Trophies galore for riders at Knockagh View

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Knockagh View equestrian centre, Greenisland held an all silver showjumping day on Sunday.

Young Kristie Wilson was on a roll drawing the trophy in three classes. Adam Adair and his pony Joey won the trophy in the 30cm class with older brother Alfie winning the trophy in the 60cm class.

Rachel Lockyear jumped a fast clear in the 70cm class to take top spot with Cathy Delargy in flying form to win the 80cm class. Jessica Davidson jumped the fastest clear round of the day to win the 90cm trophy in style.

The consistent partnership of Natasha Henderson and Snippet lifted the trophy in the 1M class.

The next all silver showjumping day will be on Sunday 29th March. Showjumping continues every Wednesday evening starting at 6.30pm with 60cms to 1M.

For full details on all events visit the website or contact Ruth on 07732 809 188 or Scott on 07788 203 077 or Lesley on 07729 607 768.


30cms - Trophy winner: Adam Adair, Joey

Medal winners: Ruby Meldrum, Bloom; Jolie Dalton, I believe in fairies

40cms - Trophy winner: Kristie Wilson, Harry

Medal winners: Adam Adair, Joey; Grace Morton, Rocky; Toby Davison, Jake; Megan Carville, Jake

50cms - Trophy Winner: Kristie Wilson, Harry

Medal Winners: Grace Morton, Rocky; Toby Davison, Jake; Megan Carville, Busby; Ellie Nesbitt, Suzie; Erin Winning, Titch; Talitha Watson, Molly

60cms no spreads - Trophy winner: Kristie Wilson, Harry

Medal winners: Talitha Watson, Molly; Philip Cole, Rolo

60cms: 1st and trophy, Alfie Adair, Bertie; 2nd, Amber Williams, Quarryhill dark secret; 3rd, Philip Cole, Rolo

70cms: 1st and trophy, Rachel Lovkyear; 2nd, Alfie Adair, Bertie; 3rd, Felicity McConnell, Change of Heart; 4th, Lauren Carville, Junior; 5th, Sasha Wilson, Vromy; 6th, Orla Carmichael, Tessorino

80cms: 1st and trophy, Cathy Delargy, Skylark Express; 2nd, Rachel Lockyear, Lord Gregory; 3rd, Steven Wilson, Smurf; 4th, Felicity McConnell, Change of Heart; 5th, Miriam Wright, The Cadtletown Lad; 6th, Vicky Morton, Trigger.

90cms: 1st and trophy, Jessica Davidson, Meeka; 2nd, Cathy Delargy, Skylark Express; 3rd, Natasha Henderson, Snippet; 4th, Jessica McConnell, Finding Nemo; 5th, Kim Dunn, Chico; 6th, Vicky Morton, Trigger.

1M: 1st and trophy, Natasha Henderson, Snippet; 2nd, Kirsty Ferris, Dillon; 3rd, Jessica McConnell, Finding Nemo; 4th, Steven Wilson, Smurf.