Young stars in the prizes at Mossvale

RESULTS of Horse and Pony jumping held on Monday 11th February.

70cm: 1st= Pippa, Victoria Boville; Spencer, Shannon Clingan.

90cm: 1st, Oskar, Caitlin Stuart.

1m: 1st, Dan, Caroline Black.

Results of Pony jumping held on Friday 15th February

Cross Poles: 1st= Sox, Chloe Agnew drew the trophy; Mini Me, Jake Mitchell; Daisy, David Gibson; Specials; Misty, Alfie Adair; Max, Leanne Black; Silver, Annie Gibson; Star, Leanne Black.

40cm: 1st= Sparky, Laura McClelland drew the trophy; Dandy, Shannon Boville; Specials; Misty, Alfie Adair; Silver, Annie Gibson.

50cm: 1st= Sparky, Catherine McClelland drew the trophy; Toffee, Ryan Boville; Bella, Dylan Torrens; Spotty Boy, Aubrey Whiteside; Nano, Emma Lutton; Star, Zara Burns.

60cm: 1st= Ellie, Edmund Whiteside drew the trophy; Nano, Emma Lutton; Puzzle, Megan Nelson.

70cm: 1st= Toffee, Victoria Boville drew the trophy; Puzzle, Megan Nelson; Poppy, Sarah Watson; Tucker, Jessica Nelson.

80cm: 1st= Kawliga, Beth Meg drew the trophy; Tucker, Jessica Nelson.

Results of Horse and Pony jumping held on Monday 18th February

60cm: 1st, Hilltop Nossa, Martin McCabe.

70cm: 1st= Ben, Victoria Wray; Darcy, Ruth Currie.

80cm: 1st= Holiday Dancing, Megan McCully; Loui, Mary McLeigh; Kerry, Jenny McLeigh; Pippa, Victoria Boville.

90cm: No result

1m: 1st= Dan, Caroline Black; Rain Man, Charlene Clingan.

Results of Pony jumping held on Friday 22nd February

Cross Poles: 1st= Nano, Olivia Lutton drew the trophy; Mini Me, Jake Mitchell; Indy, Jamie Kelly; Specials; Star, Leanne Black; Max, Catherine Black; Sox, Chloe Agnew.

40cm: 1st, Dandy, Shannon Boville won the Scott Murry Trophy; 2nd, Juno, Amy Dugan; 3rd, Humbug, Hannah Orr; double clears; Sparky, Catherine McClelland; Velvet, Lucy Toombs.

50cm: 1st, Nano, Emma Lutton won the Ross Murry Trophy; 2nd, Spotty Boy, Aubrey Whiteside; 3rd, Star, Zara Burns; 4th, Benji, Amy Dugan; 5th, Juno, Amy Dugan.

60cm: 1st, Toffee, Ryan Boville won the Neill Patterson Trophy; 2nd, Humbug, Hannah Orr; 3rd, Ellie, Edmund Whiteside; double clears; Harvey, Katie Bell; Timmy, Grace Malcomson.

70cm: 1st, Sweet William, Sophie Price won the Julie Patterson Trophy; double clear; Harvey, Katie Bell.

80cm: 1st, Tommy Zoom, Sophie Price won the Churchhill Plaque.

Results of the Baileys Inter schools league.

Team results

1st, Banbridge Academy Bits: Holiday Dancing, Megan McCully; Zara Azoo, Julia Lyttle; Holiday Dancing, Cheridan Andrews; Lacey, Cheridan Andrews.

2nd, Shimna College: Lottie, Chloe Rooney; Cindy, Tara Finlay; Houdini, Chloe Rooney; Houdini, Tara Finlay.

3rd, Down High Eagles: Star, Sophie Tuesdale; Tamba, Jacob Morrow; Whisper Grey Dove; Alex Clelland; Tommy Zoom, Sophie Price.

4th, Lurgan Junior High: Prince Arogogs Spirit, Jasmine Crothers; Jimmy, Connie Crothers; Rossanarra, Katie Good; Albus Dumbledore, Jasmine Crothers.

5th, Banbridge Academy Bridles: Hilltop Lad, Zara Buckley; Va Va Voom, Tara Berthalon; Connie, Hugo Berthalon; Silent Melody, Ashleigh Graham.

6th, Kilkeel High School: Rustons Jubilee, Kirsteen Patterson; Tequila Rose, Kara McKee; Grey Saphire, Ruby Nugent; Prince of Hearts, Melissa McKee.

Individual results: 1st, Cheridan Andrews; 2nd, Melissa McKee; 3rd, Chloe Rooney; 4th, Cheridan Andrews; 5th, Katie Good; 6th, Sophie Price.