Suits and ball gowns as the East Antrim Hounds hold hunt ball

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The East Antrim Hounds Members swapped their hunting attire for dress suits and ball gowns for all the glitz and glamour of the hunt ball held in the Knockagh Lodge, Greenisland.

Field Master John Minford extended a warm welcome to all the members and their guests with a special mention to the visiting masters from the neighbouring Mid-Antrim Hunt.

John thanked James Wilson and his staff for the beautiful meal and then went on to thank all the farmers and landowners over whose land they have crossed this season and Wilson Dennison for the use of his land for the point-to-point. In closing he thanked Huntsman Patrick and his wife Sharon and family for all their work at the Kennels.

Member David Stirling then entertained everyone with a special poem about the East Antrim members and their hunting season so far with special effects.

This set the party mood as “The Untouchables” took to the stage with a spectacular opening and soon had everyone on the dance floor.

At 12 o’clock the Midnight Steeple Chase was run with the horses auctioned off earlier in the evening by George Logan the owners got their Jockeys to the start line. With the usual false start the race got underway eventually and with a lot of vocal encouragement, Jockey Grant Mc Cullough got “The Huffin Room” home across the line for owner John Minford.

The Untouchables then struck up again with a great mix of music with young and old dancing the night away. With the dance floor packed to capacity it was evident that there were a few with sore feet, a small price to pay for a great night at the East Antrim Huntball.