Touzaint storms to victory at Tyrella on Scapin Du Brio

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The majestic Mourne Mountains sweeping down to the sea were a perfect backdrop for a fabulous event which marked the official opening of the Northern Region’s One Day Events at Tyrella.

The positive psychological effect of the abundant sunshine was very evident and resulted in an amazingly relaxed and enjoyable day for the 300 competitors and multitude of supporters.

It was a very early start for many with dressage getting underway before 8am, showjumping before 10am and cross country on the button at 11am.

It is a fitting tribute to everyone involved on the day that the last horse was timed out by Lola Armstrong and her team of Vanne Campbell and Verner Pledl before 17.30.

European Young Rider silver medalist from 2013, Pierre Touzaint, certainly made an impact on the scoreboard in the O/CNC2* class where he stormed to victory on his mother’s homebred gelding, Scapin Du Brio. The twenty three year old French rider, nephew of the very successful International Eventer, Nicholas Touzaint, is currently taking a break from his studies to join Joseph Murphy’s yard in a bid to train and improve his English. He is very focused and plans to compete in the 3* this coming week.

The runner up spot went to Clare Abbott on her Olympic ride, Cormac McKay’s Euro Prince.

The early leader in the CNC2* class was Ella Boyle who performed a stunning test on Candy 737, to gain the only sub 30 mark from Judge, Angeline Nicholson. However, a few showjumping fences and a blip cross country opened the path for Joseph Murphy to take over the top position on his homebred Master Imp mare, The Mistress.

Patricia Ryan claimed the red rosette in the O/CNC1* class with Tom and Carol Henry’s eight year old Ghareeb gelding, Ballylynch Brian Boru. They finished a fraction ahead of Clare Abbott who claimed her second rosette of the day on John Melvin’s gelding, Glenkeeran River.

Tyrella saw the biggest CNCJ1* class in its history which resulted in a class division.

The ‘A’ section was headed by Co Kildare eventer, Rebecca Coonan on Jessica Harrington’s 17 year old Polish gelding, Jantar, on whom she took over the ride exactly a year ago. Maresa Ronan slipped into second place, adding just a few time penalties to her first phase mark on Super Jumbo.

Meantime, Sofie Walshe had a run away victory in the ‘B’ section with Kinsau, being the only combination to finish on their dressage score. Hollie Smith, the first phase leader had to settle for second place after lowering two coloured poles.

The CNC1* class which, this year, has attracted a new sponsor, Kingsfield Haylage, also required a division and saw just two of the twenty starters finish inside the time. Best of the two was Michael McNally on his own six year old gelding by Cavalier Carnival, Eclipto, with Steven Smith occupying the second place with John Minford’s Springheeled. Co Meath rider, Sarah Ennis, took the honours in the ‘B’ section on Cooley Cosmopolitan Diamond following a few very costly time penalties for the early leader, Andrew Greer, which relegated him to third place with Galdanagh.

Steven Smith picked up his fourth top six placing on Janet Hall’s ten year old mare, Michel M.

Ballyclare rider, Alison Crothers, had a very convincing win in the CNC1* Amateur class with her mare, Waikato Ko. Almost seven points behind was Kat Butler-Ward on The Spin Doctor.

Just one of the six starters in the CNCP2* class finished on a clean slate and that was fifteen year old Maynooth student, Hannah Adams with her eleven year old pony, Myshall Rodge. Zara Nelson, who was double handed in the class, claimed second place with the very accomplished Millridge Buachaill Bui.

A huge Ei100 class saw a division with a new combination, Catherine Robinson and Neil McCluskey’s Ghareeb gelding, Golden Spa, prove that they are a force to be reckoned with by finishing on their dressage mark, almost two points clear of Victoria Clarke and Carrickview Flamenco.

The ‘B’ section saw another new combination – Leo Pele and his father’s seven year old gelding, Carrigogunnel Galaxy, go clear inside the time to take prime spot in this very competitive class. Emily Corbett, on home turf, took second place on Jessica McIntyre’s Iroko mare, Cool Alley.

There was a great entry in the EI 100 Amateur class where, sadly, the early leader, Jaemi Cocrane, withdrew her horse Kilpatrick Honey, which paved the way for Holly McClenaghan to take top spot with Blacklaw Pelorus over five points clear of the Northern Region’s new Sponsorship Manager, Vicky Dobbin and her eight year old Master Imp mare, Killaughey Belle.

Richhill’s Lucy Johnston had plenty to smile about after her run in the EI100P class with Tynan Mist. They were the best of the thirteen runners, having led from the outset with a margin of one penalty point over Isobelle Comerford and Langtons Choice.

It was also a very pleasing day for Katie Riley and Versace Biscuit as they made the going look very easy in the EI 100J class, finishing on their flatwork mark, over three points clear of the Two Phase winner, Herbie Purce and Stan From Meelin.

No stranger to the podium, Ellen Graham, claimed victory in a very heavily subscribed EI 90 Amateur class. Unfortunately the first phase leader, Ruth Lyttle and Auberon encountered a little problem out across the country, which dropped them significantly. Runner up was newcomer, Carolyn Avery and Emperor’s Reflection who added nothing to their dressage score.

A very pleased Rachel Ferres picked up top prize in the Lafarge Tarmac sponsored EI90 class with her Dutch bred gelding, Elturano, having secured a fabulous dressage mark of 24. Following over three points behind was Clare Steele on Michele Fletcher’s eight year old gelding, Willows Wonderly Fox, also finishing on their dressage score.

The final class to go cross country this week was the EI90P where Ellie Parkhill occupied top spot with her marvellous little Welsh bred gelding, Alland Mac U No. Second place went to Katie McKee and Millbarr Little Sparrow who just added four jumping penalties to their first phase mark.

Once again Northern Region would like to thank the volunteers who turned out in force to conduct all the duties required to make the event happen.

A spokesperson commented: “It is a wonderful tribute to our sport that this army of wonderful workers are prepared to put in the long hours in support of our athletes.

“We are also deeply indebted to our sponsors: Baileys Horse Feeds, Cullen Equine Solutions, Feedwell, Horse First, Horseworld NI, Kan Teq, Kingsfield Haylage, Lafarge Tarmac, Lightsource Renewable Energy, Metal Technology and Sporting Images whose generosity and support is very much appreciated.”

Full Results

O/CNC2*: 1, Pierre Touzaint, Scapin Du Brio; 2, Clare Abbott, Euro Prince; 3, Steven Smith, Bonito; 4, Alex Houston, Skyfall Echo; 5, Jonathan Steele, Centre Stage; 6, Declan Cullen, Seavaghan Ash.

CNC2*: 1, Joseph Murphy, The Mistress; 2, Michael McNally, Stonehavens Dream; 3, Clare Steele, R Junior; 4, Ruth Robinson, Bumble Bee Orchid; 5, Shannon Nelson, Commanchero; 6, Camilla Speirs, BT Rock and Roller.

O/CNC1*: 1, Patricia Ryan, Ballylynch Brian Boru; 2, Clare Abbott, Glenkeeran River; 3, Steven Smith, EMS Florence; 4, Charlotte Dixon, V Zermie 51; 5, Camilla Speirs, LEB Lias Jewel; 6, Kim O’Gorman, Night and Light.

CNCJ1* A: 1, Rebecca Coonan, Jantar; 2, Maresa Ronan, Super Jumbo; 3, Stephanie Stammschroer, Tullabeg Horizon; 4, Zara Nelson, OLS Inis Flaith; 5, Izzy Riley, Ballycarron Lad; 6, Ben Rowlatt-McCormick, Mon Ami Alme.

CNCJ1* B: 1, Sofie Walshe, Kinsau; 2, Hollie Smith, Hill Dancer; 3, Lucy Hancock, Whitetree Sky; 4, Stephanie Stammschroer, Master Swatch; 5, Aimee Roscoe, Ryan’s Cazet; 6, Jim Tyrell, Rocks Gift.

CNC1* A: 1, Michael McNally, Eclipto; 2, Steven Smith, Springheeled; 3, Rory O’Hare, DBS Anchorman; 4, Kate Gibney, Bens Gold; 5, Nicola Ennis, Dee Mac; 6, Sarah Ennis, Alshmemi.

CNC1* B: 1, Sarah Ennis, Cooley Cosmopolitan Diamond; 2, Steven Smith, Michel M; 3, Andrew Greer, Galdanagh; 4, Jessica O’Driscoll, Shanaclough Contadora; 5, Clare Abbott, Timpany Night; 6, Naomi Buchanan, Futuristic.

CNC1* Amateur: 1, Alison Crothers, Waikato Ko; 2, Kat Butler-Ward, The Spin Doctor; 3, Florence Campbell, Imperial Master; 4, Nicky Nesbitt, Ringfort India; 5, Rachel Keys, Drumnaconnell Bellagio; 6, Stephanie Cunningham, Silverglen Wishing Well.

CNCP2*: 1, Hannah Adams, Myshall Rodge; 2, Zaea Nelson, Millridge Buachaill Bui; 3, Kerry Magill, Lisnahall Miss Toffee; 4, Jennifer Kuehnle, Timbacktoo; 5, Zara Nelson, Believe in Miracles.

EI 100A: 1, Catherine Robinson, Golden Spa; 2, Victoria Clarke, Carrickview Flamenco; 3, Jane McClean, Mosstown Calleto; 4, Leo Pele, Carsonstown Alice; 5, Jonathan Steele, Rock Black and Blue; 6, Grainne Bennett, Imperious.

EI 100B: 1, Leo Pele, Carrigogunnel Galaxy; 2, Emily Corbett, Cool Alley; 3, Catherine Robinson, Vivendi Way; 4, Joseph Murphy, Grantstown Sensation; 5, Robyn McFadden, Bill Little; 6, Lisa Dundee, Murphy’s Harlequin.

EI100 Amateur: 1, Holly McClenaghan, Blacklaw Pelorus; 2, Vicky Dobbin, Killaughey Belle; 3, Clair O’Neill, Predator; 4, Debbie McNeill, OB Active; 5, Ruth Logan, Oldyard Imp; 6, Mimi Falb, Kilpipe Jewel.

EI 100P: 1, Lucy Johnston, Tynan Mist; 2, Isabelle Comerford, Langtons Choice; 3, Sadhbh Peelo Stassin, Newton Westie; 4, Sadie Keogh, Phoenix Firefly; 5, Jessica McConnell, Finding Nemo; 6, James Philips, Ballyvaden Two For One.

EI100 J: 1, Katie Riley, Versace Biscuit; 2, Herbie Purce, Stan from Meelin; 3, Justine Harding, Charissma; 4, Ruth MacDonald, Killoughey Clover Imp; 5, Holly Boal, Bonmahon Flash; 6, Louise Kennedy, Ginger.

EI90 Amateur: 1, Ellen Graham, Lisfuncheon Chinook; 2, Carolyn Avery, Emperor’s Reflection; 3, Ciara Gilroy, Killaan Blu; 4, Kathryn McCaughan, Artistic Design; 5, Jade Scott, Benny Boy; 6, Samantha Heaney, Banbridge Skylark.

EI90: 1, Rachel Ferres, Elturano; 2, Clare Steele, Willows Wonderly Fox; 3, Leah Knight, Maggie Moo; 4, Freya Axten, Gransha Rebel Lady; 5, Janie Cairns, Next Venture; 6, Connie Hannaway, CHE Banoffee French.

EI 90P: 1, Ellie Parkhill, Alland Mac U No; 2, Katie McKee, Millbarr Little Sparrow; 3, Noah Brown, Jimmy Thunderstruck; 4, Alex Byrne, Forest Lodge Rambler; 5, Tola Thompson, Crossowen Lochlann; 6, Charlotte Keers, Western Ocala.