Weather the biggest challenge for Jump X

Sasha Wilson and Bonnie Shooting Star shoot into 80cm first place - Photo by Equi-Tog
Sasha Wilson and Bonnie Shooting Star shoot into 80cm first place - Photo by Equi-Tog

At the most recent Laurel View Jump X Challenge the wind and rain provided the biggest challenge, as it had been decided that it was a good plan to build the course on the all weather arena.

The first fences were set at fifty and coming over these in first place were Kat McQuillan and Jori. Forest Flash and Nicole Peoples were just a little bit slower in second place.

Up a notch to 60cm, Silver and Amy-Lee Hanvey sped round quickly and cleanly to earn the red ribbon. Mandy Speers and Poppy couldn’t quite match speed wise so it was a second place ribbon they took home.

Ellie Mae and Gillian Montgomery made short work of the seventy centimetre course coming in clear winners. Maeve Carlin and Bee took advantage of the joker X fence to end up with a slightly slower clear round and second place.

Bonnie Shooting Star and Sasha Wilson flashed round the 80cm course making use of the X fence to zap four faults. Albert Lowry and Oh Dear were only a fraction behind also making use of the X fences redeeming features.

Next up was the 90cm where Carly Douglas and Reggie jumped the course clear, but knocked the X fence at the finish, so ended up with four faults. However, as everyone had four or more faults they still took home the red rosette. Josie and Abbie Irwin were the only competitors in the class to clear the fence, but with eight faults over the course, this brought them back to a finish with four faults remaining earning themselves second place.

Last but by no means least was the metre class with Carly Douglas riding Imari, clear throughout until the troublesome X fence, but still a winner all the same.

The Derby Day is planned for Sunday 13th August. The next event that includes jumping after that would be the End of Summer Show on 17th September.

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50cm – 1st Jori, Kat McQuillan; 2nd Forest Flash, Nicole Peoples; 3rd Fonz, Rachael Lennox; 4th Warpaint, Aldona Forbes; 5th Chase, Aimee McKillen.

60cm – 1st Silver, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 2nd Poppy, Mandy Speers; 3rd Forest Flash, Nicole Peoples.

70cm – 1st Ellie Mae, Gillian Montgomery; 2nd Bee, Maeve Carlan; 3rd Rocky, Stephanie Farren; 4th Cindy, Zara Davis; 5th Sha Khan, Joy Hegarty; 6th Amy, James Jenkins.

80cm – 1st Bonnie Shooting Star, Sasha Wilson; 2nd Oh Dear, Albert Lowry; 3rd Rocky, Stephanie Farren; 4th Duchess, Donna Barron; 5th Josie, Abbie Irwin; 6th Billy, Geraldine Gough.

90cm – 1st Reggie, Carly Douglas; 2nd Josie, Abbie Irwin; 3rd Pippa, Cora McNulty; 4th Khemistry, Katie McIlhatton; 5th Bonnie Shooting Star, Sasha Wilson; 6th Charlie, Aldona Forbes.

1m – 1st Imari, Carly Douglas.