A new logo for Countryside Alliance

After nearly ten years with our current logo, Countryside Alliance is rebranding.

The Countryside Alliance works on a host of issues facing the countryside and the rural community and we want the way we look to more closely reflect the huge range of work and campaigning we undertake.

The new look emphasises the Alliance’s aim to ensure a future for the countryside which both preserves its traditional values and promotes a thriving rural community and economy; a countryside sustainably managed and sustainably enjoyed; a countryside where rural communities have equal access to the facilities and services enjoyed in urban communities; a countryside where people can pursue their businesses, activities and lives in a society that appreciates and understands their way of life.

The current logo has become one of the most distinctive in the rural arena; but the time is right to build on that success and reach a wider audience both in the rural community and beyond it. Countryside Alliance Chief Executive, Tim Bonner, said: “We are committed to supporting people who hunt, shoot and fish – that won’t change. This is about communicating the remarkable work we do to a much wider audience.

“We are extremely grateful to Steve Edge who generously donated his and his agencies’ time and expertise to create our new logo. Steve Edge, is one of Britain’s foremost designers working for some of Britain’s top brands including Purdey, House of Garrard, and Fortnum and Mason to name but a few. Steve is a long-term supporter of the work of the Countryside Alliance and a committed angler, being one of the few fishermen to be hit by an iceberg when fishing. We have been delighted to work with him to develop the new Countryside Alliance brand logo – one that will increase our capacity to communicate in a digital age and stand us in good stead for many years to come.”

Countryside Alliance Ireland while continuing to remain under the CA ‘umbrella’ will have a slightly customised logo, reflecting our incorporation with the Irish Game Protection Association and of course our name!

You will still see our ‘old’ logo for a while as we phase it out to use up existing stocks of stationery and membership cards.

NI Elections – Challenge your candidates

It is difficult to predict what will happen following the election on Thursday 2 March and which party will take the majority. However, as the date draws near, may we take the opportunity to remind you to challenge the candidates in your area.

It is important to ascertain the nominees’ views on country sports and how they would vote on such matters should we choose them to represent us. Use your vote wisely.

Many of the electorate are so fed up they have insisted they won’t be voting at all but we would urge you to vote, to have your say to decide who is elected to represent us. It is vital that we all play our part and continue to do our duty to safeguard the future of country sports for the generations to come.