7th annual Springhill ram sale

Mountain View V-Tech included in the Sale. Sire of hybrid shearling rams for the Springhill Ram Sale
Mountain View V-Tech included in the Sale. Sire of hybrid shearling rams for the Springhill Ram Sale

Omagh Auction Mart plays host once again to the annual Springhill Ram Sale on Saturday, 16th September.

With 100 lots entered there are oodles of options for those looking to purchase a new ram before tupping commences in earnest.

Catalogued as usual is a large selection of pedigree Texel and Charollais shearlings and ram lambs, as well as a number of hybrid “Chartex” (Charollais x Texel) rams, a “Sufftex” (Suffolk x Texel) ram lamb and a couple of pure bred Blue Leicester shearling rams which were used last year for breeding replacement ewe lambs .

Also on offer from the Springhill flock are three Texel stock rams including Mountain View V-Tech, who sired all this year’s hybrid shearling ram entries, Foyleview Wildfire, and a pure-bred Texel ram which has been used very successfully on commercial ewes in 2015 and 2016. The fourth stock ram forward from the Springhill flock is a pedigree Blue Texel which compliments the guest consignment of Blue Texels from A & J Carson’s Little Whisker flock. They offer for sale both shearlings and ram lambs.

Other guest consignments include pedigree Texel ram lambs from J Wilson’s Blackstown flock, and the Mountain View flock bred by D Rooney, while R Waugh’s Listymore flock has both pedigree and hybrid ram lambs and shearlings on offer.

Pedigree Texel ram lambs forward from Springhill have, in the majority, been sired by Clinterty Young Prince and Gailey Yesterday which was the sale leader in Blessington last year, while the Springhill Charollais shearlings and ram lambs are sired mainly by Ballynoe House Playboy.

As always the Springhill entries have not been housed or pampered – naturally reared they do not have access to cabbage or brassicas and each lot is sold with a luck penny for all sheep.

The sale of this mighty selection of rams commences at noon on Saturday, 16th September for catalogues. Please contact Omagh Mart - Tel 028 8224 3311 and further enquiries to John Foster 07711101461.