A marathon AGM for the NIPA

John Edgar receiving NI Show Racer Society Champion of the Year trophy from Hollie-louise Davis.
John Edgar receiving NI Show Racer Society Champion of the Year trophy from Hollie-louise Davis.

Most items on the agenda were passed at the Marathon AGM for the NIPA and following the Committee Meeting held a few days later when the Race Programme was confirmed everything should now be away for printing.

When the NIPA Booklet is delivered to all clubs the members should take time to read all the changes. The modifications will hardly be the end of it but at least this big recent effort will have got most of it done.

The point raised at the AGM regarding motions Ruled out of Order were to be sent back to either the Club or as I think was the case here a Section Meeting to be corrected and put into order. Outside of the Rules we hear a lot of talk regarding the page of Musts. I don’t see these as Rules and not only are a lot of the Musts outdated, most are listed in the Official Rules anyway.

Number 15 is often quoted. In forwarding a Resolution to the NIPA the following format should be used as a guideline. (1) Delete an existing Rule if necessary; (2) No preamble; (3) Should be viable; (4) Should be in the interest of all members of the NIPA; (5) Can-not contravene any RPRA Rules.

This item was either introduced or changed during the time the late Lyndon Boyle was Chairman. As for the list of Musts I can remember when they appeared on the back page of the old Race Cards, every member got one of those listing the list of Officials, the details of the Race Programme, Clubs list in the various Sections, and Cups & Trophies up for competition. That was a bit of time back, the last one produced about 20 years ago.

These were the items ruled out this year - I would think they will be coming back up in some form. Resolution Number 21 Submitted by Section E Delegates

Ref to General Rule 3a & 3b: Delete General Rule 3a and replace with a new General Rule 3a which states.

The delegate’s representation shall be two delegates for each and every club affiliated to the NIPA.

Resolution 21A - Delete General Rule 3b and replace with a new rule 3b which states

The Sections representation to the Finance, Transport and General purpose management committee shall be Section A 2 Members; Section B 2 Members ; Section C 2 Members ; Section D 2 Members ; Section E 2 Members ; Section F 2 Members ; Section G 2 Members ; Section H 2 Members. Grand total of 16 Members. The delegates representing each section shall be members of that section and their names to be made available to the NIPA on or before the incoming Annual General Meeting.

Most of the time at the most recent Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 13th February was spent setting a race programme for the season. It does take a fair bit of time and debate and was worked out along the lines of the programme flown in 2017 with some slight adjustments.

Most of the old race-points were used again but members should note that Dunmanway has been added to the list, this point is directly above Skibbereen and would be roughly 20 mile shorter. The old bird National to be flown on Friday 29th June will be from either St Malo or Brest with the decision made after looking at the weather forecast at that time.

Both sites have been booked and hopefully we have a successful race after the very poor one in 2017. Young birds will not start until 21st July with two weeks of Area Liberations followed by Gowran Park mass liberation on Week 3. For Mid Antrim lofts, although the liberation has not yet been confirmed for the young birds, in the Area Liberations.

It could be Mullingar 100 Miles, Tullamore 125 Miles and then the mass liberation at Gowran Park 160 Miles. Birds will need well trained early and it would be no bad thing weather permitting if we could arrange a race from Navan (80 Miles) around 14th July. This has been tried before and a big lack of interest, lofts holding back and starting training late. If you expect to be early on a Saturday have a look at what the most successful lofts are doing, I have been training the birds for a few years now and the Big Guns are always there from Week 1 training.

NIPA Race programme for 2018

Old Birds – 14th April Mullingar, 21st April Tullamore, 28th April Gowran Park, 5th May Fermoy, 12th May Dunmanway (1), 19th May Rosscarbery Inl Nat, 19th May Corrin, 26th May Talbenny (1), 2nd June Talbenny (2), 2nd June Fermoy 5 Bird Champ, 9th June Bude, 9th June Yearling Cock & Hen Nat Rosscarbery, 16th Dunmanway (2), 23rd June Penzance & Classic, 23rd June Fermoy (2), 29th June St Malo or Brest.

Young Birds – 21st July Area Lib (1), 28th July Area Lib (2), 4th August Gowran Park (1), 11th August Gowran Park (2), 18th August Fermoy (1), 25th August Fermoy (2), 1st September Talbenny Nat, 1st September Roscrea , 8th September Dunmanway & 5 Bird Nom, 15th September Rosscarbery Nat.

Irish Nat FC 2018

Tuesday, 29th May Skibbereen Old Bird, Wednesday 13th June Sennen Cove Yearling, Friday 6th July St Allouestre Kings Cup, Friday 13th July Brest Friendship Nat, Wednesday 5th September Bude or Penzance YB Nat, Saturday 22nd September Skibbereen YB.

Pigeons for sale for Alistair Purvis. Thursday 22nd February in Broughshane HPS clubroom 7.00pm-9.00pm. Complete 2017 race team bred from stock birds. Trained but never raced pigeons priced @£20.00. Due to health problems and Doctors advice pigeons must go. First Sale 2017 Race Team trained but never raced - Numerous results with these birds including winners of 1sts Broughshane HPS, 1sts Mid Antrim Combine, 2nds Section B, 2nds Section C, 5th Open Yearling National Sootjen, 5th Open Tullamore Lambrecht, 15thOpen Clonmel 23494 birds. Lambrecht , 1st Club Kings Cup. Jan Aarden, 2nd Club Kings Cup. Fletcher Wildy. Numerous other positions at Club-Combine-Section- Open.

The AGM for the INFC will be held as usual in the Lagan Valley Leisureplex in Lisburn on Saturday, 3rd March. Included with this report I have listed a few photos from the presentation of the NI Show Racer Society and from the North Coast Classic.