Tinsel-tastic show at Knockagh View

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Knockagh View Equestrian centre held their All Silver Christmas show which was very well supported and competitors were delighted with their lovely trophies.

There is a showjumping day on Sunday, January 29, jumping starts at 11am with 30cms to 1m.

For more details on any events visit the website www.knockaghviewec.com or contact Scott on 07788 203 076 or Ruth on 07732 809 188.


30cms - Trophy winner: Grace Reid, Hero. Medal Winners: Beth McCluskey, Thunder; Vivienne Andrews, Sarah’s Pebbles; Holly Williams, Archie; Ollie Davidson, Jack; Ava Bagchus, Merlin

40cms - Trophy winner: Ava Bagchus, Merlin. Medal winners: Grace Reid, Hero; Ollie Davidson, Jack; Beth McCluskey, Thunder; Holly Williams, Archie; Hannah Robinson, Poppy.

50cms - Trophy Winner: Hannah Robinson, Poppy. Medal Winners: Lucy Cassidy, Dots; Vivienne Andrews, Sarah’s Pebbles

60cms (no spreads) - Tophy Winner: Lucy Crawford, Roxy. Medal Winners: Niamh Duncan, Maverick; Niamh Moran, Myllie.

60cms: 1st and trophy Jenna Reid, Clover; 2nd Niamh Duncan, Maverick; 3rd Niamh Morran, Mylie; 4th Daisy Pearson, Minstrel; 5th Paula McIlrath, Foxi; 6th Sam Billings, Boom.

70cms: 1st and trophy Lavana Camlin, Toffee; 2nd Sam Jackson, Ike; 3rd Niamh Morran, Mylie; 4th Toby Davidson, Jake; 5th Jenna Reid, Clover; 6th Jean Topping Candy

80cms: 1st & Trophy Anna Jackson, Andy; 2nd Lavana Camlin, Toffee; 3rd Sam Jackson. Ike; 4th Toby Davidson, Jake; 5th Demi Blair, Twinkletoes; 6th Sasha Wilson, Prepare for glory

90cms: 1st & Trophy Steven Wilson, Smurf; 2nd Braidie Hogg, Sam; 3rd Tyler Houston, Percy; 4th Steven Wilson, Sally

1m: 1st and trophy Braidie Hogg, Sam; 2nd Katie-lee Houston, Minto; 3rd Tyler Houston, Percy; 4th Katie Wray, Bonny.