1296 cattle under the hammer at Clogher

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1296 cattle came under the hammer this week at Clogher Mart with a good steady demand reported for quality stock in all sections.

In the Fatstock Ring Cow Heifers sold to £202 for a 520kg B/B. £185 for a 670kg Lim. and £184 for a 600kg Lim. Beef Cows topped £176 for a 660kg Lim. £175 for a 600kg Lim. and £167 for a 740kg Lim. Leading Prices. Fivemiletown Producer £202 for 520kg B/B. Caledon Producer 670kg Lim. to £185. Cookstown Producer 600kg Lim. to £184, 660kg Lim. to £176, and 610kg Lim. to £175. K F McDonnell Fivemiletown 740kg Lim. to £167 and 640kg Lim. to £164. Armagh Producer 750kg Lim. to £164. Lisburn Producer 640kg ;Lim. to £163. Fermanagh Producer 560kg Lim. to £162. Ballygawley Producer 590kg Lim. top £160. Fermanagh Producer 630kg Lim. to £159. Coagh Producer 610kg Sim. to £154. Clogher Producer 720kg Lim. to £152. Fermanagh Producer 510kg Lim. to £151. Portadown Producer 680kg Lim. to £150. Cookstown Producer 730kg Lim. to £150. Castlederg Producer 680kg Siom. to £149. Fermanagh Producer 740kg Lim. to £149. Pomeroy Producer 640kg Ch. to £148 and 620kg Lim. to £145.

Other quality lots sold from £126 to £142 per 100kg

2nd quality lots sold from £108 to £120 per 100kg

Well fleshed Friesian Cows sold from £108 to £116 per 100kg

Plainer lots sold from £74 to £88 per 100kg

Poorer types sold from £48 to £68 per 100kg

FAT BULLS: 1120kg AA. to £`138, 1060kg Lim. to £124, 840kg AA. to £119, 1120kg Her. to £117, 1200kg Her. to £115, 960kg AA. to £106, 890kg Her. to £100, 770kg Hi. to £90.

FAT STEERS (overage): 520kg Lim. to £180, 620kg Lim. to £180, 660kg Sim. to £161, 820kg B/B. to £159, 850kg Lim. to £156, 650kg Ch. to £154, 860kg Fr. to £152, 770kg Ch. to £152, 750kg Sal. to £146, 640kg Her. to £137.

FAT STEERS (underage): 640kg Ch. to £177, 630kg Sim. to £177, 640kg Ch. to £173, 710kg Lim. to £169, 700kg Lim. to £166, 680kg Her. to £163, 690kg Sim. to £156, 800kg B/B. to £152, 500kg Spk. to £151, 840kg AA. to £149, 570kg Fr. to £133.

FAT HEIFERS (underage): 720kg Lim. to £178, 450kg Lim. to £167, 700kg Lim. to £163, 530kg Sim. to £155, 530kg Her. top £150. 600kg Lim. to £149, 610kg Fr. to £122, 500kg Fr. to £114.


Keen demand this week with strong stores selling to £1325 for a 800kg Ch. £1215 for a 730kg Ch. £1190 for a 690kg Ch. £1180 for 700kg Ch. 1160 for a 650kg Ch. £1160 for a 660kg Ch. and £1140 for a 700kg Ch. to Joseph Keys Clogher. G H E Graham Fermanagh 830kg Sim. to £1250, 820kg Ch. to £1190, 790kg Sim. to £1150 and 690kg Lim. to £1150. W J Lyons Sixmilecross 740kg Lim. to £1225. Fermanagh Producer 690kg Ch. to £1210, 740kg Ch. to £1195, and 650kg Ch. to £1150. Carrick Farms Aughnacloy 680kg Ch. to £1195 and 620kg Lim. to £1170. A & N Gervais Cloghr 660kg B/B. to £1190. T Cassidy Augher 610kg Ch. to £1145.

MED WEIGHTS 410KG TO 500KG: P Cassidy Augher 490kg Ch. to £1040, 470kg Ch. to £900, 440kg Ch. to £885, 420kg Ch. to £865 and 410kg Ch. to £860. P Tally Galbally 500kg Lim. to £970and 490kg Lim. to £950. M Brennan Cookstown 460kg Ch. to £970 and 450kg Ch. to £900. M & T Buchannon Augher 490kg Lim. to £960, and 470kg Lim. to £900. F Clewer Aughnacloy 500kg Lim. to £925. P M Gilleese Fermanagh 460kg Ch. to £910. E McCaffery Tempo 500kg Ch. to £910470kg AA. to £892, and 450kg to £860. E Armstrong Fermanagh 420kg Lim. to £870. Pomeroy Propducer 410kg Ch. to £850.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: Pomeroy Producer 380kg to £380kg Lim. to £870. and 310kg Lim. to £740. W Robinson Ballygawley 350kg Her. to £665 twice, 340kg Her. to £630 twice, 310kg Her. to £620, 300kg Her. to £610. F Smyth Omagh 320kg Ch. to £660.


A brisk demand for a good entry this week forward lots sold to £1205 for a 680kg Lim. from P J McCullagh Omagh J McKenzie Cookstown 600kg Ch. to £1150. A Geary Armagh 660kg Lim. to £1145 and 510kg Lim. to £1010. W Pauley Sixmilecross 630kg Ch. to £1140. M J Keys Clogher 630kg Ch. to £1115, 630kg Ch. to £1100. E Rodgers Aughnacloy 620kg Ch. to £1075. Altmore Farms Ltd. 550kg Ch. to £1070 and 550kg Ch. to £1065. P McAleer Pomeroy 560kg Ch. to £1055 and 520kg Ch. to £1050. S & C Monaghan Cookstown 510kg to £1050. P E Quinn Pomeroy 520kg Lim. to £1045. Irvinestown Producer 540kg Ch. to £1025.

MED WEIGHTS 410KG TO 500KG: D & J Noble Ballinamallard 500kg Lim. to £1110. S & C Monaghan Cookstown 500kg Lim. to £1050. C McArdle Middletown 490kg Lim. to £1030. S F McCaughey Augher 460kg Ch. to £1020 and 460kg Ch. to £1005. P McAleer Pomeroy 490kg Ch. to £995 and 490kg Ch. to £985. I McKee Ballygawley 480kg Lim. top £990D McManus Roscor 420kg Sim. to £950. A Geary Armagh 470kg Lim. to £945. M Brennan Cookstown 470kg Ch. to £905. I Wilson Fermanagh 490kg AA. to £905. J Crawford Fermanagh 490kg B/B. to £900 and 440kg Lim. to £885. D Little Warringstown 480kg Ch. to £900. E McDermott Augher 450kg Lim. to £875.

SMALLER SORTS 400KG & UNDER: S F McCaughey Augher 400kg Ch. to £870. C McArdle Middletown 400kg Lim. to £895. D McManus Roscor 350kg Ch. to £790 , 340kg Ch. to £780, 330kg Ch. to £760and 310kg Ch. to £750. O J McCall Armagh 400kg AA. to £745. P A & J Grue Lisnaskea 380kg Ch. to £710. A Maguire Macken 400Kg Lim. to £710.


Good steady demand with steers and bulls selling to £930 for a 410kg Ch. to J McQuaid Fivemiletown M Clerkin Rosslea 400kg Ch. to £900. M O Donnell Dungannon 480kg Her. to £895, 440kg Ch. to £880 and 440kg Ch. to £860. J Patterson Drumquin 380kg Ch. to £895 and 43-0kg Ch. to £885. F O Rourke Rosslea 400kg Ch. to £890. J Boyle Fivemiletown 360kg Lim. to £890 and 410kg Lim. to £860. C Johnston Fivemiletown 400kg Lim. to £880. R D Somerville Trillick 430kg Ch. to £865. S Kelly Carrickmore 430kg Lim. to £860, 420kg Ch. to £860, 500kg Ch. to £845, 460kg Ch. to £840 and 430kg Ch. to £840. D T Johnston Fivemiletown 430kg Lim. to £850.

WEANLING HEIFERS: R J Hogg Ballinamallard 380kg Lim. to £900. R Buchannon Drumquin 360kg Her. to £875. B Traynor Tempo 550kg Lim. to £870. A Geary Armagh 440kg Lim. to £820. S Kelly Loughgall 350kg Ch. to £790. Fermanagh 360kg Sim. to £760. R D Somerville Trillick 360kg Ch. to £745and 340kg Ch. to £675. J M McGovern Clogher 380kg Ch. to £705. C S D Johnston Fermanagh 400kg B/B. to £700 and 310kg Lim. to £695.


Demand was keener this week with a Benburb Producer selling a Calved Heifer to £1275. G H Graham Kinawley £1150 for Calved Jersey bred Heifer. A Brown Banbridge £1105 for Calved Heifer. R Givan Dungannon £1100 twice for Calved Heifers. Others sold from £880.

BREEDING BULLS: R Douglas £1300 for Ped.Reg Hereford. D McFadden £1250 for Ped Non Reg Char. J Hamill £1220 for Ped Reg Limm. P Bogue £1120 for Ped. Reg Limm.


A smaller turnout this week sold readily for quality lots with Brendan Mallon Eglinton selling 08 Cow & Heifer Calf to £1450 and 2011 Cow & Bull Calf to £1250. Milderd Rutledge Castlederg £1450 for Heifer & Bull Calf, £1200 for Heifer & Heifer Calf, £1160 for Heifer & Heifer Calf and £1010 for Heifer & Bull Calf. Gortavoy Farms Pomeroy £1365 for Heifer & Heifer Calf. T Armstrong Derrygonnelly £1000 for Heifer & Bull Calf.

INCALF COWS AND HEIFERS: P McConnell £970 and £790. D Farrell £870, £800, £750, and £700.


A large entry sold to a keen demand with Bull Calves (under 2 months) selling to £335 for a AA to R S Kinnear Irvinestown M Howe Enniskillen £330 for Her. G R McCourt Florencecourt £290 for AA. C Barrett Dromore £285 for AA. R J W E Ferguson Ballyconnell £280 for B/B. J J H & A Fleming Maguiresbridge £280 for B/B. G Steen Clogher £275 for B/B.

HEIFERS: Wm Wilson Dungannon £345 twice for Herefords. T J McCusker Tamlaght £300 for B/B. R S Kinnear Irvinestown £275 for Sim.

REARED BULLS: Rosslea Producer £590 , £510, £440, £410, £405 and £350 for Chars. Lisbellaw Producer £555 and £490 for AAs. P O Neill Castlederg £460 for Her. K Pickering Warringstown £420 and £400 for AAs.

REARED HEIFERS: Pomeroy Producer £580 and £540 for Limms. N T B Producer £560 for Ch. J M McGovern Clogher £550 and £515 for Chars. T McMahon Clogher £470 for Sim. K Moore Augher £450 for Lim. T & E O Hagan clogher £440 for Sim. S G Leslie Claudy £435 for Sim. G Anderson Kesh £400 for AA. P McConnell Lisburn £390 for Lim.