Young riders turn out in style

THE younger riders came out in style at Friday night’s training show at Connell Hill Equestrian Centre, Randalstown, taking advantage of the facilities for schooling, training and improving riding skills.

The 50cms class saw Alex McMaster on Miles picking up two red rosettes as did Emma McManus on Misty, Megan Dunseath on Panache, Chloe Connon on Charlie and Sammy Cameron on Brownie.

The double clears in the 60 cms class were Jodie Creighton on Duncan, Beth Boone on Polly, Sammy Cameron on Brownie and Shane O’Grady on his young horse Merlin. Emma McKay on her new horse Mr Crilly jumped double clear as did Shane O’Grady on Merlin and Morgan Skillen on Mayo in the 70cm class.

Setting the pace in the 80 cms class with a double clear was Richard Hutchinson on Laurelhill OMG with Jodie Creighton on Maninard Sir Ganty riding a double clear in style. Also picking up the red ribbons were Leah McLeister on Ollie, Hannah Winters on Harvey and Nicole Cameron on Tanner.

Leah McLeister on Ollie went on to ride a second double clear in the 90cms and Rachael Black on Schuey had double clears in the 90 cms and 1.0m class.

Results; Friday 8th February 2013

50cms: Alex McMaster, Miles; Emma McManus, Misty; Stuart Gillespie, Blondie; Megan Dunseath, Panache; Jodie Creighton, Louis; Chloe Connon, Charlie; Alex McMaster, Miles; Sammy Cameron, Brownie.

60cms: Jodie Creighton, Duncan; Shane O’Grady, Merlin; Sammy Cameron, Brownie; Emma McManus, Misty; Beth Boone, Polly; Jodie Creighton, Duncan.

70cms: Morgan Skillen, Mayo; Beth Boone, Polly; Emma McKay, Mr Crilly,Jodie Creighton, Tabby; Shane O’Grady, Merlin.

80cms: Richard Hutchinson, LaurelHill OMG; Leah McLeister, Ollie; Hannah Winters, Harvey; Emma McKay, Mr Crilly; Jade Harper, Dollar; Nicole Cameron, Tanner;Jodie Creighton, Tabby

90cms; Leah McLeister, Ollie; Rachael Black, Schuey; Jade Harper, Dollar.

1.0m: Rachael Black, Schuey.