Sun creates top conditions for Enniskillen Horse Show

This rider needs a wash basket, clothes horse and washer woman to keep her looking this pristine!  The Johnston family with Charlie the pony.
This rider needs a wash basket, clothes horse and washer woman to keep her looking this pristine! The Johnston family with Charlie the pony.

Enniskillen’s annual Horse and Pony Show took place at Necarne Castle on Saturday, June 17. After an overcast start the sun soon came out to create glorious conditions for showing and showjumping all day long.

The pony showjumping rings were busy throughout the day with classes from 50cm 14.2hh 1.10m, giving all ages of riders an opportunity to compete.

In the horse showjumping arena, one of the highlights was the 1.30m, supported by Fermanagh & Omagh District Council. Simon Scott had a great day winning the class on his own mount, Jasmine Tide. He was presented with the Mavis Rolston Perpetual Memorial Cup by Desmond Rolston, show chairman.

Entries were up in the showing rings, with big entry numbers in both pony and horse ridden classes, which were judged on the beautiful lawns at the front of Necarne Castle.

Mr Rolston said: “We are indebted to all our sponsors who have supported us and made the show possible, and in particular to Fermanagh and Omagh District Council for their support. Also to all the competitors who have competed here today. We are delighted that the show has gone so well and that everyone enjoyed the facilities and competition.”


Showing Classes

Class 1A – Lead Rein Pony confined to Fermanagh - 1st Donnie Darko, Alice Black; 2nd Little Dazzle Annabel McKenzie; 3rd Fuzzy, Victoria Lilly; 4th Pepper, Claudia Black; 5th Friday, Cara Somerville.

Class 1B – Open Lead Rein; 1st Moonlight Evelyn, Fiona Sherridan; 2nd Lucky Penny, Emily Bothwell.

Class 2a – First Ridden confined to Co Fermanagh – 1st Code of Honour, Brooke Morrow; 2nd Donny Darko, Emily Black; 3rd Honeysuckle, Nial Bruce; 4th Jasper Lad, Sarah Flemming.; 5th Sugar Time, Sophie Cathcart.

Class 2b – Open First Ridden – 1st Code of Honour, Brooke Morrow, Sugar Time, Sophie Cathcart; 3rd Princess, Rebecca Shannon.

Class 2c – Fancy Dress – 1st Charlie, Reuben Johnston; 2nd Callamoo Little Boy Blue, Freya Sayle; 3rd Darkie, Brooke Morrow; 4th Ewnandy, Bernie Fitzpatrick; 5th Delaney, Grace Keys; 6th Friday, Cara Sommerville;

Class 3 – Mare or Gelding under 128cm – 1st Charlie, Ellie-May Johnston; 2nd Moonlight Evelyn, Erin Sherridan; 3rd Rosie, Lucy Ann Abbott; 4th Princess, Jane Shannon.

Class 4 – Mare or Gelding over 128cm under 138cm – 1st Peter Pan, Adrianna Hurst; 2nd Freddie, Mairead Smith; 3rd Henry, Tianna Grace Abbott; 4th Annie Mac, Emily Marshall.

Class 5 – Mare or Gelding over 138cm under 148cm – 1st Whndham Limelight, Niamh Sherridan.

Class 6 – Family Pony – 1st Code of Honour, Freya Sayle; 2nd Finebeg Cherry, Zoe Anthony; 3rd Buzby, Finola Sherridan; 4th Chubba, Nial Bruce; 5th Jasper, Sarah Fleming; 6th Maurice, Maria Elliott.

Class 9 – Connemara Yearling – 1st Lisabelle, James Naan; 2nd Laguistown Irish Crème, Cathy Buchannon; Unnamed, Yvonne McWheeney.

Class 10 – Connemara 2/3 year old - 1st Cornafada Sindy, Jim McConnell; 2nd Tommy Britton, Belleview Lady, Joe Britton; 3rd Unnamed, Yvonne McWheeny.

Class 11 – Connemara 4 years or over in hand – 1st Tally Ho Rita, Lisa Doogan, 2nd Lisnageane Jimmy, Stella McGlinchy; 3rd Woodhill Star, Linda McKinney; 4th Saoirse, Andrew Latimer; 5th Bella, Joanne Wilkinson.

Class 12 – Ridden Connemara Pony – 1st Tally Ho Rita, Lisa Doogan; 2nd Gortahurk Kathlooen, Emily Duffy; 3rd Lisnagreare Jimmy, Stella McGlinchy; 4th Catlagh Calypson, Aileen Lambard, 5th Silver Earl, Patricia Kavanagh; 6th Saoirse, Barbara Coalter.

Class 13 – Ridden Hunter confined to Co Fermanagh – 1st Cleighraine Lily, Sarah Taggart; 2nd Ging, Richard Trimble; 3rd Tattygar Mix Match, Kelly Brown; 4th Ballylenon Second Chance, Ciara Owens; 5th Silver Earl, Patricia Kavanagh; 6th Annie Mac, Emily Marshall.

Class 14 – Small Ridden Hunter – 1st William John, Miranda Callem; 2nd Kallie, Anne Regan.

Class 15 – Lightweight, Mediumweigt and Heavyweight Ridden Hunter – 1st Mr Perfect, Lucinda Mills; 2nd Jemima, Louise Presho.

Class 16 – Ridden Cob – 1st Barnstormer, Ann Regan; 2nd Memima, Louise Presho; 3rd Cobbler, Debbie Dennis; 4th Bracken, Carol Kelly.

Class 17 – Retraining Race Horse to Riding Horse– 1st Up Above, Samantha Boyd.

Class 19 – Traditional Cob In Hand – 1st HCP White Lace, Kyle Hayes.

Class 20 – Coloured horse or pony In Hand – 1st Cobbler, Debbie Dennis; 2nd Tattygar Mix Match, Kelly Brown; 3rd Good Boy Bertie, Rushelle Kerr; 4th HCP Whitelace, Kyle Hayes.

Class 21 – Yearling Cot or Filly – 1st Tom Cruise, James McWheeny;

Class 23 – 2 year old filly – 1st Lilly, Frances McWhinney.

Class 29 – Shetland gelding – 1st Callamoo Little Boy Blue, Freya Sayle; Darkie, Brooke Morrow.

Class 30 – In hand donkey – 1st Delaney, Emma Fitzpatrick.

Class 30 - Working Hunter (80cm) – 1st Ballyarnatt Lass, Emma Quigley; 2nd A Class Act, Demi-Lee McKenna; 3rd Lady, Kellyann McGrath; 4th Peter Pan, Adrianna Hurst; 5th Cruising Dynamite, Trina Harron; 6th Good Boy Bertie, Rushelle Kerr.

Class 31 – Working Hunter (90cm) – 1st Peter Pan, Adrianna Hurst.

Class 32 – Working Hunter (1m) – 1st Perfect Gent, Lucinda Mills.

Class 33 – Small Working Hunter – 1st Sorcha, Barbara Coulter; 2nd Ballylennon Second Chance, Ciara Owens; 3rd Mix n Match, Lucinda Mills.

Clear Round Jumping

X-poles – Sharon’s Choice, Elsie Tunney; EWN Diesel Spots, Grace Keys; Penny, Emily Bothwell; Little Dazzler, Annabel McKenzie; Morris, Maria Elliott.

50cm – Jasper Lad, Sarah Fleming, Jasper Lad Ian Fleming; Morris, Maria Elliott; Rosie, Molly Quinn.

60cm – Rosie, Molly Quinn.

70cm – Henry, Tiana Grace Abbott; Rosie, Molly Quinn; Candy Crush, Kelsey Curry; Prince, Hollly Beacom; Lady, Kelly Ann McGrathh; Emily, Katie Willis; Ballyarnatt Lass, Emma Quigley.

80cm – Henry, Tiana Grace Abbott; Rosie, Lucie Anne Abbott; Annie Mac, Emily Marshall; Ballyarnatt Lass, Emma Quigley; Prince Hollly Beacon; Freddie, Mairead Smith; Sammy, Demilee McKenna; Peter Pan, Adrianna Hurst.

Show Jumping Classes

Currency Xtra’s 90cms: 1st= Cafre Olympic Dream, Lynne Russell; Candy’s Clover, Amy Mollon.

G Crawford & Son’s 1m: 1st= Cafre Olympic Dream, Lynne Russell; Sister Martina, Donal O’Connor; RHA on the Ball, Rachel Armstrong; Simply Henry, Ellen McCalum; Kadie’s Cruise, Bronach McClean.

Clive Vance Fruit and Veg’s 1.10m: 1st Sister Martina, Donal O’Connor; 2nd Cruise Liner, Conall Kelly, 3rd Montilly, Ian Miller; 4th Salsa, Lynne Russell.

1.10m Top Oil Ladies League: 1st Salsa, Lynne Russell; 2nd Kadie’s Cruise, Bronach McClean; 3rd Little Miss Mollie, Helen Pearson Murray; 4th I Ain’t No Lady, Helen Pearson Murray; 5th Akashha, Lynne Russell; 6th Rockmount Misty Star, Lynne Russell; 7th Jockey Hall First Choice, Kerry Taggart; 8th Simply Henry, Ellen McCollum.

1.20m Killyhevlin Hotel’s: 1st Flowerfield Lilyana, Simon Scott; 2nd Carnoneybridge Sister Kate, Aisling Doherty; 3rd Armani, Kerry Taggart.

Fermanagh & Omagh District Council’s 1.30m: 1st Jasmine Tide, Simon Scott.

50cm Newcomers (Connolly Red Mills): 1st = Sir Bot, Kate Millar; Emerald Chubba, Nial Bruce; Hilin Captain Corelli, Amy McLaughlin.

Under 8 60cm National Discovery League Equestrian World of Manooth (Connolly Red Mills): 1st = Mr Cosmo, Ella Rush; Horizon Star, Lily Tunney; Tuity Fruity, Caitlin Kelsy; Kilmolash Oliver Twist, Helen Walsh; Sparkling Little Princess, Helen Walsh.

O8 U10 70cm National Discovery League Equestrian World of Manooth (Connolly Red Mills): 1st = A Little Fair Play, Zara-Jane Kelsy; Greenfield Mayflower, Jessica Baxter; Sparkling Class Act, Jessica Baxter; Dessie, Lori Smith; Smokegun, Kym Moore; Mr Magic, Yasmin Jennings; Boreton Rocketeer, Alexander Kieranan; Rough Diamond, Darragh Murphy; Ballyglinn Girl, Zara Jane Kelly; Bright Bling, Zara Jane Kelly.

Elite Electronics’ 128 70cm: 1st = Moonlight IV, Harry Rush; Kilmolash Oliver Twist, Helen Walsh; Molly Polly, Caoimhian Sharkey; Tuity Fruity, Caitlin Kelly; Mr Luigi, Che Flanagan; Sparkling Little Princess, Helen Walsh; Oaklea Supreme, Kym Moore; Little Orchard Melody, Amy McLaughlin; Vales Little Bobbi, Caoimhian Sharkey; Dessie, Lori Smith; Latsey Sunday, Tia Smith; Lisabuck Silber, James Douglas.

128 80cm National Pony League: Bright Blliing, Zara-Jane Kelly; Cappcroe Chic, Beth Thompson; Little Orchard Melody, Amy McLaughlin; Barrera Star Attraction, Jenny Dunlop; Bak in a Flash, Conor Gilmartin; Vales Little Bobbi, Caoimhian Sharkey; Charlie, Cara McFadden; Llanarth Aled, Cornac Taggart; Cosmic Chocs, Mackenzie Curmody; A Little Fairplay, Zara-Jane Kelly; Sparkling Class Act, Jessica Baxter; Oaklea Supreme, Kym Moore; Ruthstown Speed, Beth Thompson; Mr Magic, Yasmin Jennings.

128 90cm: 1st Mohill Sundance, Simone Leathem; 2nd Cosmic Chaos, Mackenzie Curmody; 3rd Ruthstown Speed, Beth Thompson; 4th CopperBeech Spottey, Harry Rush; 5th In it to win it, James Dougglas; 6th Ballynue Wicki Vale, Jenny Dunlop; 7th Creaghduft Charlotte, Conor Harris.

Elite Electronics’ 138 80cm: 1st= Lady Zee, Darragh Murphy; Kreme, Daragh Murphy; Scarlette’s Harry, Clary Daly; Dunshane Sir Percival, Tyler Houston; Hekan Ping, Phoebe Harbinson.

138 90cm National Pony League: 1st = Dunshane Sir Percival, Tyler Houston; Hekan Ping, Phoebe Harbinson; The Magicc Minstrel, Clara Kaly; Sam’s Secret, Bridie Hogg; Sparkling Delta Dawn, Mackenzie Carmody; Lenamore Lena, Conor Harris.

Robert Donaldson’s 138 1m: 1st Sunny, Amy Leigh McCauley; 2nd Lisross Diamond Stage, Ellen Thompson; 3rd Nightlady, John Martin Kierrene.

Robert Donaldson’s 148 90cm: 1st = Eire Square, Ellen Thompson; Cavern Hill Anney, Peter Douglass; The Billo, Amy Kelly; Ballyvary Ripple, Mark Kerins; Orchardd Gold, Ella Grant; Sparkling Miss Pixielix, Amy-Leigh McCauley; HH Rose, Nora McCullagh.

148 1m National Pony League: 1st= Derrymore Chips, Ella Grant; Sparkling Apache Gold, Nicholas Bothwell.

SD Kell’s 148 1.10m – 1st Sunkist Lad, Amy Leigh McCauley; 2nd Derrymore Chips, Ella Grant.