£1,420 paid for cow and calf at Hilltown Mart

Hilltown Mart
Hilltown Mart

Hilltown Mart saw an increase in numbers last week with fat lambs selling to £92, fat ewes selling to £108 and ewes and lambs sold to £132.

Fat lambs: Rathfriland farmer £92 for 24kg (383ppk), £87 for 21.5kg (404ppk). Hilltown farmers £90 for 25kg (352ppk), £89.50 for 235kg (381ppk), £88 for 22kg (400ppk), £87.50 for 22.5kg (388ppk), £84.50 for 20.5kg (412ppk), £84 for 21kg (400ppk), £82 for 19.5kg (415ppk). Ballynahinch farmer £89 for 23.5kg (378ppk). Kilkeel farmers £88.50 for 22.5kg (393ppk), £86.50 for 21.5kg (402ppk), £83.50 for 20kg (417ppk). Mayobridge farmer £82.50 for 20kg (412ppk).

Fat ewes: Banbridge farmer £108, £105, £90. Hilltown farmers £105, £93, £85 and £80. Katesbridge farmer £85. Mayobridge farmers £83, £77.50, £77, £73 and £70.

Ewes and lambs: Attical farmer £132, £122 and £112.

Saturday (June 22) at Hilltown Mart: Trade was very sharp for all grades of cattle, cows and calves sold to £1,420, fat cows sold to £1,100, weanling heifers sold to £1,065, heifers to £1,085, weanling males to £1,055 and bullocks to £1,230.

Fat cows: Killowen farmer £1,100 for 748kg (147ppk). Kilkeel farmer £1,080 for 746kg (144ppk). Kilcoo farmer £1,025 for 672kg (152ppk). Newcastle farmer £1,000 for 824kg (121ppk), £920 for 838kg (109ppk). Banbridge farmer £885 for 618kg (143ppk). Rathfriland farmer £870 for 656kg (132ppk).

Cows and calves: Drumgath farmer, cow and male calf to £1,420. Ballymartin farmer, cow and heifer calf, £1,390, cow and heifer calf, £1,060.

Weanling heifers: Kilkeel farmer £1,065 for 460kg (231ppk). Newry farmer £840 for 398kg (211ppk). Hilltown farmer £770 for 346kg (222ppk), £760 for 344kg (220ppk). Hilltown farmer £750 for 380kg (197ppk). Kilkeel farmer £675 for 284kg (237ppk). Banbridge farmer £570 for 334kg (170ppk), £545 for 336kg (162ppk).

Heifers: Downpatrick farmer £1,085 for 564kg (192ppk). Kilcoo farmer £1,030 for 606kg (170ppk), £955 for 604kg (158ppk), £945 for 590kg (160ppk), £860 for 536kg (160ppk). Hilltown farmers £990 for 506kg (195ppk), £920 for 542kg (169ppk), £840 for 444kg (189ppk),£815 for 414kg 196ppk). Loughgilly farmer £930 for 506kg (183ppk), £860 for 536kg (160ppk). Ballynahinch farmer £925 for 510kg (181ppk).

Weanling males: Newcastle farmer £1,055 for 516kg (204ppk), £1,000 for 538kg (185ppk). Newry farmer £100 for 504kg (204ppk), £1,030 for 536kg (192ppk), £755 for 348kg (217ppk). Kilkeel farmer £570 for 22kg (245ppk).

Bullocks: Kilcoo farmer £,1230 for 782kg (157ppk). Ballymartin farmer £1,230 for 660kg (186ppk), £1,220 for 686kg (178ppk), £1,170 for 686kg (171ppk), £1,130 for 622kg (182ppk), £1,120 for 626kg (178ppk). Cabra farmers £1,170 for 646kg (181ppk), £1,140 for 06kg (225ppk). Castlewellan farmer £1,150 for 626kg (183ppk), £1,120 for 626kg (178ppk), £1,100 for 640kg (171ppk). Hilltown farmer £1,080 for 566kg (190ppk).