Training pays at Connell Hill

THE right start plays such an important role to a young horse as they begin their career.

Evidence of training paying off, can be seen at the training shows held at Connell Hill Equestrian Centre, Randalstown, where young horses only introduced to the world of show jumping gain their confidence. These shows play a vital part in not only the horse’s career but also the rider’s as advice and guidance/assistance is on hand.

Thanks go to Will Creen who built a flowing course with a twist to aid in the schooling of the young horse in the latest Training event.

The Thursday night training show saw Christopher Adger riding Celia O’Neill’s coloured horse Guinness jump a superb double clear in the 70cms class.

The 80cms ribbons were picked up by Christopher Adger on Guinness, Katie Conner on Sally and Dean Bell on TBS Euro Jewel.

In the 90cms class Nicole Cameron on Tanner jumped a super double clear to take first place with second place shared between Jade Harper on Dollar, Richard Hutchinson on Laurel Hill OMG, Fiona Stevenson on Kellistown Blue Chip and Katie Conner on Sally.

Dawn McKeown, meanwhile, on Tabby claimed the red rosette in the 1.0 metre class with second place going to Jade Harper on Dollar and joint third Richard Hutchinson on Laurel Hill OMG and Nicole Cameron on Tanner.

The Thursday night training show for horses, classes 70 cms – 1m, and Friday night training show, 50 cms – 1.0 m will run next week with both shows commencing at 6.30 pm. These are ideal schooling and fitness training shows for horses as the SJI Spring Horse League commences on Saturday 2nd February at 10.00 am, classes 80 cm – 1 m 30.

Thursday Results;

70cms: Christopher Adjar, Guinness

80cms: Dean Bell, Loughview Lola; Katie Connor, Sally; Christopher Adjar – Guinness; Dean Bell, TBS Euro Jewel

90cms: Richard Hutchinson, Laurel Hill OMG; Fiona Stevenson, Kellistown Blue Chip; Katie Connor, Sally; Jade Harpur, Dollar; Nicole Cameron, Tanner

1m: Richard Hutchinson, Laurel Hill OMG; Jade Harpur, Dollar; Dawn McKeown, Tabby, Nicole Cameron, Tanner

Friday Results;

50cms: Kathryn Cameron, Gem; Shane O’Grady, Merlin; Grace Burns, Tammy; Kathryn Cameron, Gem, Jessica McDowell, Polo, Kathryn Cameron, Vanilla

60cms: Beth Boone, Polly; Lindsay Cameron, Brownie; Jodie Creighton, Frosty, Alana Dunlop, Kinard Sally; Shane O’Grady, Merlin; Stephanie Rankin, Ozzy

70cms: Jodie Creighton, Duncan, Beth Boone, Polly; Stephanie Rankin - Rocky.