrens, Jaz; 2nd, Donal Walsh, Charlie; 3rd, Bethany Gordon, Milo

Class 2 under 12’s 60cm: 1st, Jennifer Torrens, Flying Hock; 2nd, Donal Walsh, Charlie; 3rd, Jake Burnham-Hand, Crystals Tiger Lily; 4th, Wendy Anderson, Artic Poppy; 5th, Bethany Gordon, Milo

Class 3 60cm: 1st, Kate Geoghagan, Gelvin Zirconia; 2nd, Wendy Anderson, Artic Poppy; 3rd, Bridin Walsh, Kiara; 4th, Jake Burnham-Hand, Crystals Tiger Lily

Class 4 70cm: 1st, Wendy Anderson, Cosmic Kiosk; 2nd, Cassandra McGee, Gone with the Fairies; 3rd, Jennifer Torrens, Jaz

Class 5a 80cm whp: 1st, Courtney Green, Star of the Rosses; 2nd, Cassandra McGee, Gone with the Fairies

Class 5b (M&M 80cm): 1st, Linda Moore, Castleside Rocha

Class 6 90cm: 1st, Courtney Green, Star of the Rosses; 2nd, Cassandra McGee, Gone with the Fairies; 3rd, Bridin Walsh, Kiara; 4th, Niamh Burnham-hand, Rousillin not wanted

Class 7 1mt: 1st, Lucy Lamont, Yogi; 2nd, Courtney Green, Star of the Rosses; 3rd, Niamh Burnham-hand, Rousillin not wanted; 4th, Iona Kane, Bobilicious

Horse results

Class 8 4/5yr old: 1st, Chloe Smyth, Maverick; 2nd, Iona Kane, Seavaughan Redwing

Class 9 70cm WHH: 1st, Iona Kane, Seavaughan Redwing; 2nd, Chloe Smyth, Maverick

Class 10 80cm WHH: 1st, Claire Kelly, Ronnie Drew

Class 11 80cm WH cob: 1st, Rosie Alcorn, Lupin; 2nd, Pamela Fulton, Ross Academy

Class 12 80cm WHH: 1st, Anthea Moffett, Tango; 2nd, Donna Barron, The Diamond Duchess; 3rd, Isobel Bell, Sugar; 4th, Kathleen Lyttle, Lisachrin Ben

Class 13 90cm WHH: 1st, Chris Eakin, Splash; 2nd, Gary Butler, Duchess; 3rd, Joesph Evans, ICB All Carrick Diamond; 4th, Donna Barrron, The Diamond Duchess

Class 14 1mt WHH: 1st, Joesph Evans, ICB All Carrick Diamond.