Working Hunters take centre stage

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The second week of Knockagh View Equestrian Centre’s working hunter league took place recently.

Organisers would like to thank judges Sandra Hamilton, Bianca McIlnea, Jacklin Bingham and Shannon Baird and scribes Edel Quinn, Cheree McClelland, Sarah Brittain and Megan Norton for all their hard work.

The next week of the working hunter takes place on Sunday 28th December and hosts qualifiers for the Northern Ireland festival and Equi Festival of Ireland.

Horses start at 10am with a full range of classes from 60cms to 1.10m, ponies start at approximately 1pm with classes from 30cms cross poles to 1M.

For full schedule visit the website or contact Ruth on 07732 809 188.


60cm Novice W.H: 1st, Susan Coulson, Sunny Cruise; 2nd, Nicky Nesbitt, Brave Encounter; 3rd, Joan Gibson, Megan; 4th, Sylvia Maguire, Tango; 5th, Leeann Radcliffe, Inca; 6th, Nuala McNally, Hayley

70cms W.H: 1st, Helen Faulkner, Danny; 2nd, Claire McFarland, Scooby; 3rd, Zoe Bell, Heffrons half pint; 4th, Nikki McAlister, Plan B

Four year old W.H: 1st, Nuala McNally, Hayley; 2nd, Nuala McNally, Sonni; 3rd, Barbara Hannah, Rock Babylon

Cob W.H: 1st, Sarah Donald, Gerry’s Girl

Small W.H: 1st, Helen Faulkner, Danny; 2nd, Janice Reddy, Lapetit la zan; 3rd, Mag Ross, Rockrimmon Rob Roy; 4th, Natasha Henderson, Snippet; 5th, Megan Norton, hathaway; 6th, Brooke Ronan, My Blue Eyed Boy

80cms W.H: 1st, Janice Reddy, Nero; 2nd, Joanne Wilkinson, Casper; 3rd, Megan Norton, Hathaway; 4th, Miriam Wright, the Castletown lad; 5th, Brooke Ronan, San Paulo; 6th, Victoria Haye, Vida

90cms W.H: 1st, Victoria Hale, Raffa; 2nd, Janice Reddy, Lapetit La Zan; 3rd, Victoria Hale, Vida; 4th, Natasha Henderson, Snippet; 5th, Mag Ross, Rockrimmon Rob Roy; 6th, Janice Reddy, Nero

1M W.H: 1st, Victoria Hale, Rafa; 2nd, Nicole Billings, Amber

30cms WHP: 1st, Jolie Dalton, I believe in fairies; 2nd, Adam Adair, Misty; 3rd, Clodagh Brady, Sweetwall Pepper; 4th, Ruby Meldrum, Sweetwall Bella; 5th, Freddie Simms, Dotty

50cms WHP: 1st, Ellie Johnson, Dapple; 2nd, Rachel Lockyear, Lord Gregory; 3rd, Alfie Adair, Loughries Star

60cms WHP: 1st, Ellie Johnson, Dapple.

70cms WHP: 1st, Tory Jewiss, Teeshan Lad.

80cms WHP: 1st, Rachel Lockyear, Lord Gregory; 2nd, Tory Jewiss, Teeshan Lad.