Teams rise to the Laurel View challenge

Marvin and Katie Watt clear run over the 75cm - Picture: Equi-Tog
Marvin and Katie Watt clear run over the 75cm - Picture: Equi-Tog

The performance and atmosphere at the Laurel View Riding School Christmas Show at the end of December set everyone up for the festive season.

Eleven teams of riders from the riding school, helpers, staff and liveries jumped the festive show jumping course giving it their very best shot, some of them for the very first time.

Organisers wish to record their appreciation to everyone who rode, cheered on or helped make it happen.

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Riding school Christmas Show results:

1st team – Oliver Elliott, Roly; Erin McCrea, Guinness; Cora McNulty, Pippa and Katie Watt, Marvin.

2nd team – Megan Greer, Rab; Jenny Lewis, Rab; Ellie Templeton, Rab and Rachel Rafferty, Sly.

3rd team – Lucy McMahon Beatty, Tyson; Aidan McAteer, Johnny; Emma Courtney, Guinness and Laura Warde, Wendy.

4th team – Chloe Chesney, Barnaby; Evie Caldwell, Connie; Katie Mann, Silver; Kate Spence, Silver.

5th team – Grace Gillen, Sparky; Cally McWhirter, Roly; Oliver Carter, Roly and Rebecca Gillen, Martini.

6th team – Emily Anderson, Tinker; Anna Magee, Barnaby; Kirsten Davis, Laura and Katie McDonnell, Sly.

7th team – Sanchia Jackson, Bob; Cormac Creagh, Connie; Sophie McGuckin, Addy and Katie Watt, Marvin.

8th team – Sasha Mateer, Bruno; Sarah Saied, Martini; Katy Clarke, Guinness and Heather McGarvie, Tally.

9th team – Georgia Jackson, Tyson; Seaneen Keenan, Silver; Grace-Ann Elliott, Mac; Simon Wylie, Schumi.

10th team – Rosie Graham, Marley; Chloe Baxter, Marley; Cora McNulty, Marley and Roberta Bradbury, Jimmy.

11th team – Rebecca Smyth, Sparky; Connie Duncan, Bob; Niamh Sloan, Bob and Zara Davis, Cindy.