Working Hunters at Ardnacashel

Horse Reserve Champion and Champion, Lucy Cunningham and Emma Jackson
Horse Reserve Champion and Champion, Lucy Cunningham and Emma Jackson

Ardnacashel sprung into action last Sunday for the first of their spring working hunter shows, for both horses and ponies.

This date came ahead of the venue’s St Patrick’s Day Showing and Working Hunter festival this weekend, where horses will compete on Saturday and ponies on Sunday.

Holly McGahan had a very successful day with Topney Talk of the Town and Carryon Romeo, winning both the Four year old working hunter horse and the Cob working hunter classes. Debbie Rush claimed the 80cm performance class and runner up spot in the 80cm working hunter class on her stunning liver chestnut Irish Draught, Archie.

Lucy Cunningham had an exceptional day with both her horse, Off The Cuff and pony, Martina, taking the small horse working hunter, reserve champion in the horse section, the 1.10m qualifier and reserve champion in the pony section.

Emma Jackson had a typically busy and successful day with her team of horses, winning both the 90cm on Riley and 1.10m qualifier on Creevagh For Sure, with several runner up spots in the small working hunter and 1m qualifier on Ardnacashel Cosmopolitan. Her exceptionally careful and consistent stallion, Creevagh For Sure went on to secure champion working hunter horse. This stallion will stand with Emma at her base on the Burn Road, Comber for the 2018 season.

There was super support from the ponies, with some really exciting partnerships showing their obvious winter homework to top the lineups. Andrew Sharvin took the honours in both the 60cm qualifier and 70cm performance with Archill Lass. Sarah Craig moved from runner up in the 70cm performance to winner of the 70cm qualifier. A very busy 80cm performance class saw Megan Carson and Dunadeal take red, while Zara Sharvin and Polly impressed the judges in the 80cm working hunter qualifier.

Phoebe Beaumont and her consistent Connemara mare, Edie took the win in the M and M large breeds class, and a further runner up spot in the 1m/1.10m working hunter class. Ellie McDonnell brought her usual cool style to the 90cm class with Sonny Bill Williams, winning the class and pony working hunter champion, bringing the day to a close with a smile.

Sunday 11th March – Working hunter


70cm performance: 1st – Zelda Robinson – Lucy; 2nd – Lewis Orr – Lynch; 3rd – Joanne Walker – Nenagh; 4th – Lynne Spence – George; 5th – Chelsea Orr – Arthur

Four year old: 1st – Holly McGahan – Topney Talk of the Town; 2nd – Lynne Spence - George; 3rd – Emma Jackson - Harry; 4th – Emma Jackson - Madge; 5th – Nicole Galbraith – Fionabella; 6th – Nicole Galbraith – Fashionista

70cm working hunter: 1st – Sarah-Louise Wilson - Randell; 2nd – Seamus Rodgers - Fin

70cm amateur: 1st – Chelsea Orr - Arthur; 2nd – Alex Wallace – Royal Sea Breeze

80cm performance: 1st – Debbie Rush - Archie; 2nd – Joanne Cairns - Apache; 3rd – Victoria Craig - Rocky; 4th – Alex Wallace – Royal Sea Breeze

80cm working hunter: 1st – Seamus Rodgers - Kal; 2nd – Debbie Rush - Archie; 3rd – Joanne Cairns - Apache; 4th – Janie Cairns - Ed; 5th – Judith Horner – My Remedy; 6th – Hannah Bayfield – Mr George

Cob working hunter: 1st – Holly McGahan – Carryon Romeo; 2nd – Hannah Bayfield – Mr George; 3rd – Holly McGahan – Topney Talk of the Town

Small horse (85cm): 1st – Lucy Cunningham – Off the Cuff; 2nd – Emma Jackson – Spencer; 3rd – Amanda O’Connor – Glenmore Miss Mirah; 4th – Zara Gabbey – Roosky Star; 5th – Connor O’Hare – Roundthorn 

90cm working hunter: 1st – Emma Jackson - Riley; 2nd – Victoria Craig - Rocky; 3rd – Ian Jones – Ebony; 4th – Beth Cunningham – Dream Debut; 5th – Elizabeth Eames - Larry

1m working hunter: 1st – Connor O’Hare - Bob; 2nd – Emma Jackson - Spencer; 3rd – Lucy Cunningham – Off the Cuff; 4th – Emma Jackson – Homegrown Hylux; 5th – Gemma Kennedy

1m 10 working hunter: 1st – Emma Jackson – Creevagh for Sure; 2nd – Reece Hogg – Smithy

Champion - Emma Jackson ‘Creevagh For Sure’

Reserve champion - Lucy Cunningham ‘Off The Cuff’


60cm qualifier: 1st – Andrew Sharvin – Archill Lass; 2nd – Sarah Craig - Pip.

70cm performance: 1st – Andrew Sharvin – Archill Lass; 2nd – Sarah Craig - Pip; 3rd – Heather Steele

70cm qualifier: 1st – Sarah Craig - Pip; 2nd – Ellie McDonnell; 3rd – Heather Steele

80cm performance: 1st – Megan Carson - Dunadeal; 2nd – Hollie Donnan – Hollywood Pippin; 3rd – Mark Eames – Mouse; 4th – Zara Sharvin - Polly; 5th – Heather Steele - Paddy; 6th – Thomas Murphy – Darkies Boy

80cm qualifier: 1st – Zara Sharvin – Polly; 2nd – Stephanie Watt – Dun Man; 3rd – Hollie Donnan - Pippin; 4th – Thomas Murphy – Darkies Boy

90cm qualifier: 1st – Ellie McDonnell, Sonnybill Williams; 2nd –Lucy Cunningham, Martina; 3rd-Lara Kelly, Drumcaughey Diamond

Large breeds M and M qualifier: 1st – Phoebe Beaumont, Edie; 2nd – Sophie McCormick, Dawn Kid; 3rd – Sarah Brashaw, Dun Man

1/1.10m qualifier: 1st – Lucy Cunningham, Martina; 2nd - Phoebe Beaumont, Edie; 3rd - Lara Kelly, Drumcaughey Diamond

Champion - Ellie McDowell, Sonny ‘Bill Williams’

Reserve champion - Lucy Cunningham, ‘Martina’.