‘Try Eventing’ proves to be a major success

EVENTING Ireland (NR), in association with Iveagh Branch of the Pony Club, ran another very successful ‘Try Eventing’ day at Tyrella when the Co Down venue was invaded by ‘would be’ eventers as well as a number of ‘die hards’.

There was a very large contingent of competitors from Castle Leslie Riding Club who did themselves proud, returning with many rosettes, none more proud than their leader and organiser, Sharon McKeever, who secured a third placing in the 80cms three phase event after learning to ride just two years ago.

Eric Pele also used the occasion as a training ground for a large number of his pupils, again with great success.

Organisers wish to thank all the volunteers who came together to make the day possible by carrying out the wide range of duties on what was another long but very enjoyable day.


Event 1 Senior 1.10m (three phase): 1, Nicky Galligan, Sam; 2, Nicola Wright, Tiko; 3, Rachel Ferres, Foxes Rescue Me; 4, Ian McCluggage, Lenny; 5, Suzanne Jordan, George; 6, Malachy Casement, Lucy.

Event 2 Junior 1.10m (three phase): 1, Michael Parker, Micko 2, Annick Maginn, Ashvale Minstral.

Event 3 1.10m (two phase): 1, Robyn McFadden, Duracell Bunny; 2, Sarah Sproule, Combe Magna; 3, Malachy Casement, Eurowood; 4, Natalie Burns, Stallone.

Event 4 Senior 1m (three phase): 1, Lorraine Patton, Shamus; 2, Claire Roulston, Rock Cafe; 3, Camella McDowell, Touching Gold; 4, William Greene, Edentrillick Levi; 5, William Greene, Executive Flight; Suzanne Jordan, Guck.

Event 5 Junior 1m (three phase): 1, Toni Quail, Stonebrook Tosca; 2, Ciara Muirhead, Phoenix Firefly; 3, Katie Lyttle, Charlie Brown; 4, Katie Lyttle, Pepper Joe; 5, Joanna McEwan, Killagriff Diamond Lou; 6, Rachel Gilroy, Junior.

Event 6 1m (two phase): 1, Anne Bowe, Gentle Breeze; 2, Katie McGaffin, Mojo; 3, Clare Abbott, Consequential; 4, Sarah Sproule, Well Spiced; 5, Rhonda Hall, Bill Little; 6, Francie Duffy, Tilly

Event 7 Senior 90cms Restricted to those who have previously competed with EI (three phase): 1, Nicole Barr, Florida Daydream; 2, Eric Pele, Sam the Man; 3, Beth Murray, Kit N Kaboodle; 4, Catherine Robinson, Lougherne Celtic Tiger; 5, Eric Pele, Lisbane Flame; 6, Grace Lavery, Eclipse.

Event 8 Senior 90cms Restricted to those who have not previously competed with EI (three phase): 1, Holly Breakey, Angelo; 2, Dale Roberts, Loreto Fairo Flex; 3, Anne Killen, Riverstown Russell; 4, Bernard Conlon, Lady Guinevere.

Event 9 – Junior 90cms (three phase): 1, Oliver Ferris, King; 2, Clare Brown, Craigmount Sparrow; 3, Abi Carlisle, Troy; 4, Hannah Bleakley, Rough Terrain; 5, Sarah McMordie, Atlantic Blaze; 6, Cathy Campbell, Carnhill Lucy.

Event 10. 90cms (two phase): 1, Kerry Gilmore, Shannon; 2= Jenna Crawford, Patchmills Kit Kat & Liz Thompson, Two For Joy; 4, Sara Davis, Diamond Chaos; 5, Sarah Adamson, Molly; 6, George Anderson, Penny.

Event 11 Senior 80cms (three phase): 1, Nicci Boyd, Lenny; 2, Sarah Morcombe, Oscar 11; 3, Sharon McKeever, Cosmic Rollo; 4, Nicci Boyd, Leitrim Native K; 5, Melanie Laffez, Legend; 6, Melanie Laffez, Lisbane Joy.

Event 12 Junior 80cms (three phase): 1, Anna Kelly, Scarlet Knight; 2, Caitlin Brown, Hanabanana; 3, Susie Thompson, Stonewall Katie; 4, Jane Thompson, Dougal; 5, Molly Evans, Dot to Dot; 6, Niamh Ward, Dillon.

Event 13 80cms (two phase): 1, Anna Denvir, Mageeny Prince; 2, Ciara Collins, Classy; 3, Neil Knox, Coevers Tiny Tempa; 4, Emma Carville, Charlie; 5, Justine Harding, Harvest Mouse; 6, Rachelle Harding, Misty.