2015 budget deal will be vital for Russian crisis

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Copa-Cogeca welcomed the provisional agreement struck between European Parliament and European Council ensuring that there will be no cuts in EU farm spending next year which is crucial faced with the Russian crisis.

Copa-Cogeca secretary-general Pekka Pesonen said: “It will be more important than ever in 2015 to ensure that there is sufficient money available to fund measures to alleviate the severe blow to the EU agriculture sector caused by the Russian export ban.

“The main export market for some like Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Finnish dairy producers was shot overnight, with prices now failing to cover production costs. Polish apple producers, Spanish tomato producers and Danish pigmeat producers for example are also suffering their worst lows ever. Targeted action for the worst hit areas is vital.

“There is also downward pressure on the whole European market, with a particularly difficult market situation in the EU dairy, pigmeat, fruit and vegetable, and beef sectors. We need help to find new market outlets for the produce like in the emerging economies and remove sanitary barriers and other unnecessary obstacles to trade. The EU Commission must also pursue a vigorous export promotion campaign. Extra support measures to solve these problems in the 2015 budget will be vital to prevent further losses for farmers.”