Victoria and Ginger secure first place at Mackenzies

THE WORKING Hunter Show at Mackenzie’s Equestrian Centre, Randalstown, proved popular, with all competitors jumping well on a lovely track.

The first class of the day was the Horse 50cms, where Shannon Mackenzie on her three year old stallion Comet took the honours, with Ben Peppert second on the Mighty Tyson.

The 70cms class saw Victoria Beattie on Ginger take first place, with Ruth Lyttle second on Contrast.

Shannon Mackenzie was a winner again, this time in the 80cms, with High Falution, with Caitlin Foster second on Bobby.

Paula McMaster topped the 90 cms, again on High Falution, with Ben Peppert once more in second slot, this time on Paddy.

Ben and Paddy were again just edged out in the 1 metre class, which was topped by Caitlin Foster on Lexi.

The ponies started off with five year old Alex McMaster on her pony Maxwelltown Myles jumping an amazing round to win the 30 cms class.

The 50 cms class saw Beth Boone on Polly taking the win, while Carine Fullerton on Amigo topped both 60-70 cms and 80 cms classes.



50cms: 1, Shannon Mackenzie, Comet; 2, Ben Peppert, Mighty Tyson; 3, Shannon Mackenzie, Cover; 4, Sandra Lee, Tyson

60-70cms: 1, Victoria Beattie, Ginger; 2, Ruth Lyttle, Contrast

80cms: 1, Shannon Mackenzie, High Falution; 2, Caitlin Foster, Bobby; 3, Shannon Mackenzie, Lily; 4, Ben Peppert, Minnie; 5, Ruth Lyttle, Highlight

90cms: 1, Paula McMaster, High Falution; 2, Ben Peppert, Willow; 3, Shannon MacKenzie, Harry

1 metre: 1, Caitlin Foster, Lexi; 2, Ben Peppert, Paddy; 3, Shannon Mackenzie, Sienna


30cms: 1, Alex McMaster, Maxwelltown Myles

50cms: 1, Beth Boone, Polly

60-70cms: 1, Carine Fullerton, Amigo; 2, Nikita Noanon, Apple; 3, Beth Boone, Polly; 4, Rebecca Halliday, Lucy; 5, Mikie Mackenzie, Bubbles

80cms: 1, Carine Fullerton, Amigo; 2, Nikita Noanon, Apple; 3, Mikie Mackenzie, Bubbles; 4, Rebecca Halliday, Lucy.