Winter dressage days at Laurel View

My Toy Boy and Jacqui Lewis win Psychoanalysis for Athletic Performance sessions for their Novice League win
My Toy Boy and Jacqui Lewis win Psychoanalysis for Athletic Performance sessions for their Novice League win

It’s been a long winter with dismal weather, but on dressage days the atmosphere at Laurel View is warm despite the weather. The Winter Dressage League drew to a close with worthy league winners being rewarded.

Dressage competitors at Laurel View are always indebted to their judges for their constructive and helpful comments. Lending their expertise willingly at the final competition of the Winter league were Ivor Harper, Alison Mastin-Moore and Angelene Nicholson.

A spokesperson commented: “Thanks are extended to all who have made the league possible, judges, scribes, runners, scorers, arena prep team and off course all the competitors and their teams. Hopefully everyone will come along for the start the Summer Dressage League on May 27 and make a special note of the Charity Dressage show on June 24.”

There were winners aplenty across the categories, but those topping their league classes included Sharon McClurg riding That’s My Guy in the walk/trot class, Jill Hobson and The Alchemist who earned the top spot in both prelim classes 2 and 3. Then top of the outdoor prelim Class 4 were Indi and Penny Murphy.

Jacqui Lewis and My Toy Boy won the Novice class and consequently the three sessions of Psychoanalysis for Athletic Performance worth £200 sponsored by MC International Events Planning. Then earning the red ribbon in the Open Class was Louise Spence and her four legged partner Maverick.

To encourage healthy competitive spirit Laurel View award special accolades for the top competitor on a Riding School horse or pony and also to the Laurel View Livery or Staff member scoring the highest average score throughout the league. This time round Holly Hanvey partnered with Rab and Erin Faloona on Roger came out on top of these extra special league classes.


Winter Dressage League (6 of 6)

Class 1 - BD Intro C, Judge - Ivor Harper: 1st Sha Khan, Holly McKeown, 67.17; 2nd Carrenrush Liberty Belle, Lisa O’Gorman, 66.96; 3rd Mario, Ellen McDonald, 66.74; 4th Johnny, Stephen Wade, 66.52; 5th Pocket Rocket Dawny, Lauren Alexander, 65.43; 6th That’s My Guy, Sharon McClurg, 64.35.

Class 2 - Prelim 14, Judge - Ivor Harper: 1st Jimmy, Christine Newton, 68.65; 2nd The Alchemist, Jill Hobson, 67.69; 3rd Tifftarney PJ Gold, Wendy Forsythe, 67.31; 4th Battlehill, Jane Hobson, 66.15; 5th Picture This, Louise Beggs, 66.15; 6th Ellie Mae, Judith Watt, 65.38.

Class 3 - Prelim 18, Judge - Angelene Nicholson: 1st Battlehill, Jane Hobson, 75.00; 2nd The Alchemist, Jill Hobson, 73.27; 3rd Indi, Penny Murphy, 72.50; 4th Tifftarney PJ Gold, Wendy Forsythe, 72.12; 5th Willows Sensation, Gillian Holmes, 71.54; 6th Truly, Jackie Hanna, 71.15.

Class 4 - Prelim 19, Judge - Alison Mastin-Moore: 1st Indi, Penny Murphy, 69.38; 2nd Josh, Emma McLean, 63.13; 3rd Willows Sensation, Gillian Holmes, 61.04; 4th Barney, Christine Smyth, 60.00; 5th Truly, Jackie Hanna, 60.00; 6th Supreme Judge, Alberto Bologni, 58.75.

Class 5 - Novice 23, Judge - Alison Mastin-Moore: 1st My Toy Boy, Jacqui Lewis, 63.13; 2nd Beechmount Reeba, Meaghann Crawford, 55.63.

Class 6 - Open, Judge - Alison Mastin-Moore: 1st Maverick (Nov), Louise Spence, 67.31; 2nd Maverick (Elem), Louise Spence, 66.25; 3rd Adermus (Elem), Lynne Robinson, 64.46; 4th Derrivane Danny (Med), Helen Faulkner, 62.84; 5th Beechmount Baxter (Elem), Linda McIlwaine, 62.32; 6th Oliver Hardy (Nov), Martina McKinley, 61.73.

RDA W T&C Test, Judge - Angelene Nicholson, Schumi, Simon Wylie, 64.74

RDA W&T Test, Judge - Angelene Nicholson: Rab, Holly Hanvey, 71.00

PC D Level 1, Judge - Angelene Nicholson: Grovehill Darcy, Edel Quinn, 67.69

Winter Dressage League Final

Class scores are totals of best two tests plus final.

Class 1 - Walk/Trot: 1st That’s My Guy, Sharon McClurg, 211.96; 2nd Sha Khan, Holly McKeown, 202.82; 3rd Hightown Blooming Heather, Diane Sefton, 201.52; 4th Rab, Helen Gage, 196.30; 5th Johnny, Stephen Wade, 194.35.

Class 2 - Prelim: 1st The Alchemist, Jill Hobson, 218.07; 2nd Ellie Mae, Judith Watt, 197.35.

Class 3 - Prelim: 1st The Alchemist, Jill Hobson, 217.87; 2nd Indi , Penny Murphy, 211.40.

Class 4 - Prelim: 1st Indi, Penny Murphy, 214.30; 2nd Josh, Emma McLean, 198.49; 3rd Barney, Christine Smyth, 182.31

Class 5 - Novice: 1st My Toy Boy, Jacqui Lewis, 194.61; 2nd Beechmount Reeba, Meaghann Crawford, 182.01.

Class 6 - Open: 1st Maverick (Nov), Louise Spence, 198.83; 2nd Beechmount Baxter (Elem), Linda McIlwaine, 197.94; 3rd Oliver Hardy (Nov), Martina McKinley, 195.32; 4th Maverick (Elem), Louise Spence, 193.24; 5th Beechmount Baxter (Med), Linda McIlwaine, 182.54; 6th Beechmount Reeba (Nov), Meaghann Crawford, 179.51.

Scores recorded below are averages.

Riding School Competition: 1st Rab (Class 11), Holly Hanvey, 68.50; 2nd Hightown Blooming Heather (Class 1), Diane Sefton, 64.96; 3rd Admiral (Class 2), Sasha Mateer, 64.34; 4th Rab (Class 1), Helen Gage, 63.95; 5th Johnny (Class 1), Stephen Wade, 62.66; 6th Barney (Class 4), Christine Smyth, 60.77.

Laurel View Livery/Staff Competition: 1st Roger, Erin Faloona, 67.98; 2nd Josh, Emma McLean, 66.54; 3rd Woodrow Rosewood, Erin McCrea, 66.00; 4th Bella , Edana Butler, 65.10; 5th My Toy Boy, Jacqui Lewis, 64.28;

6th Clady Water Jay Jay, Diane Jones, 64.17.