Success for Kathryn and Flutter Bye

Caroline McQuillan and Mr Brown were winners of the Pre Novice section
Caroline McQuillan and Mr Brown were winners of the Pre Novice section

It was another very long and very busy day at the Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing at The Meadows Equestrian Centre where action got underway in both dressage and show jumping on the stroke of 9am.

Glorious sunshine greeted everyone for the duration although temperatures were a tad low.

Kathryn Graham and Flutter Bye took first place in the novice section

Kathryn Graham and Flutter Bye took first place in the novice section

Once again Claire Sedgeman came out on top of the intermediate dressage class with her nine year old part bred trekhener gelding, Archie, followed by Jayne Doherty on Roy.

The novice section saw a new combination rise to the top of the leader board in the form of Kathryn Graham partnering Heather Graham’s ten year old Gee Apollo gelding, Flutter Bye, who had a one per cent margin over last week’s winner, Leah Jackson on Gemilly. Scarvagh’s Sophie Buller took the third spot on Toby McAlpine’s Rum Jumbie, a gelding by Cyrano.

Caroline McQuillan made a very welcome return this week on her 16 year old gelding Mr Brown who proved with certainty that he was back in form, winning the Pre Novice class in fine style, just ahead of both Clare and Johnny Steele who occupied second and third places respectively.

Meantime, Amy Whittle continued her run of success in the Intro class, winning with her four year old gelding by Gatcombe, the very striking Mullybrannon Masterpiece. The combination finished just a fraction ahead of a previous class winner, Rachel Ferres and her seven year old, Arnold. The multi-tasking Anita Doherty took third place on Perkins and Lynsey Robb, making her first appearance this season was fourth on Charlie in a very competitive class.

Showjumping was also very busy and showed a high standard across the board. This week, Course Designer, Aaron McCusker, introduced a few more challenges but the competitors were well fit for the occasion.

Organisers wish to express their thanks to the hard working judges, scribes, arena party, call up stewards, scorers and everyone else who contributed to the success of the day.



Arena 1 – Judge Vanda Robinson - Intermediate: Claire Sedgeman, Archie; Jayne Doherty, Roy; Emma Jackson, Impy

Arena 1 – Judge Vanda Robinson - Novice: Kathryn Graham, Flutter Bye; Leah Jackson, Gemilly; Sophie Buller, Rum Jumbie; Vicky Dobbin, Killaughey Belle; Emma Jackson, Impy; Janie Cairns, Ronnie

Arena 1 – Judge Vanda Robinson - Pre Novice: Caroline McQuillan, Mr Brown; Clare Steele, Junior; Johnny Steele, Henry; Lucy Hanna, Nelly; Diane O’Donovan, Ellie; Niamh Cooper, My Bagatelle

Arena 2 – Judge Will McAuley - Intro: Amy Whittle, Mullybrannon Masterplan; Rachel Ferres, Arnold; Anita Doherty, Perkins; Lynsey Robb, Charlie; Laura Sloan, Quida; Veronica Ham, Sam

Showjumping (double clears)

70cms: Pauline Faloon, Presley, Lucy Hanna, Gem, Ellen McEvoy, Indie

80cms: Suzanne Hagan, Salty, Gareth Swail, Maverick, Rachel Moore, Owen, Elaine Gardner, Sam, Lucy Hanna, Rebel, Laura McRoberts, Nicky Nesbitt, Donald, Darragh Hanlon, Mario, Sophie Dunlop, Ryan Hunter, Snip, Nicky Nesbitt, Fuzzy, Rachel Moore, Owen, Christine Cosgrove, Saphira, Lynsey Robb, Charlie, Philip Smith, Rollie, Katie Riley, Versace Biscuit, Clare McVeigh, Harry, Rachel Baxter, Rocky, Rachel Ferres, Arnold, Gwen Scott

90cms: Christine Cosgrove, Saphira, Laura McArthur, Penny, Kathryn Henderson, Betty.

1m: Suzanne Hagan, Connie, Laura Johnston, That’s My Girl, Fiona Fitzgibbon, Khalessi, Samantha Heaney, Imperious, Joe Harris, Coppindell Concorde, Katie Wray, Beechburn Lass, Clare Steele, Hawk, Leah Jackson, Gemilly, Nicky Corr, Austin, Emily Morris, Florida Bud, Rachel Moore, Polly, Lynne Spence, Gortshalgan, Emily Magowan, Benny Laith, Suzanna McQuade, Laura, Ruth Logan, Old Yard Imp, Nicky Corr, Charlie, Daniel Brown, Bart, Catherine Robinson, Jess, Natasha Kerr, Chekane, Clare Steele, Freddie, Jonny Steele, Lily, Gwen Scott, Zarty, Nicky Cullen, Tango Lad, Clare Steele, Junior, Harriet Pele, Lisbane Sparrow, Sophie Buller, Rum Jumbie, Ryan Hunter, Vervone, Ryan Hunter, Karlos, Harriet Pele, Grey Oscar, Lauren Johnston, That’s My Guy

1.10m: Tom Hearne, Michelle, Daniel Brown, Bart, Sarah McLean, Diamond Obelix, Jayne Doherty, Roy, Emma Jackson, Silky, Kathryn Graham, Flutterbye, Gwen Scott, My Plan, Gwen Scott, Lulu, Natasha Kerr, Chekayne, Emma Jackson, Seth, Izzy Riley, Ballycarron Lad, Janie Cairns, Ronnie, Ronan McSorley, Anna, Ronan McSorley, Orla, Fergus Reid, Springhill Midas Touch, Leo Pele, Vincent,

Cross Country (clear rounds): Ciara Heron, Newton Contendra, Lynne Spence, Gortshalgan, Hannah Burns, Peggy, Maeve Carson, Shylo, Gina Dalton, Penny, Mary McMullan, Ellie, Niamh Donnelly, Sam, Jeremy Doherty, Maisie.