Winter dressage league gets underway at Knockagh

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Knockagh View Equestrian Centre started a winter dressage league with two new newcomers classes for Intro & Prelim which were a big hit.

The next week of the league is on Sunday, November 12. Text entries to Ruth on 07732809188. For full list of tests and classes visit the website

The organisers wish to thank judges Martina McKinley and Lynsey Craig.


Intro B Newcomers: 1st, Charlotte Smiley, Savanose Hero; 2nd, Helen McFarland, Georgiebegood; 3rd, Katie Agnew, Nanny McPhee; 4th, Ana Goodrich, Daphne; 5th, Cathy Delargy, Taraweras; 6th, Sarah Carlile, Nay Goats Toe.

Intro B: 1st, Alice Wilson, Grace; 2nd, Myah McClean, Apache; 3rd, Cathy McGookin, Albanagh Snow.

Prelim 2 Newcomers: 1st, Anna Roscoe, JD Little Problem; 2nd, Tori Jewish, Charlie; 3rd, Leeann Radcliffe, Inca; 4th, Emma Davies, Mountain Blue’s Dream; 5th, Tori Jewiss, Cookie; 6th, Emma Weir, Finn.

Prelim 2: 1st, Gail Baillie, Bit of an Imp; 2nd, Nichols Wray, Lady Grey VI; 3rd, Katie Wray, Easy Done.

Prelim 13: 1st, Nichola Wray, Lady Grey IV; 2nd, Michelle Strange, Quality Galore; 3rd, Gail Baillie, Bit of an Imp; 4th, Gillian Montgomery, Ellie Mae; 5th, Ellen Graham, Izzy.

Novice 24: 1st, Jill Hobson, Furisto seven for a secret; 2nd, Anita Doherty, Karinella Ruby; 3rd, Charlotte Smiley, Copney Lane Ringo; 4th, Michelle Strange, Quality Galore; 5th, Ellen Graham, Eclipse; 6th, Julie Lee Radcliffe, A Dream come true.

Elementary 42: 1st, Jill Hobson, Furisto seven for a secret; 2nd, Linda McIlwaine, Beechmount Baxter; 3rd, Anita Doherty, Karinella Ruby; 4th, Ellen Graham, Eclipse; 5th, Gemma Goodrich, Mouse.