144kg weanling makes £420 at Hilltown

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At the cattle sale in Hilltown on Saturday, December 19, a strong entry of just over 100 head sold in a very sharp trade.

Weanlings reached £420 for a 144kgs lot followed by 264kgs making £635. Main range was from 292p/kg to 240p. Heifer weanlings reached 243p/kg for a choice 300kg lot making £230 followed by 237p/kg for a 276 kg heifer making £655. Main range was from 210.8p/kg to 243.3p/kg.

Quality entry of store bullocks reached 243p/kg for 424kgs making £1,030 followed by 490kgs reaching £1,030. Main range in this section was from 198p/kgs up to 243p/kg.

In the heifer section a quality entry with over 30 lots on offer reached 217.3p/kgs for a 398kgs lot selling for £865, followed by 314kgs making 208.6p and realising £655. Range in this section was from 192.1p/kgs up to 217.3p/kgs.

Fat cows sold well and reached £720 for 664kgs.

Next cattle sale is on Saturday, January 9th, 2016. Special entries will be advertised.