Super Shimna do the double

Ciara Muirhead and 'Phoenix Firefly' winner of the Schools Open Individual Show Jumping Competition
Ciara Muirhead and 'Phoenix Firefly' winner of the Schools Open Individual Show Jumping Competition

A TOTAL of 34 schools from all across Northern Ireland travelled to the Meadows Equestrian Centre to take part in the third leg of the inter-schools showjumping league.

Due to the entrance exams being held in the morning time, the primary school classes started in the afternoon. So the competition kicked off with the Novice teams at 9am.

Shimna Integrated College (Chloe Rooney, Toni Quail, Tara Findlay) were victorious again, claiming first place in the competition making them top of the league. Their lightening time of 91.66 seconds put them ahead of second place BRA by nearly seven seconds. Victoria College came in third place.

The Novice Individual Competition got under way straight after the teams jumped. This week it was the turn of Hannah Rafferty on Robe Dream to grab firstplace, she had a double clear in a fast time of 29.80 seconds. Loaise O’Farrell on Abigail’s Dream was in second place on 30.77 seconds and Emma Carville finished up third on pony Charlie. Cerys Howell on Runaway Dolly is still at the top of the leaders bord on the league standing on 18 points with Hannah Rafferty and Emma Carville joint second on 15 points.

The jumping continued in Arena 2 with the Open competition. Dromore High School (Shannon Clingan, Kirsten Farr, Nicholas Farr) just clinched first prize beating 2nd place BRA Pottinger by just over one second. This left the Royal School Armagh in third place. Next to go was the Open Individual class. Ciara Muirhead won the competition on pony Phoenix Firefly in a time of 30.71. Aisling Monagan was close into second place with 31.70 seconds and Phoeboe Scott finished third in 32.71 seconds.

It was now turn for the primary school teams to kick off in their classes. What a competitive lot they are. Nearly all the teams finished on a score of zero, meaning placings came down to times. The Rascals (Jack Scott, Katherine Morton, Lucy Johnston and Lucy Morton) were the winners again this week with an excellent time of 77.13 seconds. Second place was claimed by Fairhill Primary School with a time of 84.78 and the Funky Fillies finished in third place in 85.65 seconds. Fairhill Primary School are now top of the league with 27 points, Funky Fillies are second with 26 points and The Rascals are third with 25 points. It’s all to play for in next month’s competition.

The primary school individual class was next on the timetable. First place was awarded to Victoria Boville on pony Pippa. Her fantastic speed of 23.08 was the fastest time of the day in arena 1. Cerys Howell took second place in 24.27 seconds and third place went to Hannah Agnew in 24.53 seconds.

Congratulations and well done to all those riders from both primary and secondary schools who took part on the day.

Thanks must go to the judging panel lead by Dora Beacon. Thanks also to Brenda Andrews from sponsors Lincoln, and to Judy Maxwell from Baileys Horse Feeds for their sponsorship. Thanks to Noeleen Mayberry for choosing the winners of the ‘Best Turned out’ throughout the day. Well done to All Mixed Up, Victoria College and Downshire Primary School, who were each awarded a best turned out prize.

The fourth leg of the inter-schools showjumping league is being held on Saturday 8th December 2012, entries close on Wednesday 5th December.

For all queries contact Aaron McCusker on 07711 815267 or email


Primary Team Competition: 1st, The Rascals – 10 points; 2nd, Fairhill Primary - 9 points; 3rd, The Funky Fillies – 8 points; 4th, Ballydown Primary – 7 points; 5th, Jolly Mixtures – 6 points; 6th, Downshire/Meadow Bridge Primary – 5 points; 7th, Moira Mayhem – 4 points

Primary Individual Competition: 1st, Victoria Boville on Pippa - 10 points; 2nd, Cerys Howell on Joe From Raphoe – 9 points; 3rd, Hanna Agnew on Sadie – 8 points; 4th, Charlotte Harding on Made In Japan – 7 points; 5th, Jack Scott on Houdini – 6 points; 6th, Jessica McConnell on Change Of Heart – 5 points; 7th, Rachel Patterson on Lady Bug – 4 points; 8th, Ellie Farley on Sambo – 3 points; 9th, Cerys Howell on Runaway Dolly – 2 points; 10th, Brigid Delargy on JLO – 1 point

Novice Team Competition: 1st, Shimna Integrated College – 10 points; 2nd, Belfast Royal Academy – 9 points; 3rd, Victoria College Belfast - 8 points; 4th, Royal School Armagh – 7 points; 5th, Bloomfield Collegiate – 6 points; 6th, Aughnacloy College – 5 points; 7th, St Marks High School – 4 points;8th, Hunterhouse Blues – 3 points; 9th, Our Lady’s Newry - 2 points; 10th Abbey Grammar Newry – 1 point

Novice Individual Competition: 1st, Hannah Rafferty on Robe Dream – 10 points; 2nd, Louise O’Farrell on Abigails Dream – 9 points; 3rd, Emma Carville on Charlie – 8 points; 4th, Amy Joe Regan on Lecarno – 7 points; 5th, Kara Mills on Decon Blue – 6 points; 6th, Erin Wilkinson on Tango – 5 points; 7th, Aoife McGurgan on Tobias – 4 points; 8th, Bronwyn Burtney on Murphys Law – 3 points; 9th, Chloe Rooney on Houdini – 2 points; 10th, Cerys Howell on Joe From Raphoe - 1 point

Open Team Competition: 1st, Dromore High School – 10 points; 2nd, Belfast Royal Academy – Potinger – 9 points; 3rd, Royal School Armagh – 8 points; 4th, Down High Team Flyers – 7 points; 5th, All Mixed Up – 6 points; 6th, Belfast Royal Academy Cairns – 5 points; 7th, Down High Eagles - 4 points; 8th, St Josephs Grammar – 3 points; 9th, Hunterhouse – 2 points

Open Individual Competition: 1st, Caira Muirhead on Pheonix Firefly - 10 points; 2nd, Aisling Monaghan on Murphys Law – 9 points; 3rd, Phoebe Scott on Toffee - 8 points; 4th, Rachel Chapman on Duffy – 7 points; 5th, Sarah Brashaw on Rockrimmon Senator – 6 points; 6th, Phoebe Lavery on Jet – 5 points; 7th, Sarah Sproule on Kaira – 4 points; 8th, Abby Morton on Cappucino – 3 points; 9th, Rachel Rendle on Colour Code Chinock – 2 points; 10th, Sarah Sinton on Consider It Dun – 1 point.