Top marks for Joseph and Rock Harbour as events come to a close at Tyrella

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The curtain came down on the Northern Region Events at Tyrella where another great day was had by all.

The sun shone, showing this amazing venue off to great effect with the beautiful Mourne Mountains providing a wonderful backdrop for all three phases.

Adam Stevenson put in sterling work to ensure that, for the fourth week, competitors had four different and more challenging courses. Great effort was made to ensure that the quality of ground conditions was maximized and, sincere thanks goes to Pat Turley’s team for watering the courses on Friday afternoon and, again, on Saturday morning.

The top three in the CNC2* class finished on their first phase mark with the winner being Joseph Murphy on Hugh Douglas’s eight year old gelding, Rock Harbour, who moved up two places from his O/CNC2* result last week. Runner up was last week’s one star winner, Trevor Smith and Derryinver Girl.

Neil Morrison took the honours in the O/CNC1* class with Caroline Dennison’s seven year old Vechta gelding, Black Ice, with Michelle Kenny on River Lodge Equestrian’s Poyntstown Will settling into second place.

Best of the 30 starters in the CNC1* class was Suzanne Hagan on Helen Pannell’s Crafty Guy who led from the outset, adding just a few time penalties to her impressive dressage score. Impressive, too, was the fact that Suzanne also claimed second place with Rose de Courcy Wheeler’s six year old Corland mare, Seapatrick Land Stop.

Junior 1* winner was Katie Riley and Versace Biscuit who has certainly ‘been, seen and done’ at Eventing Ireland over the last nine years. Aimee Roscoe took second place with Ryan’s Cazet also finishing on her dressage score.

Kate Lenihan who made her second trip from Waterford to the Co Down venue was well rewarded with a win in the CNCP2* class on board the Connemara bred, Rickamore Rafferty.

There were just five starters in the top Amateur class this week.

Eventing Ireland would like to extend a huge thank you to David Corbett for hosting the three Northern Region Events as well as the Two Phase at the start of the season.

Thanks, as always, to the amazing group of volunteers who turn out week after week to allow the sport to proceed. Many of these folk travelled excessive distances with no obligatory requirement to fulfil volunteering roles. Thank you all immensely for your selflessness and your major contribution to Eventing.

Full results

O/CNC2*: 1, Nessa Briody, Tom Boy

CNC2*: 1, Joseph Murphy, Rock Harbour; 2, Trevor Smith, Derryinver Girl; 3, Joseph Murphy, The Mistress; 4, Clare Steele, Bluestone Ice; 5, Louise Nicholson, Drumaknockan Easter Charm; 6, Neil Morrison, Shannador

O/CNC1*: 1, Neil Morrison, Black Ice; 2, Michelle Kenny, Poynstown Will; 3, Rafael Sanctuary, Sportsfield Chic; 4, Emma Kennedy, Nauvoo; 5, Alison Crampton, Ballylynch Sky High; 6, Aoibhe McGrath, Bridgemans Cocoa Malt

CNC1*: 1, Suzanne Hagan, Crafty Guy; 2, Suzanne Hagan, Seapatrick Land Stop; 3, Victoria Clarke, Dunrath Snapdragon; 4, Trevor Smith, Ballyarten Contessa; 5, Adam Haiugh, Jezebelle; 6, Jonathan Steele, Ollie 11

CNCJ1*: 1, Katie Riley, Versace Biscuit; 2, Aimee Roscoe, Ryan’s Cazet; 3, Katherine Duffy, Thaddias Brown; 4, Isabel Persse, DBS Houdini; 5, Harriet Pele, Drumcill Grey Ambition; 6, Patrick Eames, Martini

CNCP2*: 1, Kate Lenihan, Rickamore Rafferty; 2, James Phillips, Ballyvaden Two For One; 3, Daniel Meagher, Stonehaven’s Cloud; 4, Lauren Andrews, Cloud Nine; 5, Michelle O’Driscoll, Kingston David; 6, Katie McKee, Fair Lad

CNC1* Amateur: 1, Eathan Leonard, What’s Not to Like; 2, Fiona Cooper, Belensky; 3, Emily Morris, Florida Bud; 4, Amy Parsons, Luna Park

EI100 Amateur: 1, Leah Jackson, Gemilly; 2, Alexa Grudgings, Consequencial; 3, Vicky Dobbin, Killaughey Belle; 4, Rachael Suffern, Miss Cole; 5, Alison Mortell, BBB Bossy Boots; 6, Ciara Gilroy, Killaan Blu

EI 100: 1, Katie O’Sullivan, AKD Cooley Lockdown; 2, Bethany Burton, Fletcher; 3, Janie Cairns, Drumnaconnell Naughty; 4, Bethany Burton, Lissyegan Cooley; 5, Clare Abbott, Jewellent; 6, Denise Kelly, Young Taipan

EI100J: 1, Patrick Eames, Kings Choice; 2, Harriet Pele, Lisbane Flame; 3, Lauren Gabbie, Just Spencer; 4, Laoise O’Farrell, Primitive Pip; 5, Herbie Purce, Stan From Meelin; 6, Holly Boal, Bonmahon Flash.

EI100P: 1, Ellie Parkhill, Alland Mac U No; 2, Tola Thompson, Crossowen Lochlann; 3, Chloe Fegan, Tullibards Brocca Done Thing; 4, Chloe Fagan, Wilderwood Storm; 5, Holly Love, Cloughreagh Charlie; 6, Mimi O’Grady, Hoofprint Caleb.

EI90 Amateur: 1, Jade Scott, Benny Boy; 2, Ailsa Martin, Grateful For Gold; 3, Terry Smith, Millburren Diamond; 4, Carolyn Avery, Emperors Reflection; 5, Sarah Pannache, Jumpingdale Beethovan; 6, Emma Lappin, Bat Out of Hell.

EI90: 1, Daniel Brown, Fleur de Lis; 2, Ciara Collins, Stonehavens Star Quality; 3, Zoe Gilliland, Grey Cheeky Charlie; 4, Caroline Lynch, Lisheenabrone Smoothstepper; 5, Sarah Irvine, City Vintage; 6, Emily Corbett, Barnaboy Golden Boy.

EI90P: 1, Lucy McIlroy, Knockbridge Just Jimmy; 2, Kara Stanbridge, Chequer Hill Sunshine; 3, Caoimhe Crozier, Catch Me If You Can.