2018 sheep and goats annual inventory cards

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The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) has issued an inventory card to sheep and goat keepers.

The inventory card has changed, with a section to record an email address now included and a question that requested the occupation of the keeper removed. All other requirements remain the same.

Keepers are reminded that they must complete their inventory card between 1 and 5 December 2018 and return it to DAERA by 5 January 2019 in the pre-paid envelope provided - or enter the details online at: https://www.daera-ni.gov.uk/services/daera-online-services

All currently registered flock and herd keepers must make a return, even if they have no sheep or goats on their holding between 1 and 5 December.

Keepers should note that failure to return an inventory card or enter the details online is an offence and will increase the chances of their flock being selected for a Sheep Identification Inspection.

Details of the annual inventory must be recorded in the Flock/Herd Register. The information provided to DAERA will be used for on-farm checks such as Cross Compliance Inspections and failure to record this information correctly in the register may result in a financial penalty being applied to the flock/herd keeper’s direct agricultural support payment, including Single Farm Payment.

It is important to note that where a keeper keeps both sheep and goats that a separate inventory card is returned for each species.

If a keeper’s flock/herd is currently archived on APHIS and they want to reactivate it they should contact their local DAERA Direct Office, or phone: 0300 200 7840.

Keepers who lose or misplace their card can get a copy from their local DAERA Direct Office.