Two Phase event is abandoned due to heavy rain

Nichola Wray on Lady Grey battle against the weather in class 3b. Picture: Sporting Images
Nichola Wray on Lady Grey battle against the weather in class 3b. Picture: Sporting Images

The Eventing Ireland annual Two Phase Event galloped into the history books this week as, very sadly, organisers had to abandon proceedings mid way through the day due to the incessant rain.

Unfortunately, forecasted improvements in the weather mid morning did not materialise and ground conditions in both showjumping and cross country gave cause for safety concerns which led to the decision to stop competition.

The two very heavily subscribed 1metre classes had completed.

The first class where cross country was run at novice speed saw a dead heat finish between Tori Dixon riding Harison and Herbie Purce with Stan from Meelin, both having a clean sheet in showjumping and cross country, finishing in exactly the same time.

Miraculously, the exact same situation arose in the second 1 metre class which was run at pre novice speed.

In this class Tara Dixon, riding Kieron shared the laurels with Alex Cleland and Rafa Smash.

The organisers cannot adequately express their disappointment at having to abandon the remainder of the event but safety of riders and horses must be a top priority. They greatly appreciate everyone’s understanding, especially those who had travelled quite a distance to Tyrella and hope that the weather improves significantly for the start of the eventing season in two week’s time.

Huge praise must go to all the volunteers who braved the elements to conduct their duties stoically and with great courtesy. It’s at times like this that the organisers truly understand how lucky they are to have such a super dedicated team of helpers.

Ironically plans had been made to make the presentation of the winners of the Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing League at the two phase because the final had actually been cancelled due to snow. Thankfully, the presentations proceeded and a report will appear separately on this very successful League.


Event 1-1m Novice speed: 1= Tori Dixon, Harison and Herbie Purce, Stan from Meelin; 3. Rachel Ferres, Arnold; 4. Rose de Montmorency, Hollypark Toes; 5= Rachel Rendle, Ballyvalley Bay and Ben Rowlatt- McCormick, Phil

Event 2- 1m Pre novice speed: 1= Tara Dixon, Kieran and Alex Cleland, Rafa Smash; 3. Megan O’Leary, Barney; 4. Katie McKee, Fair Lad; 5. Camilla Manningham-Buller, Us & I; 6= Emily Corbett, Ocky and Adam Haugh, Ballybolger Lion Man.