1270 sheep return an easier trade at Markethill

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An entry of 1270 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday, 18th May returned an easier trade for both Spring Lambs and Hoggets. Cull ewes eased slightly.

The 700 Spring lambs had a complete clearance. Heavy lambs sold from £82 to £88 each and up to 359p per kilo for 24.1 kilos at £86.50 each. Main demand sold from 345p to 358p per kilo.

Light lambs sold from 365p to 381p per kilo for 21 kilos @ £80 each.

The 270 cull ewes sold to £90 each. Main demand sold from £75 to £86 each. Plainer ewes sold from £45 to £65 each.

A full yard of Ewes & Lambs returned a steady trade. Doubles sold to £230 each with several outfits from £170 to £218 each. Singles sold to £190 each with several top quality singles from £160 to £188 each.

HEAVY LAMBS: Newtownhamilton farmer 24k £86.50 359p. Poyntzpass farmer 24k £86 358p. Whitecross farmer 24k £85.50 356p. Belleeks farmer 24k £86 355p. Armagh farmer 25k £88 352p. Hamiltonsbawn farmer 24.8k £87 351p. Annaghmore farmer 24.8k £86.20 348p.

LIGHT LAMBS: Poyntzpass farmer 21k £80 381p. Poyntzpass farmer 20.8k £79 380p. Armagh farmer 21.5k £81.50 379p. Middletown farmer 20.7k £78 377p. Armagh farmer 21.5k £81 377p. Newry farmer 20.2k £76 376p. Killylea farmer 22.6k £85 376p. Benburb farmer 22k £83 376p. Tullyvallen farmer 22.3k £83.50 375p. Armagh farmer 21.9k £82 375p