Summer season ends in style at Lime Park

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Sunday 20th September saw Lime Park’s End of Summer Show.

There was an excellent turnout especially from the riding school pupils and liveries.

Course builder, Mickey McCann’s good flowing courses was hit with horses, ponies and riders. The standard of jumping was excellent and all riders received rosettes for their participation.

Lime Park would like to thanks the sponsors for the day, JHD for taking photographs and Floral Unique for their prizes.

Lime Park is now getting ready for their Annual Winter Showjumping League which starts on Sunday, November 1, and welcomes new students, competitors and those who would like to further their jumping skills in our lessons in the indoor arena in preparation for the League.

For further details contact Lime Park on 028 9262 1139

Lime Park End of Summer show - Results

Beginners: Lois Best – Danny, Una McVeigh – Pepsi, Lucy McDowell- Holly, Ella Heron – Prancing Queen, Ellen Dolan – Paddy, Lydia Maria Close – Carlos, Paige Graham – Pepsi, Harry Graham – Flash, Lauren Beattie- Danny, Keeley Megarry – Millie, Ashling Campbell- Milo, Sophie Watt – Milo, Rachel Boyes – Buster, Ruby Thompson- Ellie, Poppy Hepburn – Star, Ellie McParland – Ed, Ruth McCutcheon – Jenny, Senna Hynds – Poppy, Vivienne Andrews – Sarahs Pebble, Mya Bell – Poppy, Darcy Bell – Tulip, Ruby Brown – Pepsi, Harry McMillan – Tulip

50cms: Lois Best – Danny, Lucy McDowell - Holly, Ellen Dolan – Paddy, Rhianna Weir – Two Tone Blue, Ruby Brown – Pepsi, Keeley Megarry – Millie, Ashling Campbell – Milo, Sophie Watt – Milo, Akkelaa Toman – Holly, Shaw Welsh – Belle, Rachel Boyes- Buster, Ruby Thompson – Ellie, Vivienne Andrews – Sarahs Pebble, Alysia Rea – Pancake, Poppy Hepburn – Star, 
Laura McIlhagger – Nibbles, Mya Bell – Poppy, Ruby Thompson – Nibbles, Sarah Agnew – Paddy, Harry McMillan – Case

65cms: Chelsie Best – Oliver, Rhianna Weir – Two Tone Blue, Jamie Leigh Close – Carlos, Ellie Mcparland – Ellie, Shoshanna Toman – Jet, James Hepburn – Star, Megan McDowell – Twinkle, Katelyn Vallely – Ellie, 
Zara McRoberts - Herbie, Senna Hynds – Poppy, Lucy McDowell – Holly, Abbie McMillan – Twinkle, Sarah Agnew – Paddy, Abbie McMillan – Case

80cms: Chelsie Best – Oliver, Becca McParland – Cookie and Carlos, Thomas Watt- Connie, Holly Abraham- Belle, Emma Bradford – April, Helen Bunting – Ebony, Charlotte McRoberts – Apachie, Lee Simpson – Harry, Beth Guiney – Bo, Ella Heron- Dan Boy, Emma Irwin – Autumn, Carla Holdswoth – Boris, Katelyn Vallely – Ellie

90cms: 1st, Ella Heron Dan Boy, 2nd, Becca McParland – Carlos, 3rd, Kara McIlroy – Phoebe, 4th, Thomas Watt – TT, 5th, Abbie Mc Millan – Case, 6th, Thomas Watt – Connie, 7th Stephanie Robinson – Jazz

1m: Thomas Watt – TT, Ella Heron – Dan Boy, Abbie McMillan - Case.