Zara-Jane does it again

Zara-Jane Kelly on Zack winners of 70cm class with Maria King, Ecclesville Centre
Zara-Jane Kelly on Zack winners of 70cm class with Maria King, Ecclesville Centre

The final of the third of Ecclesville’s Showjumping Leagues for 2016 was held on 24 June and it was again very competitive, as the numerous qualified combinations battled it out for the prizes.

With the new Super League underway the top six in each class also won valuable points. As at the end of 2016, in each class from 60cm through to 1.10cm, a perpetual trophy will be awarded to the rider and horse combination with the most points.

Joan Maxwell and Roxy winners of 1m class

Joan Maxwell and Roxy winners of 1m class

The spectators were treated to great displays of showjumping as the competitors twisted and flew round Raymond Caldwell’s tricky courses. RD Equestrian had also kindly sponsored the Turnout Prizes for the Final, so this was an added bonus for the riders and grooms.

For the third League in a row, the top rider was local girl Zara-Jane Kelly, who was placed on every pony she rode! A brilliant result for this very talented young lady – definitely one to watch in the future.

The 40cm class had three riders sharing first place and Caitlin Kelly riding Bubbles won the first of the Turnout Prizes of the evening.

The winner of the 60cm was a delighted Tiana-Grace Abbott riding Henry. Zara-Jane Kelly picked up the first of her winning rosettes in the 70cm class riding the very talented Zack. She also picked up second and third places in this class! Her fine form continued as she then went on to win the 80cm class on Millie.

Winners from 40cm class

Winners from 40cm class

The 90cm class was won by local girl, Clara Daly, riding the very speedy Minstrel. The winner of the 1m class was Joan Maxwell riding the consistent Roxy.

Roisin Donnelly and Ria took the top spot in the 1.10 class to round off a very entertaining evening of jumping.

The Super League for 2016 is looking very interesting after two leagues. With several new combinations in the mix the leader-board has been given a good shake up! The very consistent Zara-Jane Kelly has extended her lead in the 70cm class and has drawn level first in the 80cm class. Roisin Donnelly leads both the 1m and 1.10 classes with Venus and Ria respectively.

The organisers would like to take this opportunity to thank all the many competitors who supported this league. Also sincere thanks to Raymond Caldwell, Course Builder, assisted by Malvern Moore, to Gillian Hynes for call–up, to Rachel Magee who assisted in the Judges box and to RD Equestrian for sponsoring the Turnout prizes.

Results from 24 June:

40cm Class (Double Clears)

Kayleigh McManus and Dolly; Chelsea Lewis and Crystal; Sarah Boyle and Starry Night; Eunan Kelly and Bubbles; Mia Monteith-Mitchell and Cindy; Jane Baxter and Coco

60cm Class (Double Clears)

Chelsea Lewis and Crystal; Sarah Boyle and Starry Night; Lucy-Ann Abbott and Rosie; Tiana-Grace Abbott and Henry; Mia Monteith-Mitchell and Cindy; Aoife Straume and Ria; Erin Straume and Fonya; Emily Marshall and Mallon; Erin Colgan and Sonny; Alex Kiernan and Muffin; Mary-Kate Rice and Horizon Star; Darragh Rice and Jessie James

70cms (Double Clears)

Zara-Jane Kelly and Zack; Tiana-Grace Abbott and Henry; Lucy-Ann Abbott and Rosie; Emily Marshall and Mallon; Aoife Straume and Ria; Erin Straume and Fonya; Niamh Donnelly and Buster; Zara-Jane Kelly and Robin; Erin Colgan and Sonny; Chloe Mitchell and Softie; Alex Kiernan and Muffin; Miranda Doherty and Chantelle’s Hope; Jill Robinson and Benji; Zara-Jane Kelly and Sweetie; Darragh Rice and Jessie James; Rebecca McClean and Penny; Isobel Bell and Georgie’s Girl; Gillian Hynes and Lola

80cms (Double Clears)

Zara-Jane Kelly and Robin; Blanaid Doherty and Cami; Zara-Jane Kelly and Millie; Clara Daly and Grey Dream; Jill Robinson and Benji; Emma Quigley and Perfect Promise; Andrew Thompson and Pip; Maeve McEvoy and Wally; Paul Baxter and Red Kite; Rebecca McClean and Penny; Clare Maxwell and Smokie; Nadia Donnelly and Benny; Lisa McFarland and Magic; Freya Sayle and Fenaghbeg Ever; Roisin Donnelly and Sambo

90cms (Double Clears)

Blanaid Doherty and Cami; Clara Daly and Minstrel; Zara-Jane Kelly and Millie; Nadia Donnelly and Benny; Freya Sayle and Fenaghbeg Ever; Chloe O’Neill and Bailey; Saskia Hale and Bob

1m (Double Clears)

Roisin Donnelly and Venus; Joan Maxwell and Roxy

1.10m (Double Clear)

Roisin Donnelly and Ria



1st= Eunan Kelly and Bubbles; Mia Monteith-Mitchell and Cindy; Jane Baxter and Coco; 2nd= Caitlin Kelly and Bubbles (Turnout prize); Kerrie-Lee Mitchell and Billy; Jordana Mitchell and Softie


1st Tiana-Grace Abbott and Henry; 2nd Aoife Straum and Ria; 3rd Lucy-Ann Abbott and Rosie; 4th Emily Marshall and Mallon; 5th Mia Monteith-Mitchell and Cindy; 6th Erin Straum and Fonya (Turnout Prize)


1st Zara-Jane Kelly and Zack; 2nd Zara-Jane Kelly and Robin 3rd Zara-Jane Kelly and Sweetie; 4th Tiana-Grace Abbott and Henry; 5th Aoife Straume and Ria; 6th Lucy-Ann Abbott and Rosie; Gillian Hynes and Lola (Turnout prize)


1st Zara-Jane Kelly and Millie; 2nd Lisa McFarland and Magic; 3rd Nadia Donnelly and Benny; 4th Zara-Jane Kelly and Robin; 5th Clare Maxwell and Smokie; 6th Rebecca McClean and Penny (Turnout Prize)


1st Clara Daly and Minstrel; 2nd Nadia Donnelly and Benny; 3rd Zara-Jane Kelly and Millie; 4th Saskia Hale and Bob; 5th Joan Maxwell and Roxy; Lisa McFarland and Magic (Turnout Prize)


1st Joan Maxwell and Roxy (Turnout Prize); 2nd Roisin Donnelly and Venus; 3rd Roisin Donnelly and Ria; 4th Kayleigh Nelson and Dara


1st Roisin Donnelly and Ria; 2nd Roisin Donnelly and Venus

The next League is scheduled to start on 12 August. For further details please contact Sandra on 07990541966 or Ecclesville on 028 82840591.