A blank cheque

Rev David McMillan
Rev David McMillan

Dr Wilbur Chapman, an American Evangelist, after a time of great personal sorrow took a trip to the West Coast of the USA for a period of rest.

Just before he left for the journey one of the Elders of his Church, who was a Banker, called at his home and pushed a piece of paper into the preacher’s hand. Whenever Dr Chapman looked at the paper he was amazed to see that he had been given a signed blank cheque!

Imagine having a blank cheque. But yet that is what the Lord gives to the Christian in Philippians 4:19 where He promises to “Supply all your need”. There is no limit here placed upon God’s provision, it will meet all your needs; whether they be financial, spiritual, physical, or emotional.

Another famous Evangelist DL Moody set Philippians 4:19 out like this: The Firm – ‘My God’, The Promise ‘Shall Supply’, The Amount – ‘All Your Need’, The Capital – ‘His Riches’, The Address of the Bank – ‘In Glory’, The Signature – ‘Christ Jesus’.

Truly this verse contains a blank cheque of God’s provision that every Christian farmer can lean upon in these difficult days. As the farming industry passes through this serious crisis with many farmers experiencing a very worrying drop in income, let the Christian rest on God’s promise of provision and by faith draw upon the blank cheque that He has given to you. But remember that the verse promises to supply your need not your greed; and there is a great difference between the two (Phil 4:16).

Never forget that the greatest need that you have is that of Salvation and Jesus Christ by His sinless life and atoning death has provided all that is needed for the saving of your soul.

Therefore, if you are still unsaved I urge you to receive Jesus Christ by Faith as your Saviour and let Him supply your every need not just for Time but also for Eternity.

By Reveren David McMillan, minister of Armagh FPC

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